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Cyber Lovin

BBW and her Cyber lover play on cam
Cyber Lovin ( Dedicated to "EverReady")

I set my cam up for the very first time as you had pleaded to let you see in me in the flesh, You with those yummy pics in the Male section .... so yummy , so lickable , oohhhh so nice.You pm'ed me cause I left a message on how sexy you were. You on the other hand had not seen the pictures that my hubby had posted, till I had told you to take a look and that sparked the stiffness in your pants *giggles*
I actually hate cybering , only because the guys make me feel dirty and I am so unsure of my body that I am sure they are laughing at my curves , my bulges , my ample breasts - the things that make me - me.
I was hungry for you , you have a sexy smile and I am sure you forget that you have your cam on and I can see the sexy smile , the mischeivious grin, the laughter.I call you "Everyready" , always horny LOL . We have not touched each other in the flesh, but we have felt each other , the longing of each other's touch and lust.
Last night you called me a tease , I dont know why ?? was it the glimpse of my breasts as I took off my bra ?? LOL or the teasing movements I made with my mouth and my tongue.
What do you feel when watch me on cam - while your stroking you hardness and massaging your own juices into the tip of your impressive cock as you see me rub my breasts and tease my nipples through my bra until you see me let them escape for the confines of my bra and you see my big pendulus breasts bounce with their release . Do you wish you could suck each nipple in turn and stroke each breast feeling how soft and silky my skin is and the weight of each breast in your hands.. molding each one like you would bread dough .Do you wish you wish you could taste my skin as much as I want to taste yours ? Just to run my tongue down your chest to your belly button and twirl my tongue around teasing you until I slowly go down further and stroke at you and tease you with my hands until you gently guide my mouth down and watch me slide your cock into my mouth. Do you remember what I said to you ?? About sucking cocks and how I described it to be like eating a icecream on a hot summers day ?? How I would have to flick my tongue around to lick up the dribbles and you exclaimed "fuck" with my description. I often wonder if you can "feel" my tongue on you ..running up and down licking sucking ... teasing probably as much as me wondering how you would feel in my mouth , how your precum tastes as I slide the tip of my tongue into your slit.. and whether you would all fit into my mouth.
You watch me slide my vibe into my pussy and pleasure myself right there before your eyes , can you see my release , me cumming right there before you very eyes and wish that I was cumming there , right there with you ? Do you wish you could slide every inch of that sexy manhood into my wet waiting pussy and feel the way I would grip you with my muscles , wanting you to stay in ? Do you wish it was you there instead of that vibe being rammed in and out of my wet pussy ??
I loved watching you cum ..... right there in front of me , knowing that even so far away I had a hand in making it happen and that you were thinking about what you would do to my body if I was there and even now as I write this I can feel myself getting juicy at the thought .
Maybe one day soon ..... we will meet and you will show me in person what you can do with your cock ... it was your yummy pics on CC that started the adventure in the first place.
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