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Danielle's first exposure

Danielle pleasures herself not knowing she was being watched.
It all started for Danielle about three months ago, it was a lovely summer day and she come home from work hot and bothered.

Because of the beautiful weather she decided to get changed into something much cooler and comfortable and sit out in the garden to relax. She sat on the edge of her bed and undressed, relishing the slight movement of air across her naked body, she lay back on the bed finally feeling comfortable.

Her eyes closed and she began to daydream, she ran a hand over her body gasping as she brushed over her nipples. The sun had always had an effect on her in a sexual way. She made herself a little more comfortable on the bed.

It wasn't a conscious thought as she opened her legs a little; she barely gave it a thought as she let her hand wander down her body. She smiled as her fingers danced lightly across her neatly trimmed pubic mound and she let out a little murmur as she felt how wet she was.

She opened her eyes and looked down her body; she could see herself in the mirror at the foot of her bed. It was like she was watching someone else, watching a gorgeous naked horny girl. She watched as she began to run her fingers more purposefully across her mound.

She hitched herself up the bed a little and positioned the pillows so that she had a better view of her reflection in the mirror. She opened her legs wider, her knees bent and with soles of her feet together.

She watched her reflection as she light brushed her fingers up and down her mound, the feeling was incredible, heightened by the fact she was watching herself.

Her left hand moved to her breasts, they were pert and quite firm, her nipples were large and she was quite conscious of them when she was out with friends or at work. Just a cool breeze or a risqué chat would be enough to have them poking through a top. But when she was alone though it was different; they were sensitive, very sensitive and she had even managed to orgasm just by touching them.

She lightly touched her breasts, sliding her fingers back and forth moving from one breast to the other. She licked a finger and traced around a nipple then over it, the cool breeze against her damp skin making her arch her back in pleasure.

Licking her fingers once again she reached down and rubbed over her mound and then over her slit. She could see her fingers in the mirror curling right down between her legs. She sighed as she felt how wet she was already, how swollen her lips had become.

She applied more pressure to her fingers and felt them slip between her outer lips. She moved her other hand down and pressed either side of her pussy, opening herself. She could see her delicious pink inner lips glistening with her moisture. She bit her lower lip as she pressed her fingers harder against her pussy.

She watched as her fingers pressed against her flesh, and then she felt the delicious feeling of her pussy being penetrated by a finger. She pushed it deeper, curling her finger inward and upward and then dragging it out of her tight hole. She moaned in pleasure as she began the process again, repeating it over and over. The pace quickening, she could hear the wetness of her pussy as her finger slid in and out.

She needed more, another finger joining the first. She rubbed a finger around her throbbing clitoris as she thrust the fingers of her other hand in and out. She began to gasp with every thrust of her fingers. She pushed them deeper, the knuckles of her other fingers applying pressure to her inner lips.

She wanted more; she wanted to feel filled. Her eyes caught sight of it in the mirror. On her bedside table was a deodorant can, handbag sized. She reached for it, her fingers grasping around the can.

She watched in the mirror, the reflection had become detached from her. She was watching someone else, copying there movements. She could see the pleasure in the other person, could see the arousal in there body and wanted to please them.

Her hand grasped the can and slowly she moved her hand back down to between her spread thighs. She rubbed the rounded plastic cap up and down her slit, pressing it against her moist lips. She could see her flesh being pressed inward. More pressure and then with a loud moan she felt it enter her.

She watched it slowly enter her body, stretching her vagina. The cold metal against her sensitive lips sending shivers through her body. She watched it slide inside her until only the very base could be seen. Then slowly retrieving it, pulling it out, twisting it as she withdrew the makeshift toy.

She rubbed the tip along her slit again; she could see a ring of moisture on the can, tendrils of her juice clung to the top.

She arched her back as she thrust it back inside in one swift movement holding it there for just a moment before withdrawing again. She moaned in pure pleasure as she began to thrust it in and out. Sometimes she thrust it deep into her, other times just an inch or so. With each thrust her hips lifted to meet it.

Her eyes focused on her hand, the reflected hand. She watched as she began to fuck herself harder and faster. Her other hand now on her breasts again, mauling one then the other. Her fingers began pinching and twisting her stiff nipples, rolling them between thumb and index finger.

She raised her head, watching intently at the reflection, watching the phallus penetrating her. Watched her vagina taking the toy, the more she watched the more she wanted to watch. She wanted to see the release.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she whimpered over and over.

She felt her orgasm build from deep inside her body, her hand thrusting the can in and out as she began to convulse on her bed. She kept raising her head to see the wanton woman in the mirror, watching as she pounded the toy into her cunt.

Her body froze for a second as her climax began. She screamed in pure pleasure as her pelvic muscles spasmed, she felt the warm trickle of moisture running between her legs. She moved her hand and her climax intensified, she cried out in utter pleasure.

She left the can inside her, both hands now on her breasts. She watched in the mirror, she felt her muscles tighten again and watched as the can was forced from her pussy, slowly. Her hand moved back to the can and she pulled it out in a swift movement.

She screamed in pure lust as she felt her pussy spasm again and again. The warm liquid splashing against her thighs as her cum gushed from her. She felt the spreading dampness under her bottom, her fingers moving back down between her legs, rubbing over her dripping pussy. She came again over her insistent fingers, her clitoris now too sensitive to touch.

She clamped her thighs together, trapping her hand between her damp thighs. Her head resting on the pillow, she was panting, exhausted after cumming so hard. She raised her head and looked at her reflection. Her body was flush, her nipples stood proud from her heaving breasts. She let her legs fall open, releasing her hand, her pussy was red and gaping, a trickle of cum dripped down between her legs and then she sensed she was not alone.

A shadow moved, she turned her head and saw something disappear outside the window, then a noise. A hand slipped over her pussy, covering herself, her other arm pressed against her breasts, desperate to hide them, but from what.

She slipped off the bed and dashed to the window, the lather still on the window ledge. She just caught sight of the window cleaner dashing off down the drive.

She felt violated, she felt sick, and she felt hornier than at any other time of her life. What had he seen? Maybe he hadn't noticed, perhaps the glare of the sun on the window had masked her solo session. She knew in her heart that it hadn't though.

Other thoughts flashed through her mind, what if he told someone what he had seen, suppose that he had filmed it on his phone. What about his wife? How was she going to be able to look her in the face when she came to collect the money? What if he told her what she had been doing?

She turned away from the window catching a glimpse of her glowing body in the mirror and then turned to her bed, noticing the large damp stain in the middle. The aerosol can covered in her cream. Then she smelt the aroma of her ministrations, the sweet smell of her sex.

Her thoughts drifted back to the window cleaner, the sexy window cleaner. Her mind wandered and she imagined him rushing home, images of her masturbating filling his mind. Maybe watching a shaky video of her fucking her tight pussy and she smiled. That was not going to be the last time she exposed herself to the gaze of someone else.

And that is how it had begun.

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