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Darius and Marrisa pt.1

My heart was racing and my orgasm was right around the corner...

 As kids, Darius and I were closer than me and my own siblings. We lived on the same street and I watched Darius turn from skinny and immature to a six pack dimpled chin guy who got whatever he wanted. But we were only friends. Sometimes we would tease each other just for fun. Rubbing against each other, accidentally kissing each other, etc. But we were just friends. That's it. When high school came we both were in and out of relationships. The thing that sucked was i was still i freakin virgin and hated every second of it. Darius lost his virginity as soon as he stepped into school (lost it in the janitors closet with some sluttish broad) and was still hittin it.

 I was in a relationship that i thought would last long enough to at least lose my virginity. So we did the whole oral thing, most of the time he spent more time wanting to cum in my mouth than eating my pussy. So when I refused he became angry with me and he basically abused me. I would come to school with finger marks around my neck and bruises that were practically purple. Darius was concerned and tried to interfere, but it just made it worse. My boyfriend caught me in the hallway and pulled me into the teachers lounge.

"You told him didn't you, you slutty broad!" i felt his hand swat across my face. I shed a few tears.

"I'm sorry, I didn't-"

"Shut up goddmnit. I didn't tell you to fuckin talk." His eyes were filled with rage. "You love me don't you! Tell me you love me whore!" He shoved me against the wall and his hands gripped around my throat. "Yes...I love you Bryan." I choked. My body trembled with fear. His face was in mine and his breath smelt strong of cigarettes.

"Well apparently not enough to tell your stupid friend. You want to make me angry don't you Marissa. I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson." He threw me on one of the nearby couches in the lounge and jumped on top of me. His fingers were once again around my neck and he began to choke me. "Help! Somebody!" I rasped. I tried to fight back. He pushed harder.

"Shut up bitch!" he slapped me.

"Do you hear that?" That voice sounded familiar. It was Darius.

"Darius!!!" i yelled for him. I heard the door handle jiggle.

"Don't call for him you stupid bitch he won't help you now!"

"Marissa! Are you in there!" Darius was yelling on the other side, still jiggling the door handle. Tears spilled from my eyes. I once again made my last attempt  to call for his name.

"Darius! Help!" I wailed. Bryan put is hand over my mouth. My vision was beginning to dim. I was loosing air and i closed my eyes. Someone's body was banging against the door.

"I'm coming Marissa!" his voice echoed in the background. His body broke through the door. Darius grabbed Bryan off me and literally beat the fuck out of him. I rolled off the couch and Darius turned around and picked me up in his arms. He turned around to face Bryan. "I tell you what, if i find out that you laid your hands on her, if i find her with one fucking bruise on her body, I swear to God i' m coming back to kill you."

Bryan nodded lazily and passed out. Darius walked out to the parking lot and put me in the passenger seat of his car. "Where are we going?" i said still dazed. He cranked up the car and he turned to look at me. Darius reached out to touch me but i flinched and scooted closer to the door. Darius looked hurt and stared at me. He blinked a couple of times and pullled the clutch.

"Your parents home?" he asked. He pulled out of the parking lot and sped down the road.

"No they're on a vacation again for another two weeks." He drove down the road and pulled into my driveway. He opened my door and helped me get out of the car. We stopped at the doorway.

"Thanks Darius, if it wasn't for you..." hot tears flooded my eyes and ran down my cheek. Darius cupped my face in his hand.

"Do you remember that time when you got into that car accident?" i nodded remembering the on coming car coming at us.

"Do you remember what i told you when i helped you get out of the car and you were crying?" i smiled and repeated the words he told me.

" 'Tears should never be on some one as beautiful as you' " i gave him a weak smile.

"And they shouldn't. Marissa what i don't understand is why you let some one do that to you? Better yet, why didn't you come tell me?"

"I don't know. I thought maybe you didn't..."

"Care. Of course I care about you. There isn't one day I haven't thought about your safety. What made you think I didn't?" he put his arms around my waist.

 "Well...I...we never talk anymore. You were so wrapped up in your relationship, i thought you didn't care." I bit my lip and stared at the ground.

"When you came to school and i watched him hit you and I saw you crying, I wished I was right beside you, holding you and telling you that i was going to make things better. I love you too much to have you gone." and with that he kissed me. I pulled away.

"Darius I'm tired and i need to rest. I need to think." my mind was swimming with today's events.

"Then I'm staying with you and I'm not leaving." he meant it too, so with that I opened the door to the house and went into the kitchen.

"You want something to eat?" he shook his head 'no' and sat on the couch and made himself right at home. He flipped through and found and old time romance movie. I went upstairs to put on a pair of short shorts and a see through tank top. I came back downstairs and grabbed the bucket of ice cream from the freezer and a spoon and sat beside him. After a while I got tired and rested my head on his shoulder and fell aleep.

Around 9 o'clock i woke up laying beside Darius on the leather couch. His arm was clutched around my waist. His breathing was calm. His pelvis area was close to my ass and made me horny. I bit my lip and imaged what Darius would feel like. I sighed at the thought and my body bucked just a little. I felt his cock get hard inside of his pants. His arm moved down to my waist and he gripped my hips. His body began to slightly tap my ass making my heart beat faster and my pussy wet. My underwear was giving me a wedgy but the way kept moving his just made it more pleasurable.  He opened his eyes an stared at me. He smiled and kissed me, he knew what i wanted. I wanted to cum. Hard.

 His hand ran up my shirt and he found my right breast and pinched my nipple. I let out a sharp gasp and ended up moaning his name. I spread open my legs and Darius's other armed shifted to reach my wet clit. He rubbed slowly at first and increased his speed as my body bucked against his hand. Though it was slightly uncomfortable consider the fact he couldn't keep his hand steady in my tight shorts. "Let's take these baby's off." he quickly took off my shorts exposing my bare mound and drenched pussy lips. "For a virgin you sure are wet Rissa." he told me calling me by my childhood nickname so turned me on. I placed my hand on his cheek and kissed him. He lifted off my shirt which left me completely naked beside him. His hand started to masturbate me again and we continued to kiss each other.

 He stuck to one finger inside of me which only made me want to fuck him more. His tongue fought against mine and my heart rate increased along with me bucking against his fingers, which were still working around in my hole. I felt so hot and i broke off our kiss and laid my head back. My breathing was unsteady and i began to practically fuck Darius's hand. "You about to cum for me Rissa?" i gave him a loud moan in response. He cock was rock solid in his jeans. I knew he wanted to fuck me. He pressed his lips against my ear. I knew he was smiling as he said these words "Then come for me Rissa baby, cum on my hand." My heart was racing and my orgasm was right around the corner. 

"Fuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i cried and i felt my orgasm rip through my body and exploded on Darius's hand. The orgasm was so strong the tears fled from my eyes. Not only did i cum on Darius but it was dripping off the seat of the leather couch. Darius closed my legs and pulled my body against his. I calmed down a bit and he kissed my damp cheeks. I was so tired but i really wanted to still fuck Darius. I looked into his eyes and saw him admiring my naked body in his arms. He saw the lust in my eyes and he knew what i wanted but he also knew i wasn't ready either. "Later, I promise. It'll be the one day you'll never forget."

"Why not now? I'm ready." i told him looking at him with my pitiful eyes. "I can take it."

"No you cant." when he said that it made me angry. He tried to kiss me but i moved my face. "Rissa..." once again calling me by my nickname. "...your not ready yet and i don't want to give you something your gonna regret. Hey, look at me." i looked into his soft loving eyes. "I promise, when the time is right, I'll give you what you want okay?" i nodded. He kissed me and i feel asleep in his arms waiting for my time with Darius and his promise.

To Be Continued... 


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