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Delving Into New Territory

A first time masturbation story
The first time I ever masturbated I was 19. I had grown up being told that sex was a bad thing and that women were not really supposed to enjoy it all that much. Touching yourself was completely out of the question, unless you were bathing. 

So, early one morning I was feeling a little hot and horny and decided to try it out to see what I was missing. I had always wanted to see what it was like but had only gotten as far as being a little curious. For some reason whenever I had even thought about doing it in the past, it felt dirty and wrong and I would feel very uncomfortable with it. Plus, due to my upbringing, I was afraid that I was going to be struck by lightning or something. I was still under the impression that good girls didn't do that kind of thing. I did love the feeling of inserting a tampon, though. And even though I had almost done everything under the sun with the first guy I had ever fucked, I never got around to the masturbation process. But, on this particular morning, I felt like getting a little dirty.

The urge to touch myself hit out of nowhere and I knew I had to get it out of my system once and for all. I was standing up against my bedroom wall. I was having way too much fun to move to my bed. Even though I was alone I was a little nervous and kind of felt like someone was watching me. I started out by gently caressing my nipples until they hardened up. Then I slowly trailed my hand down to my pussy, running my hand over my silk panties. The shock of doing this was unbelievable. Here I was the prude type of girl and I was actually touching myself with something besides a wash cloth.

I ran my fingers over the entrance to my pussy, getting wetter with every touch. I was pulsing and knew I wanted more. I slid my panties off and touched myself with no barrier in between. I slowly ran my hands over my lips and gently slid one finger to part them. I noticed that I was open, hot, and very wet. I started to get extremely turned on and so I started slowly sliding my finger in and out of my pussy.

I had never finger fucked myself before but I was enjoying it. Suddenly, I started to squirt out liquid and moved my hand up toward my clit. Being as naïve as I was, I had no idea how good rubbing my clit would feel. I could not believe the sensation and there was no way I could stop even if I had wanted to! I felt so tingly, especially on the bottoms of my feet. The first orgasm rocked me hard and I was moaning and groaning and trying not to scream. Wave after wave of multiple orgasms hit me, and soon I was crying out in pure ecstasy anyway. After the last orgasm rocked my body, I noticed a beam of light shining into my window. I had forgotten to close the blinds and there was someone standing outside with a flash light shining through the window. I had completely forgotten that my dad was up every morning at that time to feed the animals. Hmm… even though neither of us ever mentioned it, I have always wondered how much he saw that morning.

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