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Dinner with the in-laws

Who knew dinner could be so enjoyable.
"I hate you," Hannah growls as she slowly walks up the driveway to her in-laws house. Her husband, Eric, holds her waist as they approach the door, "Why am I always dragged to these things? You know your parents hate me," she adds as he knocks, both waiting for someone to open it.

"They don't hate you," he comments with a sigh, "They just hate how you dress," she looks down at her peach colored sun dress, the fabric clinging to her supple breasts before falling away to drape over her hips and ending halfway down her thighs.

"What is wrong with the way I dress?" she cries right as the door is opened. She turns and smiles at her mother in-law.

"Eric, we were beginning to worry," his mother chastises, "you never were so late as a child. Never," she adds glaring at Hannah who just smiles sweetly at her, imagining all the ways she would love to get rid of the old hag.

"We both got of work late, mother," Eric says, kissing her cheek, "It smells delicious in there, can we come in, or are you going to torture us with just the smell?" he quips, making his mother flush.

"Yes, where are my manners. Please come in, dearies," she mutters. They follow his mother inside and to the table where Hannah's father-in-law sits patiently waiting for them. The only other person at the table is Eric's brother Kevin who grins wickedly as he spots Hannah. More than once has Eric had to fight him off of his wife.

"Finally you made it," his dad grumbles as the two sit across from him and his wife with Kevin on one side of Hannah. She smiles gently at him before Eric's mother starts to serve out dishes. She hands a smaller portioned one to Hannah with a look of "Test me, I dare you," yet Hannah just smiles and accepts the dish. As dinner progresses, conversations fly all over the table, and Eric sits back and enjoys them all. Hannah debates fluently with her father-in-law on sports and politics, while his mother chastises Kevin for not getting the job at the firm. Their father stops bickering with Hannah and turns on Kevin too, interrogating him about his life.

Suddenly, Hannah's hand rests gently on Eric's thigh, stroking it lightly. He looks at her curiously, but she keeps her eyes on the spectacle around them. Her fingers walk up his leg and slowly unzips his fly, her palm resting over his package. He tries to ignore the sensation of her hand wrapping around his length and stroking him gently, at first. Quickly, she tugs on his cock, the blood in his body rushing to make it hard. He glares over at her, but she continues to pretend to be interested in Kevin's interrogation. Two can play that game, he thinks with a smirk.

He takes his hand and runs it up Hannah's smooth leg, slipping underneath her dress to her naked pussy. Of course she isn't wearing panties, he thinks as he strokes her lips, teasing her clit with his thumb. She jumps slightly at the contact of his hand between her thighs, but she tries hard to ignore it. He slides a finger deep into her and she stifles her moan. She reaches for her water and drinks it to hide her pleasure as he thrusts another finger deep into her, stroking in and out. He grins as she chokes lightly when he pinches her clit before rubbing it swiftly.

"Are you all right, Hannah? Your face is beet red," Eric says with false concern as he continues to thrust his fingers into her. She painfully squeezes his cock, and he winces slightly.

"Please excuse me, I have been feeling sick all day and I think it finally hit me," she quickly murmurs as she she pushes her chair back, forcing Eric to extract his fingers, and running to the bathroom.

"Oh never told us, Eric," his mother scowls, "What if it is contagious?" she adds with a sniff. Eric quickly stuffs his stiff cock into his pants before zipping them back up.

"I don't think it is, Mother, she may have just eaten something bad at the office. Let me go check on her," he replies before standing and leaving the table. He goes down the hall Hannah ran off down, and finds the bathroom door locked. He hear small moans coming from the other side and grins, knowing Hannah is finishing off what he started. He knocks gently and the moans swiftly stops.

"Hannah?" he mutters. Swiftly the door is opened and she pulls him inside before shutting and locking it behind them. She jumps on him, her legs wrapping around his waist as they kiss, their tongues battling in and out of their mouths. Eric reaches between them and slips his fingers into her, deeply thrusting three in and out, her whimpers hidden by their lips. He continues to pommel her until she cries, biting his lip as she squirts on his fingers. He grins wickedly as he moves his hand. He sets Hannah on the counter as he goes about unzipping his pants and sliding them onto the floor.

Almost immediately, he has her legs splayed open and his cock deep inside her already soaked pussy. She gasps as her body adjusts to his large cock as he pumps deep into her, his thumb continuously rubbing her clit. She bites his shoulder to keep from crying out as small spasms sporadically run through her. He takes his hands and massages her large breasts as they kiss, their tongues muffling each others moans and gasps. Finally, her body shakes in another orgasm, and he follows quickly behind, his cum squirting out onto her thighs. She falls against his chest as he pulls out of her and he holds her tightly.

"This is why we don't play games at dinner," he mutters in her ear. She laughs.

"No, this is why we do," she winks before getting some tissue and wiping the cum from her thigh. He cleans himself up before slipping his content cock back into his pants.

"We ought to go back," he says as he leads her from the bathroom back to the table.

"Feeling better?" his mother scoffs as they sit back down.

"Yes, I do apologize," Hannah replies, "but in case it hits again, we should be leaving."

"But you will miss desert," she huffs.

"Don't worry, mother, we will have some next time," Eric says, kissing her cheek. He shakes his father's hand before leading Hannah out into the brisk night air.

"Shall we go have some desert?" she asks seductively running her hand over his cock again. He smiles as they get into the car, knowing the pleasures that are yet to come.

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