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Does he know, that I know?

They were my roomates, Brian and Liz. I had moved in with them after college, and they were helping me start out. I loved Liz she was my best friend really. Even though she was a bit older than me, we had been really close.

I was always a bit shy about sex, but Liz was always encouraging me to find 'myself' and explore. I had shared just about everything with her, accept for what I had going on with Brian, her husband.

No we weren't sleeping together, but he had always been very flirty with me. Once when I was only 16, I caught him looking at me in a way no 'man' had ever done before. I he gazed across my lower body, clearly staring at my ass, and as I turned, my crotch. My shorts were too tight and too short for my new curves, and I had been trying to get attention at school for it to no avail.

I still think back to that day as the first time I felt power over a man with my sexuality, he would never have acted on it but I knew in that moment he wanted me.

One night after I moved in with my two friends I was in my room, online chatting with friends. I had begun chatting with an old boyfriend and it got a little hot. But he was a tool so I started cruising the chat rooms. I found a willing partner and opened up my webcam. I was staring at a hard cock and exchanging cheeky one liners as my hand slid in and out of my panties. I teased this poor guy with my skimpy clothes and provocative banter until the kid blew his load.

Earlier I had thought I heard someone moving in the hall but I didn't think anything of it. I only realized after a good 15 minutes of webcam play that my door was cracked. I wasn't concerned but I didn't think I heard whoever it was go back to their bedroom.

I was bored with chatting and got straight to my favorite porn video site and checked the lesbian channel and group sex channels for some good stuff. I sank my hand into my pussy as I watched two young hotties share a big fat dick, while making out with each other. I thought I heard a gasp in the hall way, it was low and muffled, definitely not a woman.

I peered at the door, but I instantly looked away. I knew what was going on. The thought of Brian watching me was a huge turn on, and I didn't want to spook him.

Instead, I started to strip, playing with my breasts as I exposed them. I lustfully pried away my tank top clutching one at a time, rubbing my entire chest with my one free hand. The thought of an audience, especially one who had been lusting after me for at least six years was a major turn on. I was definitely playing to him, and I caught a glint of an eyeball in the crack of the door,the light from my room reflected just enough to confirm I had my target audience.

I kneeled on the bed exposing my full torso as my tank top slid down to my waist, writhing on my hand which now had four fingers in my dripping pussy. It was time to take it up a notch. I turned so my ass was in the air, almost but not quite directly towards the door, my boyshort panties accenting my ass. I pull out my hand and press the crotch on my panties into my wetness so Brian could see it. I am stealthily reaching for my trusty dildo on the other side of the bed.

I hear a restrained exhale as my toy comes into view, 8-inches and thick with a set of balls in pearlescent green. I playfully slap the weight of my friend against my wet spot and it sends electric pulses shooting through my clit. I squeal a little, pretending to stifle it in my pillow.

I quickly flipped over and pulld downmy panties, I was rubbung my clit furiously, bucking my hips until the first explosive orgasm hit my body. I spasm in ecstasy moanig a little louder, as the orgasm fades out and my juices begin to flow out of me. I skillfuly glide the head of my frind to the bottom of my pussy and pull my juices with it as I guide it into me. I venture a half inch deeper with every stroke, still writhing from my clit orgasm I feel myself losing control. At about five inches I have another orgasm, this one deep and powerful I lucrch forward and nearly bottom out as my convulsions drive the toy to the back of my pussy.

My low grunts have become more and more animalistic, as this is the best masturbation session I have had in recent memory. Another orgasm piles onto the previous two, and I furiously, repeatedly, plunge my toy as far it as it will go.

I know he is masturbating, I can hear his breath rhythmically fluctuating, the same way a guy breathes as he empties his load while standing over me. I begin thinking of Brian stroking it, wondering if he is fully exposed or jerking in his pants.


Oh how I just want to go to the door and invite him in for a good fuck. I get a little bolder and once again get on my knees. I position my dildo so I am riding it, the toy is steadied by the ballsy base on the mattress. I begin riding it up and down, looking over my shoulder towards the door. If he had walked in at that point I would have simply given my willing ass to him I was that horny.

As I gaze in the direction of the door over my left shoulder, I take my right hand and begin to stroke the juices that had flowed over my ass when I was on my back, and rub my them into my crack. I eased a finger into my ass as I ride the dildo, I bite my lip so Brian can still see and let out a shriek that I am sure Liz and the neighbors could hear.

I can only guess at what happened next, but I heard what sounded like a male orgasm being stifled and a dash to the bathroom.

From that day on I was emboldened to flirt with him a little more. I know he stares at my ass, so I linger a little longer, and lay on the couch with it in the air. I don't always wear underwear when I walk around the house, and now I sometimes only wear underwear as I walk around, hoping to 'accidentally' run into him. I masturbate regularly thinking about fucking him, and maybe Liz too.

I would never actually do anything, but I love the fact that I am torturing him and he can't do a thing about it. When he is being annoying, I can just casually, carelessly allow the leg of my short pajama pants ride up so my pussy is barely covered by my panties. Or maybe next time I come downstairs I will only have a white, worn tanktop on, and I'll lay down in such a way that my breasts are in full view. That ought to shut him up...
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