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Domestic Routine

Household routine is sometimes not boring
She was at home and a little frustrated, since the house needed cleaning, but she didn't really feel like doing it. As she walked through the lounge to fetch the vacuum cleaner, she stooped to pick up some cushions that had found their way to the floor the evening before. She smiled to herself.

He awoke with sunlight pouring in through the windows. With a little yawn and a stretch, he sat up in bed. Pushing with his feet at the thin summer duvet, it folded to the base of the bed revealing his taught naked body. "I must have a shower," he thought to himself, placing his hand on his manhood and pressing it into his thigh, simulating feel of a lovers embrace. He smiled as it throbbed gently into stiffness.

She resolved to vacuum without complaining. It was hot and clammy, so she decided to remove her tight fitting t-shirt. She tightened one strap of her turquoise sheen cotton bra, cupping her breasts with her arm. They pushed up slightly and she noticed the faintest hint of a love bite, placed just above her nipple the evening before. She felt a slight tingle in the base of her stomach, as she recalled precisely how gently his tongue had traced a circuitous route, down along the side of her neck to her shoulder, then proceeding to page open her unbuttoned shirt. His tongue caressed her one breast, while his strong hand softly fondled the other, gently squeezing the nipple between his fingers.

As he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and placed his feet on the wooden floor, he felt a twitch from his shaft and looked down at it. It was fully erect and he could see some clear sticky pre-cum starting to throb out. Just the thought of her turned him on and electrified his body. Images of their previous intimate evening together were flashing through his mind. He walked through to the en-suite bathroom, where he opened the clear glass shower door and gave each tap a gentle turn. There was a slight delay and then the water started pulsing out of the jets in the walls.

Her short white skirt flapped up as she hurriedly carried the vacuum cleaner into the lounge, where she put it down next to the wall socket and plugged it in. It whirred into life unexpectedly, as its own switch had not been turned off on previous usage. The handle vibrated slightly in her hand. To pick up another pillow from the floor, she placed the vacuum hose between her legs and clamped with her thighs. She enjoyed the tingle that this sent up her legs.

The water blasted against his body in a pulsating rhythm from four different angles in the shower. He adjusted the shower jets, pointing them all to converge at a single point right below his belly button.

She vacuumed the rug under the large glass coffee table, bending over, but keeping her legs straight, like it was her yoga stretching exercise. The vacuum hose ridges brushed against her panties under her skirt as she pushed and pulled against the vacuum handle. The vibration in the ribbed hose, combined with the rhythmic sweeping, simulated her favourite pass-time.

He leaned his hands against the shower wall and looked down as he gently thrust his cock into the confluence of the water jets. Once he had traversed the entire length of his shaft through the water stream, he threw his head back and almost imperceptibly continued thrusting his pelvis at the pulsating water jets.

She felt her legs quivering underneath her, so she resolved to sit on the edge of the couch armrest as if she were on horseback, spreading her legs to allow the vibrating vacuum handle free access to her panties. She could feel them getting wet as the handle hummed. She held it tighter and tighter against herself.

Thrusting his shaft through the pulsating water reminded him of how she had taken him with her mouth, swishing her tongue around his cock. He could feel her licking the underside of his shaft and then folding her soft lips around the mushroom tip of his throbbing cock, gently sucking at it, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum.

The vibrations of the handle against her pussy reminded her of the vibrations she had felt when he had peeled down her panties, burrowed his tongue deep into her slit and licked the full length of her clit before sucking it into his mouth. She could feel she was about to cum.

His fingers clawed at the shower walls as the pressure inside his cock mounted.

She pressed hard on the vibrating handle concentrating the vibration at the entrance to her pussy.

His cock jerked violently as a thick stream of cum erupted.

Her pussy convulsed as a bolt of electricity shot up her spine into her brain, where it lingered for what seemed like an eternity.

"Oh god," he groaned as he grabbed at his cock and pumped it to prolong his sublime ejaculation. It throbbed in his hand.

Then, in what felt like millions of mini tasers all going off at the same time in her skin, her body convulsed several times in rapid succession. She tried to hold her breath but couldn't. She failed to stifle an animalistic groan of pleasure.

He stepped out of the shower, pulled a towel around himself and walked through to the kitchen.

She flopped down into the couch and clutched at her pussy.

He half-filled the kettle with water and switched it on.

She reached for the switch on the vacuum and turned it off.

He walked through to the lounge.

"Would you like some coffee?" he smiled, as he pushed at the vacuum cleaner with his foot. He sat down next to her, cupping her breast and slipping his hand up under her skirt.

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