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Dr McPhearson's Assistant

In the 19C female hysteria was treated with the pelvic massage ,a young doctor learns how.
Dr McPherson's Assistant

Dr McPherson was getting old. He had a thriving practice in Harley Street patronised by the very first echelon of society where he was known for his discretion and his sympathetic and accommodating attitude. The sons and daughters of the nobility would be sent to him to treat some of the more unfortunate results of the errors of youth and he was well known for doing so with none of the prudery or piousness associated with the middle classes.

He held a firm belief that an Englishman's home is his castle and if his home actually was a castle who was McPherson to pass judgement on the Englishman's conduct or that of his, wife, sons and daughter or indeed under certain circumstances his servants. He was fond of saying “let he who is without sin...” and “to err is human...” “ now let us see what can be done about the matter!”.

If a young woman who seemed to be showing signs of being with child, phantoms of this sort were often cured by flushing the womb.

An addiction to laudanum; a week or two in his clinic could solve the problem.

Erratic and irrational behaviour, fainting and headaches; this female hysteria could be cured by a pelvic massage once or twice a week. A paroxysm or two invariably sent his patients away with more patience for the challenges of life. 

It was the growth in female hysteria that made him feel that he was getting old and that it was time for him to take on an assistant. The pelvic massage had become one of his specialities over the last ten years but it seemed he was losing his touch. Often it took more than half an hour to bring his patients to a paroxysm but worse sometimes he did not manage to do it at all, even with the help of his Nurse.

He had heard that some doctors had employed the use of vibrating contraptions and indeed a few of his more modern patients had left him to favour these devices. McPherson could not even contemplate using such a thing they seemed him dangerous and complicated and if truth be told this area of his practice no longer interested him at all. 

He was getting old!

So a letter from an old friend from Edinburgh recommending a recently qualified student looking to return to London seemed like the ideal solution. An assistant to take on this side of the practice under his guidance and with the help of his most capable Nurse would suit the case very well.

So it was that that Dr David Sharpe arrived in McPherson's consulting room at 8.00 am on the 1 st day of September 1878.

“Have you studied female hysteria, Sharpe?”

“ I have indeed Doctor, who has not?”

“ and have you treated it, young man?”

“err not as such, Sir, no I have read the literature but not actually err undertaken the treatment”

“Oh, read the literature, very good, very good, well that will make you a specialist for the purposes of our patients; it is not a difficult procedure, just a case of trial and error and persistence I find. Persistence, yes, that is it persistence Ha Ha.” McPherson gave a reassuring smile.

Sharpe had only the vaguest idea of the treatment for female hysteria. It had been the source of some student humour but then what had not; the pelvic massage!

“ Now Sharpe, I shall not throw you in at the deep end, ha ha! I shall give you into the careful instruction of Nurse Grey, an excellent woman. My right hand woman you might say when it comes to the pelvic massage. She has often stepped in to bring us to the final point. Knows the territory. Ha Ha! Knows the territory!”

“Nurse Grey, Dr Sharpe a specialist in the treatment of female hysteria. Ha ha!”

“Show him the ropes! Show him the ropes”

With that Dr McPherson put on his hat and coat favoured Nurse and Doctor with his reassuring smile and left the bemused Dr Sharpe and amused Nurse Grey in awkward company with each other.

Nurse Grey had mixed feelings about Dr Sharpe, he was a very well set up young man who might do very well at this sensitive treatment but he would need much more about him if he was not to embarrass the noble clients on whom all their future's depended.

Dr McPherson had indeed lost his touch recently and bringing many of their patients to a paroxysm had increasingly been her responsibility. She well knew what she was doing and some of her patients preferred a woman's touch but others liked it much less well.

She had been shocked at first to discover that noble ladies would employ a medical man to do for them, what she had done for herself since she was a girl. Some of them maintained the illusion that it was a simple medical procedure and certainly nothing sexual; others bucked and swore with uninhibited private exhibitions of lust and gratification. This would be passed off by McPherson with his natural grace and tact “the hysteria had its grip on you today, my lady, you were in great need of your treatment”

When a few very direct questions to Dr Sharpe made clear his total lack of experience of the pelvic massage she considered her choices.

She could let him flounder around with a patient. Whilst this might put him in his place. Her loyalty to Dr McPherson and a certain amount of self interest in keeping her very advantageous place ruled this out. She could attempt to instruct him tactfully through a treatment. This would be necessary in any case but he would have to know the basics. She could arrange for him to have a practice run at things. This was obviously the best course of action but who could she find for him to practice on. Nurse Grey was a resourceful and determined woman and her thoughts fell on Lizzie Hearth one of the domestics who had expressed an interest in Nursing. She liked Lizzie who was a bright girl who knew her place but wanted to better it.

“Lizzie” she said “I want to talk to you about Nursing and an opportunity there may be for a girl that can show discretion and a level head. Do you think you have those qualities my girl?”

“Oh yes, Miss” said Lizzie. Who was also bright enough to know that few opportunities came without prices for girls of her class”

“Lizzie, do you understand the term Gynaecology? “

“It's about your your business, down there, Nurse”

“Well yes , Lizzie, that's very well put and do you know what is female hysteria?”

“ Oh yes, I have heard that the Doctor treats the Ladies for it and they shout and moan, I have heard them” “ I can't tell you what the girls say about it Nurse, well actually its the older servants who say the worst things”

“What do they say Lizzie” Nurse Grey said attempting to imitate the Doctors reassuring smile.

“No, No Nurse I could not repeat it and I don't think I believe it”

“Lizzie you will only make me cross if you keep pretending you are so shy and innocent, we can talk like friends together, and you would like to be my friend wouldn't you Lizzie?”

“Oh yes Nurse”

“ Now there is nothing you can say that will shock me”

“Well Nurse, they say that the Doctor gives them a good seeing to because their husband are all too stupid or girlsih to do their duty themselves, that's what they say Nurse, not me but I have told you now”

“ And what do you think they mean by a “ good seeing to””

“Well you know Nurse I suppose they mean that he …. you know “

“No you must tell me, Lizzie”

“That he you know...fucks them I suppose”

Nurse Grey froze “ Is that what you think? Is that what all the servants think? Well so much for the idea that the servant know everything!”

“ Dr McPherson is a man in 60s he can't remember when he last had an erection, no no my girl he does them by hand and he is even losing his touch at that, so to speak”

“Ooohhh” said Lizzy “ and so the new doctor has been called in to stiffen things up a bit”.

“Well yes and no Lizzie” “the treatment is a pelvic massage and if it is done correctly it brings about a paroxism and this in turn wards of Female Hysteria which is the condition the ladies are being treated for. Do you understand Lizzie?”

“ errr...and when they shout “yes, yes faster you old fool”...?”

“ It is the hysteria speaking and paroxysism is the cure which will sooth them in due course” The Nurse explained nodding her head slowly.

Lizzie was also nodding her head “ and these ladies need this treatment twice a month or so”

“some more often some less so” explained the Nurse sharing a knowing smile “ and this is where you can help, Lizzie.”

“Now tell me the truth. Do you, as many girls do, give yourself a pelvic massage and a paroxism”

“No Nurse how could you think such a thing?”

“ Oh Lizzie, not ever, lots of girls do it you know”

“ Oh yes Nurse I do know I share a room with three of them that do it almost every night, they call it diddling Nurse and sometimes two of them lie together and diddle each other. They say “come on Lizzie have a little diddle with us, just stroke it between your legs and soon it will start to feel nice.”

And I can hear them making the beds creak faster and faster and they moan but quiet not like the ladies and they don't shout or anything just when they have their, they call it their release, they just breath and kind of pant, sometime they will do it again and again, and then they will sigh and go to sleep.”

“ Yes Lizzie that's the pelvic massage and paroxism by the sound of it”

“I just can't seem to get the measure of it Nurse and I don't really like the sound of it, it all seems a bit dirty down there.”

“Well Lizzie” said Nurse Grey “I think you may be just the girl for this job. We need a kind of example, so the new doctor can be instructed in this treatment, since he has not undertaken it before”

“and you want me to ask one of the others to let him diddle them?”

“No Lizzie. I want you to allow the doctor to give you a pelvic massage”


“Yes it is often the role of the Nurse to allow the doctor to perfect his skills, bandaging an arm for example, clipping a toe nail. I have done it many times, as a nurse”

“ so why aren't you doing it this time” Lizzie asked ?

Nurse Grey had anticipated this question, it was one which had more than crossed her own mind.”because I will need to offer the instruction and assist, as I do for Dr McPherson. The chance to be a Nurse will not come your way again. You must do this thing and keep your mouth shut to the other girls”

Lizzie was astonished “ Well I am not going to want anyone to know that I have let myself be ….”

“ You'll be a good girl and do it then? Jolly good . Now straight into the patients bathroom with you draw a bath, get in and enjoy a nice long soak”

“ In you go, off with your servants clothes, and you may wear the lovely towelling robe the ladies wear when they come for their treatments” A little meakly, a little compliantly and little nervously and a lot excitedly Lizzie knew when she was on to a good thing.

Dr Sharpe was less perspicacious. When Nurse Grey explained how things stood he was torn between feeling humiliated and feeling embarrassed. He had had very limited experience with women of Nurse Grey's class and no sexual experience of women of any class. So the prospect a practical demonstration with one of the servants was excruciating.

“You do not wish to make mess of it with one of the Doctor's Ladies now do you?” Said Nurse Grey in a tone he did not like. “Then Lizzie it is...follow me and I will explain what they will be expecting”

“ I will have prepared the treatment room ready” said the Nurse Grey “ it will be as you see with the Treatment bed with clean white sheets but otherwise much like any drawing room.

“ When I bring the lady in you will say “ Ahh Lady Hearth, how wonderful to see you. If you would be so kind as to recline just here on the bed I will be able to start your treatment.

Lizzie was brought in and quickly fell in to her role. Nurse Grey knew she was a quick girls who would do well.

She lay on the bed and Sharpe approached her very uncertainly.

“ At the start its best to keep it very medical” Nurse Grey explained “ take her temperature. Then ask to listen to her heart. This lets you open her gown.

That's right Lizzie just let the doctor use his stethoscope. Now then doctor you will be noticing her nipples. Look, in Lizzie's case they are quite erect already. It is often the way especially with the young ones. You must find a way of remarking on them.

“ Are they sensitive my Lady? Your nipples? Are they sensitive?”

“ I am sure they are Doctor, let me give you a little of this cream to put on them”

Doctor Sharpe took some cream and at the Nurse's instruction warmed it a little in his hand and started to rub it gently into Lizzie's nipples.

Her nipples became even redder and start to crinkle as her aureole shrank from the size of a penny to that of a halfpenny. He flicked her left nipple with the nail of his long second finger and Lizzie breathed in sharply and as he repeated the treatment Lizzie closed her eyes.

“ More cream doctor?” said Nurse Grey. This time she warmed it herself and gently applied it smearing the cream across each of Lizzie s breasts in turn.

This time Lizzie moaned and almost involuntarily brought up her knees squeezing her legs tightly together. Her eyes were closed and her breathing erratic.

“ Time to have a look below I think Doctor” said Nurse Grey removing the towel she had place over Lizzie lap.

“ Goodness me that's a hairy one Lizzie” exclaimed Nurse Grey at the sight of Lizzie dark and rural pubic patch. “Most of the Ladies have neatly trimmed bushes and some shave it all off. I will just give Lizzie a little trim” she said taking up the surgical scissors.

“ No Lizzie you must hold still or there will be an accident” she said to the protesting girl “ the Doctor will not be able to see what is what through that impenetrable forest. There all done”

“ Now my girl, open wide. Doctor, got your bearings?”

As Lizzie opened her legs the strong smell of her arousal became very apparent. Her vagina glistened and the nurse tentatively put a finger between the plump and reddening lips.

“Hmm not quite as innocent as you say Lizzie, has that butcher boy popped his little sausage up here” she said slipping her middle finger completely inside Lizzie very wet hole.

“ Oh my!” sighed Lizzie as she pushed back to get the full benefit of the Nurse's slender finger.

“Now Doctor, Lizzie is a very wet girl and is certainly no stranger to welcoming a little something up there. Put your finger up Doctor, That's it right up and move it around. Goodness me she is dribbling all around your finger.”

“ That's it doctor in and out in and out” “we like a bit of finger don't we Lizzie.”

“ Now most of the Ladies, like Lizzie, are certainly no virgins, indeed many have had a number of children and have very accommodating sleeves” “ keep it going Doctor find a rhythm that's the trick”

“One or two of the younger girls are quite intact and we have to be most careful not spoil things and indeed in some cases not to let them spoil things for themselves in the heights of their hysteria”

“ Now let us see what we can find way up here” said Nurse Grey opening Lizzie lips with one hand whist gently rubbing her breasts with the palm of her other hand.

“ Now sometimes this is quite hard to find but in Lizzie's case it is standing out very nicely”

“ Ah yes Nurse, the Clitoris” said Sharpe glad of the rapid revision he had undertaken earlier. “This is the nub of the matter as I understand it”

“You understand right, Doctor. Now often with the older ladies we have to use the cream but its best with the natural juices if they can manage it. In Lizzies case there will be no problem, goodness, she is wet”

“Yes, play with the lips spread her moisture all around it, round and and round, round and round, sometimes a little dip in the well as you pass, sometimes no ;sometimes a little flick to her clitty sometimes no”

Lizzie was now lifting herself off the bed pushing her clitoris forward. “Oh touch it Doctor touch it”

“ now then Doctor find the point, give it a good hard stroke, don't be afraid of being quite firm”

“ Oh she is so wet and slippy I can't quite get a rhythm”

“Faster Doctor” Lizzie started to growl “ Faster, oh diddle me doctor, keep it going, keep it going keep it going”

“ yes the ladies often become quite vociferous and their language! Well I am past shocking but if I was not ...”

“ So if could just to stop now, Doctor” said Nurse Grey.

“Noooo” said Lizzie dropping her shoulders “Nooo”

“Turn over Lizzie. No stop that!” “Sometimes” Nurse Grey explained firmly taking Lizzies hands away “the ladies just cannot quite reach the point for all our efforts, then we have to turn them over, like this and while you continue from beneath perhaps giving her breasts a little attention. You can say “I think she may need Procedure A, Nurse”. This alone is enough to take many of the regular clients over the edge.”

“While they are on all fours so to speak I put a little cream on my figure and just gently at first apply it to the anal area.”

“hah hah, ahhhhhhh, oh blimey hahhhhh” said Lizzie, as she experienced her first paroxysm as a result of a medical pelvic massage.

“ That’s a good girl Lizzie a little more though I think, just relax you bottom a little and …..” Nurse Grey slipped a cool thin finger deep inside her bottom and as she moved it expertly Lizzie came again. This time gushing liquid copiously all over the bed and Doctor Sharpe's shirt sleeve.

Lizzie collapsed on the Doctor's arm and as she did so she noticed the doctor was breathing heavily and was indeed very red in the face.

His arousal and erection was obvious. 

Nurse Grey was ever capable. She withdrew her figure from Lizzie's tight little hole and was immediately standing close behind the doctor reaching round to rub his hard penis.

“Goodness me doctor how did your stethoscope get down there”

“It's not my ...oh..” he said feeling foolish.

“Let us see what it is then” said the Nurse, all efficiency, as she unbuttoned his trousers and tugged them to the floor.

“Look Lizzie the Doctors winkle is quite stiff! Have you ever seen such a thing Lizzie?

And look at this it is all wet round the end he is nearly as wet as you, my girl. “

All the time she was briskly rubbing his cock while reaching round him and standing close, very close behind him.

The doctor lent back and could feel Nurse Greys large breasts nudging him all the time she expertly rubbed his penis holding the shaft tight then rubbing her thumb over the slippery end.

“ I expect you would like Lizzie to take it in her mouth wouldn't you doctor? “ Faster now

“Or up her wet, little cunny?” Flicking the top

“Or would you prefer it in her bottom? Is the tight hole the one for you Doctor” it was too much...

Just as Lizzie was about to protest, three copious spurts of the doctors spunk hit her stomach. 

It was too much for her too, this time she rubbed her own clitoris just the way she liked to, with two figures from the side, very fast and...

“Oh Jesus woooow” she came for the third time.

The Doctor was now sitting down with his head in his hands but his cock still erect and exposed. 

Nurse Grey dropped a towel over it and dropped another between Lizzie's still open legs.

“ Well!Well! We do seem to be getting to know each other” she said “ but I have to say that most of the Ladies would not find that sort of display acceptable. It was not a problem Dr McPherson has been troubled with for quite some time.

Lady Charlotte will be here in five and twenty minutes. We will need to straighten things up.

Lizzie I think we need to mop the floor!”

With that Nurse Grey left a flustered Lizzie and dazed Doctor alone together in the treatment room.

“ A cup of tea Doctor?” said Lizzie on her way out.

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