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Dr Sharpe’s first treatment

Victorian Novice doctor is shown the way by Nurse Grey.

Lady Charlotte Grove was neither young nor attractive.

Dr Sharpe had worried that treating her for Female Hysteria with a pelvic massage would arouse him in a most unprofessional fashion but on seeing her he felt much more confident and assured.

He was also fortified by the expert ministrations of Nurse Grey during his “dress rehearsal “with the Lizzie. No, unwarranted arousal would not be one of his problems during this his first treatment of a female patient.

Lady Charlotte’s notes told Sharpe that she was in her 47 th year; so he was surprised that she was still troubled with the female hysteria that plagued so many younger women.

He was soon to find out that a shortness of temper and patience, accompanied by sharpness of tongue were amongst the principle symptoms of her complaint.

“So we have a new young doctor, Grey? Poor old McPhearson lost his vim?” the noble lady said wincing slightly as she lowered her self onto the treatment couch.

“Very nearly nodded off last time did he not Grey; but we woke him up didn’t we, Grey. Got him out of his torpor in the end, did we not? ”

“ Oh yes, My Lady” said the ever attentive Nurse.

“Lady Charlotte” said Doctor Sharpe remembering his very recent training “ if I may listen to your breathing , just now”

He rather ineffectually tampered with the upper part of her towelling dressing gown.

“Oh! Good God” Lady Charlotte Grove scoffed irritably swiping his hand away

“Boy to do a man’s job I think, Grey. Boy in mans clothing is that it, Sharpe?”

She pulled open her gown exposing her very large and surprisingly handsome breasts.

Her nipples were enormous, almost purple and astonishingly.... erect.

“Shut your mouth, Boy. Never seen a pair of breasts before?”

“No, my Lady. Yes of course my lady ” Sharpe goldfished. In truth he’d seem very few breasts in the flesh but even from his limited experience these were remarkable.

The enormous bosoms and implausible nipples drove his stethoscope and training out of his mind.

“ I imagine your er “ he could hardly bring himself to say the word and oh no he knew he was blushing deeply “nipples may chafe “

“Chafe?! Chafe? Stupid boy!” Dr Sharpe found himself looking bemused at the large pot of cold cream that that Nurse Grey had placed in his hand.

“Yes, yes on with the cream. Come on boy” Lady Charlotte censorious in her urgent encouragement.

He took an enormous handful of cream, intimidated by the noble peaks in front of him.

“Warm your dammed hands man! “

Dr Sharpe had started to seriously consider if he could just leave and take a train to Edinburgh never to return. He was dammed indeed; it had been easy enough with the maid but this harridan! “God only knows what she will say when I touch her breasts. Let alone.....” No he could not even bring himself to think of what horrors lay between her legs.

“Is this McPhearson’s idiot son, Grey”

As he rubbed his hands together the cream made a slurping sound that only served to turn Sharpe an deeper, even more excruciating further shade of red.

Nurse Grey took his hands and placed them on Lady Charlotte’s breasts and as he rubbed in the cream, her nipple stood even more erect. Sharpe instinctively flicked it with his thumb them twisted the other between thumb and fore finger.

“Oh” Lady Charlotte was pleasantly surprised by the firmness with which he flicked her nipple a second time. “AH”

Sharpe found some relief in flicking sharply at her nipples then rolling the entire expanse of her breast under his hand sometimes teasing her stomach with a slow descent with his still creamy hand.

Lady Charlotte moaned “Oh! That’s the ticket, ohh. On with it then, push on, push on”

Nurse Grey whispered as Sharpe started to move his hand lower down Lady Charlotte’s belly “ very slowly make, her wait”

He was enjoying the teasing and roughness; a slight revenge for his embarrassment. Her obvious and urgent arousal shocked him though; a mature lady of the class and a stature that he had encountered on many social occasions responding with such undisguised urges.

Lady Charlotte’s hand was reaching between the folds of her white towelling gown.

“My god” thought Sharpe “she is going to lie here and pleasure herself.”

To his surprise Nurse Grey swiftly grabbed the hand and looped it into a leather strap at the side of the couch. Lady Charlotte moved the other hand up sharply as though to strike at him or perhaps the Nurse but Grey was too quick. She leant over, deftly strapping the other hand in leather loop on the over side of the bed. She pulled them tight.

“You fucking bitch, Grey” spat Lady Charlotte.

Sharpe was genuinely shocked. He had never heard such language from a female let alone a lady.

“Lady Charlotte sometime gets a little agitated during her treatment, there’s no telling where her hands may go”

“Now then, My lady you know it is for the best” said Nurse Grey efficiently.

The noble knees were up now and she was open and closing her legs and pushing her legs from side to side trying to shed the dressing gown from the lower part of her body. Dr Sharpe was alarmed by the violence of her movements.

Nurse Grey gently held her knees first constraining then soothing she moved her hands slowly down the insides of the Lady Charlotte’s gaping thighs but never quite far enough.

The noble lady was pushing herself off the bed trying to capture Nurse Grey hands between her legs. All the time she was rather incoherently breathing out and making sounds “fa fa ahhh” and little wines of disappointment. The Doctor continued to focus on her fascinating nipples they were even longer now under his none too gentle treatment, alternately pinching and flicking, they had grown redder and the ends were so long that they drooped.

“ Be a good girl now or Doctor won’t be able to give you your treatment at all” Said Nurse Grey trying to hold her still.

“Just you do it you, frigid, heartless, bitch”

Sharpe gold-fished once again but when Nurse Grey took Lady Charlotte’s ankles brought them smartly up to her head and delivered three smart smacks to her bottom, he feared, his career, his reputation and for their safety.

“Language like that will get you a red bottom and nothing else”

“ Now are you ready to lie still, nicely for the Doctor or shall we put the leg straps on and leave you to cool off for half an hour or so”

“ No No Nurse I will be a good girl now”

“I should think so” said Grey to the dumbfounded Doctor.

“The hysteria sometimes takes Lady Charlotte like this I think she may well need a great deal of treatment today” Nurse Grey explained rather coolly, Sharpe thought, for someone who has just smacked the bottom of a member of the minor nobility.

Dr Sharpe looked down. He had been avoiding even glancing at Lady Charlotte’s nether regions for fear of another embarrassing rebuke so he was surprisingly reassured to see that Lady Charlotte was completely shaved between the legs. His minute experience of women was gleaned mainly from art so he felt that at least in this respect this cultured lady was conforming to his preconceptions.

What he did not expect was the size and colour of Lady Charlotte’s clitoris or that it would be literally twitching with anticipation or sound, almost like a kiss as opened her legs still wider.

“ Now, my lady, do we need some cream for the treatment? “ Nurse Grey’s efficient fingers moved swiftly between Lady Charlottes legs at last “Oh no, she is looking forward to her treatment today Dr Sharpe.

“ Sometimes, Lady Charlotte has needed quite a bit of lubrication lately but she is quite back to her old self today that must be your influence Doctor. Do take a little dip in the well”

All the time the Nurse was briskly running her hand around the folds of Lady Charlotte open sex, deftly avoiding both her vagina and clitoris.

The Doctor, with little of her subtlety, dutifully pushed his finger up Lady Charlottes vagina, it was moist rather than as wet Lizzie had been but as his figure pushed deeper inside he could feel her growing slacker and wetter. It seeped to meet his finger now becoming silky as he found the fleshy cushion inside at the top. He could smell her too now over the expensive perfume a perfume of her own ringing out of her as she relaxed to enjoy his finger really making her wet now, slippy not before time.

“Another finger now doctor” Nurse Grey quietly coached him.

“Or that nice fat thumb” groaned Lady Charlotte “put it in me”

Sharpe’s eyes had been closed concentrating but as he opened them he could focus on nothing but Lady Charlotte engorged clitoris he had more than enough moisture to rub comfortably over her erect and resilient hood and a tiny pink head emerged the whole now fascinating thing the fully the size of the last joint of his fore figure. He rubbed it again and she pushed back really relishing the treatment now.

“Find the rhythm doctor” Nurse Grey said hoarsely very close to his ear and she started chant softly nudging her breasts into his back as she had before.

“re ham tiddle ham do hi do

re ham tiddle ham do hi do

re ham tiddle ham do hi do

re ham tiddle ham do hi do”

Lady Charlotte, Nurse Grey and Doctor were all breathing heavily and in time with each other and Nurse Grey was pushing her groin hard into the doctors bottom or onto her own intervening hand.

“ Feel her tits Doctor” she panted not at all quietly now “give her tits the treatment. Lick them, take those great long nipples into your mouth Doctor and suckle them hard “

As Sharpe complied he felt his own arousal growing higher and harder pushing back with his bottom and bending to the task. Slurping, immersed and mesmerised by the primitive sexual excitement Nurse Grey was orchestrating.

re ham tiddle ham do hi do

re ham tiddle ham do hi do

It was the rythym Nurse Grey had learning in the mills town of her youth to help the girls weaving casting their threads and keep the rhythm. Now it was driving her fingers into the Lady Charlotte and her own sex into the Doctor hard buttocks.

re ham tiddle ham do hi do

re ham tiddle ham do hi do

He slurped nipples. She diddled the monstrous clit.

“She is close now Doctor but what do you think she might need?

What might just be the final treatment?”

Lady Charlotte threw back her legs in a surprisingly supple motion almost squashing the Doctor between breasts and legs.

She was grunting now “yes, yes Grey do me, do me, make him say it Grey”

“Doctor what procedure you think she may need at this point” she said hinting loudly, though the penny had already dropped for Doctor Sharpe who was not stupid.

“Now let me think “said Sharpe drawing out the tension “what... might... fit the need”

“Lord, he is worse than the other fucking fool” said Lady Charlotte alliterating in her frustration

“Is it Procedure A that she needs Nurse?” said Sharp excruciating preciseness. It was enough for the first slight paroxysm to pass almost politely through Lady Charlotte. Her breath left her completely and her eyes closed.

“I shall apply the cream to her anus, I think” the Doctor said. He was glad of the change of pace; he too was very close. Enjoying the power and control holding her doubled over by the back of her ankles he applied large globule of cold cream to her hot and sweaty bottom.

“ Is that sufficient to the need Nurse?”

“Oh doctor, you have put on far too much, I will have to rub it in very thoroughly”. Nurse Grey teased Lady Charlottes puckered tight hole working the cream around and around her bottom. Lady Charlotte wanted to be entered but could not stand to take the finger she loved the delicious violation but hated the humiliation. She felt the cool tip of the Nurses nail, and relaxed her bottom and inviting the nurse in, only to be disappointed and relieved. She begged her for the finger, writhing and grunting. Then finally when she could push and wriggle and buck no more and she collapsed exhausted and the Nurse’s cool, slender and efficient finger went in unerringly finding the point it was seeking and touching it with clinical calm..

The effect was devastating as she reared the doctor's palm crushed her clitoris and she became weightless with pleasure and release. Her head was back her eyes were closed every pore of her skin went hot, then cold, then hot once more she could not stand too be touched anywhere but they were relentless, at her now. Now as the next wave broke harder and faster than the one before she came, coughing and breathless everything was wetness gushing from her.

“It is enough, stop now, stop!” she begged not even knowing which way was up now.

But the doctor once more bruised her untouchable, so sensitive breasts and nipples with his slick wet palm and she made an animalistic sound that seemed to come from someone else, thrusting with her groin trying to shake them free. She bit the leather of the couch twisting to shake the doctor away from her and pushed the Nurse’s finger out from her most private space.

The little death.

They looked at each other Doctor and Nurse both on the edge of their own climaxes; a touch or a kiss might have taken either or both of them over but they wordlessly knew they could not release themselves to it.

Lady Charlotte was gasping lying completely flat on the couch now. Seriously worried for her well being the Doctor hurriedly found his stethoscope but Nurse Grey shook her head as she removed the straps, pulled closed the patient’s gown and put a cool flannel her brow.

“A little water for you, my lady” She said, very formal now with a glass on a silver tray.

“Yes thank you Nurse“ so genteel.

“My goodness Doctor, I do quite feel am back to myself again. If you would be so kind?”

Her eye brows were raised and he realised that she was now embarrassed to get dressed in front of him.

It was all perfectly appropriate following such a successful and efficacious treatment.

Nurse Grey smiled at him a little more warmly than before.

“This young Doctor might do very well after all” she thought.

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