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Dream Master

Dream Master

She reads a story from her favorite Lush writer, and he doesn't disappoint!
Jenny hurried home from work; she had a very important appointment to get to. You see, today was Friday and aside from it being the start of her weekend, she knew that Jonathan had published another hot, sexy story. She always looked forward to his next story and she knew it would be waiting for her when she got home.

She ran into the house and quickly shed her work attire, exchanging it for her comfy over-sized t-shirt. She stopped by the kitchen to make herself a cup of hot cocoa before she nested on the sofa with her laptop and logged onto Lush, her favorite story site.

All this preparation was necessary; it built the anticipation and the excitement of whatever lay in store for her and always got her juices flowing prior to reading Jonathan's latest offering. Jonathan was one of her favorite authors on Lush - he never failed to give her something hot and steamy to start her weekend off with.

She found Jonathan's home page and looked up his new story. This was a BDSM story - one of her favorites and his specialty. She snuggled a little deeper into the sofa cushions and began reading.

Today's selection was titled "Teaching Patience" and it was written as a first person story which, in that style of writing, put Jenny in the story with Jonathan. This made it more personal for her as she was involved in the tale instead of just reading it.

As Jenny read the story, she began to let her mind drift and she imagined herself there with him doing all the things he had her do in the story. She became the character in the story and she could feel the emotions, feel the sexual excitement and hunger that the female character in the story felt.

When Jenny had finished reading Jonathan's story, she could feel her heart racing; she was hot and very aroused. She logged off and closed her laptop, setting it on the sofa while she went to the sliding glass door leading to the deck and opened it, standing there in the cool air trying to calm down. Fortunately for Jenny, it was a cool, drizzly day that day and the cool damp air brought her "fever" back down and she composed herself.

So engrossed had Jenny been in the story, that she forgot all about her hot cocoa until she turned back to put her laptop away. But by then it was lukewarm. "Wow! I totally forgot about my cocoa," she said to herself, giggling. She put the laptop away and took the unused cocoa and dumped it down the sink; it was about time to start dinner anyway.

She fixed dinner and went about her regular evening routine after that. But the story stuck in her mind and she began wondering what it would really be like to have someone like the character Jonathan portrayed in the story - a Master who controlled her like he controlled Patience in the story. It would be so nice to have someone like that, she thought to herself. She wondered if she could be a submissive like Patience... if she could allow someone to have such complete control over her.

The idea of being a submissive was not a new one to Jenny. She had fantasized and thought about it many times - often when reading one of Jonathan's stories. She had visited the BDSM Forums and even sat in the Lush Basement where BDSM'ers go to chat and play. She found it exciting and quite a turn-on to watch the interactions between Masters and their subs. She thought about trying it more than once, but she felt she didn't know enough about it and didn't want to seem foolish or make a serious breach of conduct. She saw that there was certain things done at certain times and didn't want to offend anyone by overstepping.

The thoughts of Jonathan's story stuck with her throughout dinner and now she sat on the sofa, clicking the TV remote, trying to find something to watch. But she couldn't get Patience out of her mind.

"Oh fuck it!" she finally said, exasperated. She knew what she had to do. She wouldn't be able to think or do anything until she played out her fantasy. Her pussy was being demanding and fussy and it needed to be appeased.

Jenny went to her bedroom and took off the t-shirt, dropping it to the floor beside the bed. She pushed the blankets to one side of the bed and lay down on top of the sheet.

A soft gentle breeze rippled across Jenny's naked body from the open window, the cool and damp of a summer rain keeping the heat of the Georgia summer day down to a very comfortable level. The light coming through the open window bathed her in a soft glow and warmed her skin just a little, like the flush she would feel shortly from her arousal. The whole scene was nearly perfect, she thought - the only thing that was missing was the warm touch of another person sharing her bed.

Slowly Jenny's mind began to wander back to Jonathan's story once more and her hands gently meandered over her soft, smooth shoulder, feeling for the curve of her neck, that corner that adores a gentle kiss. Jenny let out a slight gasping breath as her hand briefly brushed a sensitive area. Her eyes closed and in her mind he entered her room. Her lips parted waiting for the kiss that wasn't there, imagining the feeling as his warm lips met hers, the electricity, the connection and a shiver ran through her excited body.

She listened to the sound of the rain running off the roof and dripping onto the tin roof of the storage building out back; a sound that always made her feel secure and happy. Inside, there was nothing but the tick tock of the pedulum wall clock down the hall and her breathing, slowly changing as her mind and body began to work together to heighten her desire and arousal.

Slowly her hands roamed over her body's curves and hills and valleys, her silky smooth skin warm to her touch. She could feel a heat beginning inside her that would soon permeate every cell of her body. Her body responded to the touch, hungry for more. Jenny took her breast, firm as she lay there on the bed on her back, and gently traced circles, slowly spiraling towards the center, each soft caress making her nipple tingle and respond. As she reached the dark areola that surrounded the now hard bud, she stopped herself, knowing that once the connection is made there would be no time for touching and feeling.

Jenny then moved to the other side, starting the process again with the other breast, She ran her fingers along the sides of her breast, feeling her ribs and gently brushing her skin with her fingertips as she moved along the lower side. Jenny enjoyed the sensation of freedom and the responses of her body to the gentle feather-like feel that she could achieve with her fingers.

Slowly she took her nipple, now wanting more, needing to be teased and toyed with to ensure the connections to other areas are made. Gently she rolled her sensitive nipple in moist fingers, imagining his tongue exploring, circling and teasing it until she could feel her body responding and starting to rise with an aching desire to explore elsewhere. Without a conscience thought, her legs parted, anticipating where her hands would go next, but knowing that until the connection was made and she couldn't stand it a moment longer, her desires would remain unfulfilled.

She took her other nipple, massaging and rolling it in her moist fingers, initially a gentle lick but as her arousal increased a gentle brush across her pussy lips with her fingers provided the sweet scented moisture that her nipples craved. Increasing the pressure, Jenny's nipples responded, the connection to her clit screaming and her insides rippling with pleasure. She imagined the feeling as he took her nipples in his mouth, playing, exploring and appreciating. The sensation of champagne bubbles within his mouth as he gently teased each of her nipples in turn. The look in his eyes as he glanced up to her, that moment of desire and a promise of what was to come. An intimate connection built on trust and time.

"Master..." she moans softly, barely above a whisper.

Jenny's nipples were burning, warmed by the constant teasing and pulling, the thoughts of teeth impacting and twisting, a gentle tugging of her breasts, stretching the nerves and giving a jolt in her throbbing clit. Needing more, she cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed, savoring the feeling of warmth, the complete enclosure that hands bigger than hers achieve was near, but incomplete. The desire to be enclosed in large hands, rolled and toyed with until she neared the edge was so great that she felt inadequate with her own body.

"Oh God, I need a man! I need a Master!" she thought, a small kitten-like whimper of need escaping her lips.

Gently Jenny allowed her hands to glide down her sides, imagining her hands were his hands, running the short distance between her breasts and her hips. Circling her hips, she explored the flat of her stomach, the pressure increasing within and each movement intensifying the aching feeling of need. Gently she ran her fingers through her soft brown fur, the sensations making her feel empty and in need, her legs automatically parting further, as she anticipated what was to come.

Slowly her hands explored the insides of her legs, her fingers moving as far down her thighs as she could reach, before circling back up and ending with pressure on her mound. Up and down the rhythmic pattern repeated, as her legs relaxed and prepared for the tension that would be coming very soon. With each movement, Jenny's hands moved closer and closer to her pussy lips, at first just skimming by, then brushing them gently, slowly increasing the contact little by little, and allowing her body to adjust to the new sensation.

How Jenny wished it wasn't her own hand exploring her like this, wishing she knew his hand and what it felt like, wishing she knew what he wanted to do to her. Jenny concentrated and persuaded her mind that her hand was his, exploring her and learning her. Learning her needs, her desires. Learning each and every nuance of her body, marking for future reference her every sensitive spot, every place that elicited a moan or whimper from her as he touched her there.

Suddenly Jenny realized that her fingers were wet and her legs were being ignored. Her fingers had found where they belonged and where they wanted to be. Indulgently, her fingers encased her fat, swollen, and soaking wet pussy lips, her aching clit cocooned by the curve of her thumb and first finger. Her hand moved slowly at first, enjoying the sensation, the moisture making each movement even more delicious and she had to force her breathing to slow.

Jenny gently raised her feet and spread her legs as wide as she could, opening herself up to the delights to follow. Breathing in short pants now, she took her mind to the story she read, placing herself in the story with her imaginary Master. She remembered the story and followed it like a script, as she experienced in her mind the giggles, the nibbles, and the licking. Oh God the licking! She moaned as she imaged what he would do to her, the way he could make her feel. Never before had she wanted a tongue to explore inside her so much.

The thought being a meal for her Master, feeling his tongue entering her, made her shiver; her finger slowly explored her as her Master's tongue would, gently probing and circling, desperately seeking the spot that would take her to the next level and intensify all the feelings she had so far. Jenny gasped each time her finger entered her, the feeling of her wet soft walls being stroked and stretched was a shock of pleasure that she needed to feel repeatedly.

As her finger circled, explored, and caressed her insides, Jenny's other hand left her breast. Moving her hand downwards, she quickly found her needy clit. Moist and erect, the button had shed its hood now and was desperate for attention. In her mind she continued replaying the story, remembering their conversation and her obedient submission, the wonderful sensations he gave her, and the distraction from reality that only he could provide. Her fingers rolled across her clit, gently at first, exploring her labia. She remembered how he had explored Patience, nervous at first, gently unfolding her soft and creamy skin, delving deeper with each caress, slowly drawing out each electrifying reaction.

Moving her hand in slow circular movements, matching the speed of his imaginary tongue, flicking and caressing as light as a butterfly touch but with intense effect, she felt the sensation inside her loins intensifying, nearing the moment when the distraction would become too much and she would need to be filled completely.

"Master, please..." she thought to herself, asking her lover to please, please take her. Do with her as he wished, but please take her. Jenny began writhing on the bed as her need built to maddening levels. She needed to be filled, and more importantly, fulfilled.

Slowly Jenny's legs parted further, following the contour of her foot board, wide and ready for the intense cold of her glass dildo filling her. The shiver of excitement as she imagined her dildo to be him instead, hard and thick and ready to possess not only her mind but soon her body as well. She warmed her glass cock as much as she could, but waiting was too much for her now. She began slowly inserting the rounded head into her hungry, impatient cunt, the sensations rippling through her stomach and legs followed by a slow and gentle entry engulfing her desire, matched by her own hands as she felt the glass dildo fill her.

Jenny's body responded, pleading for more, needing more and she slowly allowed the dildo to be drawn deep into her. Enjoying every inch filling her, the ridges of the toy enticing her further, making her body respond and relax with each movement. She slowly increased the movement, warming the glass with her own juices and body heat as she pumped it slowly in and out of her slippery cunt.

"Oh God, Master! Please fuck me, please!" Jenny heard herself starting to moan, she couldn't help herself. She wanted to call out to him; to call out his name and beg him to fill her, to allow her to explode. She wanted him to take her to the very edge and then throw her off to tumble into the free falling abyss of her orgasm.

Unexpectedly, Jenny felt herself gasp as the dildo's depth increased, probing deep inside her and she smiled as she relaxed, allowing "him" to take her closer to the point of no return.

Gradually, her fingers increased their intensity on her clit, circling faster, the pressure increasing to match the pressure she needed to bring her to where she wanted to be. At the same time, Jenny desperately needed to touch her nipples, her stomach and her hips. She had no way to allow herself that kind of indulgence, but slowly she realized that it didn't matter.

Jenny's mind was helping her, allowing her to remember the beautiful touches, the tender moments in her past and melding them with the story to make her imaginary Master the one giving her the pleasure she was feeling. The deep knowing eyes watching over her, seeing her every movement, willing her to enjoy the moment and allowing her to forget the world as she touched herself and moved the glass deep inside her. 

Slowly she felt her getting close, her body moving to its own rhythm. She plunged her glass dildo deep into her ravenous hole, yet it was no longer enough. Her fingers circled her clit, rubbing furiously while her body pushed her towards that final moment of total distraction. Her mind carried her closer to the edge, the shivers building and her breath shallow and deep all at the same time. She needed that one last push...

"Master please make me cum! Please use your slut for your pleasure! Please Master! Pleeeease!" she cried out loudly, despite herself.

Jenny felt the waves hit her like a tidal wave, dragging her down deep into her own ocean of release. His name floating in the air above her, his face in her mind smiling down at her with a gentle contentment and floating in the empty space within her mind. The waves took her away, into her own space, giving her a feeling of warmth and happiness that she had not felt for some time.

"Yess! Oh fuck Master, I'm cumming! Oh, I'm cumming for you, Master!" she screamed as her orgasm hit. She rapidly plunged the dildo in and out of her pussy even as she spewed her juices onto her bed sheets, her fingers flying over her clit to extend this wonderful feeling just a little longer.

Finally, Jenny's hands slowed, moving from her clit to gently caress her heaving breasts, holding them as she imagined him holding her. Calming her and slowing her breathing, helping her to float back to reality, and bringing her back with him to her bedroom once more.

Gently Jenny pulled the sheets around her, savoring the comfort they brought. Hoping that soon this dream may be reality, her desires swirled in her mind, making her heart ache with need for what she hoped could be in her future.

Slowly her mind drifted back on the warm breeze within her room, and she listened to the sounds of the night outside. She finally drifted off to sleep, tired but happy to be with him once again in her dreams. Her Master was there waiting for her and she knelt for him, submitting herself happily to his every command. She was home.

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