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What do you dream about?
I have recently acquired this beautiful, sweet, modest, nice, and cute girlfriend. Well, one of these past nights I had a romantic dream about her.

...I was walking down an empty road and came up to a rather large house. I opened the door and walked in. I didn't see much, only a couch and TV. I walked up and sat down, turning on the TV. A movie was on, but that doesn't really matter. After two minutes, my girlfriend(I'm not putting up her name, sorry) walked up and sat down next to me, leaning on me, resting her feet next to her in a half laying position.

I put my arm around her and we placed and watched the movie. I could soon feel her breathing steady and slow down. I squeezed her gently, kissing her head. She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at me, at which point I lowered my head and embraced her lips. She moaned softly, but I don't know if it was her waking up or the kiss. I picked her up and placed her down along the couch. She watched me as I undid her blouse buttons, her breasts concealed by a thin white bra. She reached up and unhooked the silver clasp, spilling her breasts out for my eyes to behold.

I placed my hand upon one as I leaned down and kissed her again, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. While kissing, I slid my hand down her stomach, under her waistband, and gently rubbed her on the outside of her panties. She moaned quietly at this, hold her eyes shut. She reached down and undid her jeans, after which I slid off. I went back to her, not kissing this time, but rather staring into her eyes, my hand exploring the outside of her panties.

She brought her hand up to my face, rubbing the scruff I still had. At least, she was until I slid my hand under her panty line, massaging the tender folds of her. Her eyes shut and she brought back her hand as she moaned. I slid down her body, removing her panties, and separating her thighs. I gently probed her folds as I nibbled on her inner thighs. After a few moments of agonizing bliss for her with this, I separated her folds and gently probed the inside of her, bringing my mouth down to play with her short curls.

She grabbed the back of my head as she moaned even more. I then slowly put one of my fingers into her, her body quivering at the feel. I slowly brought it in and out as I lowered my head even further, tasting her. She gasped and pushed my head down into her. I then entered to fingers and played furiously with my tongue, her body shaking violently at each lick.
"I'" She said through the muffled gasps, but before she could finish, her body exploded as her juices flowed out of her, drenching my mouth, chin, and fingers. She was gasping heavily as I then stood up and pulled out my member. She leaned up and stroked it, still breathing hard. Then she took it into her mouth and started to bring her head back and forth. I could feel my member throbbing, her movements in time with it.

I pulled out of her and she guided it to her wet hole. I slowly entered her and she gasped. I slowly started to pick up speed as I went in and out of her, her gasps increasing in both speed and volume. Then with one final thrust, she shook again, and I picked her up, still inside her. I carried her shaking, orgasming, body into a bedroom where I placed her down. I then placed next to her, never leaving her hole the whole time. She moaned and kissed me again, where I then held her smiling as we both fell asleep.

Don't you just love dreams? It was romantic, well some consider it romantic. I am always truthful about things to her, so one day, I nervously told her the dream. She said she was flattered, and apparently in a fit to try to get me off, she was heavily describing what she was doing. You see, we have a long distance relationship and chat a lot, but I digress. She was mentioning how while she was reading the story I had sent her, she was masturbating. The story was a great turn on for her since it involved her and I. She had never experienced a story about herself in such a way.

I am also slightly ashamed to say, though I don't care much, that I am a virgin. She is as well, but that doesn't stop us from having a spark. Anyways, she was telling me how as she read on, her hole was becoming wet and warm as she felt herself pulse. She was telling me that she had pulled down her pants and was sitting in her panties and a nightshirt, rubbing herself as she read. But then she stopped writing suddenly for about half an hour. I was confused at this, until I got a message from her telling me she had just given herself one of the best orgasms of her life.

She went into detail on how she walked over and sat down on her bed, rubbing her self. She leaned back and placed her hand on the inside of her underwear, now rubbing her clit. She said she moaned loudly at this as she leaned back, eyes closed, imagining the story. Then after about five minutes of this, she said she felt her body explode violenty, screaming out as her orgasm engulfed her. She said she didn't write back because she was still very shaky and exhausted from the intensity of her orgasm.

I can't say I plan to have another dream like that, since I can't control my dreams, but if I do, I will definantly tell her again, because I love hearing about her being happy, smiling, or orgasming to stories I tell her of herself orgasming, funny, isn't it?

I will also share with you, the readers, the dreams I have, because I like to give people pleasure, and if this story has given any of you pleasure, please, just tell me, and I will be glad to try and hurry up to post again soon.

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