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Dreaming Of Jesse Part One

Scarlette has thoughts of fucking her best friends husband
I began writing the letter to my best friend Nina, to try to tell her what happened. To tell her it wasn’t entirely my fault what had happened between her husband and I. That he had part in it too, and that I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean for it to happen. My house had caught on fire and it was impossible to find another place at this time of the year. Two weeks away from Christmas, no one was worried about renting right now. So I called Nina, who I had been friends with for years and told her what happened, she offered to let me stay with her family until the holidays were over and I accepted.

Her husband Jesse, is a different breed of man from what I’m used to. I date business men who wear suits and ties and keep their feelings locked deep within themselves, only allowing them to show when faced with tragic consequences for their secrets. Jesse does hard labor, and he is gregarious. He always knows how to make me laugh. He has a farmers tan and shoulder length blonde hair with sparkling green eyes. His broad shoulders complete the picture.

Nina is a large woman, but she does have a pretty face. When Jesse and Nina got married she was my size, a petite 4 but over the years her eating habits have caught up with her and now she is a large size 16. I know Jesse loved her but is no longer sexually attracted to her in any way. Especially when in the room with me, seeing her next to me makes me look like an exotic dream.

I called a cab from the hotel I was staying at and grabbed my small suitcase, the only thing that was left from my former life. I watched the neighborhood where they live loom closer, I felt comforted and happy almost. I would now be living in a decidedly middle of no where neighborhood. There were fields of cows, horses and other various animals all around. The fields were covered in a light blanket of snow adding beauty to otherwise plain landscaping.

I was excited. I hadn’t seen Nina since her and Jesse had gotten married, they had been married for three years so far. Our extent of communication was through e-mail and some phone calls here and there. I couldn’t wait to catch up. The cabbie pulled up into the long drive.
“That’ll be $80.00 flat.” He said turning around to look me in the eye. He smiled and held out his hand. I shoved a hundred dollar bill into his palm then grabbed my suitcase and purse and slammed the door behind me.

I had enough money to get a house, or apartment and replace some of the furniture and clothes I had lost in the fire. Even though I hated shopping normally I was kind of looking forward to buying all new panties and bras. I had gotten in a slump recently since I hadn’t had sex in months I just wore frumpy underwear everywhere. Now, after having my life threatened I was feeling quite thrilled and aroused.

At the hotel, I had even shaved my pussy, gone was the thick bush of curly black hair. Now all you could see was creamy white, and delicate pink. I was thinking of this as I knocked on Nina’s door. Jesse answered, once he saw me he had a strange look pass over his face and in a flash it was gone. I smiled at him and gave him a hug.
“Good to see you again Jesse!”

“You too Scarlette.” He squeezed me quite firmly.
“Where’s Nina?” I asked, setting down my suitcase on the green carpet.
“Oh, she got called in last minute to drive the bus. She’s been subbing for bus drivers for a few weeks now.”

Jesse motioned for me to follow him to the kitchen and pulled out a stool for me to sit at. I sat down and ran my hands through my long, silky, chocolate brown hair. I readjusted my sweater because I knew my cleavage was adamant to be shown. But I didn’t want to give the poor guy a boner so I covered it up. He watched me from the corner of his eye as I did this.

“Would you like a beer, eggnog or something?” Jesse asked while pouring himself a drink.
I looked outside through the french doors of their patio and saw the sun setting quite beautifully in the distance. The sky was a light purple with smears of orange.
“A stiff hot chocolate would be fantastic. I think I’ll sit with it on the porch and watch the sun go down. God, it sure does go down early out here huh?” I replied while unwrapping the red scarf around my neck.

Jesse nodded and heated up the hot chocolate and poured a generous amount of spiced rum into my cup. He then topped it with whip cream.
“Mmmm, tasty. Care to join me?” I asked as I opened the french doors to a blast of frigid air.
“Oh, Jesse! There’s a fireplace out here too? You have so got to light a fire.” I said to him and curled up in a big white chair next to the porch railing.
“Can’t. Don’t have any firewood right now. Nina’s supposed to be brining some from town. I frowned into my hot chocolate.

“Oh well.” I responded.

Jesse got up and walked over to the edge of the railing. I watched him thoughtfully, taking in his plaid jacket, wranglers and steel toe boots. I felt a familiar tingle between my legs. ‘My god Scarlette, he is your best friends husband stop!’ I thought to myself. Jesse turned around and smiled quickly.

“Well, I better go get your room set up. Promised Nina I would.” He walked quickly into the house and I heard him going up the stairs. “God, that was kind of awkard.” I said to my hot chocolate.

But I was so relaxed being outside in the cold, watching a beautiful sunset. I felt a wave of calm wash over me and I leaned my head back and put my headphones in. I chose a slow saxaphone ballad and snuggled up into the blanket I had found on the porch. I watched the beautiful twinkling of the white Christmas lights wrapped around the porch and before I knew it I had quickly fallen asleep.

“Scarlette! Get up you’re going to freeze to death out here!” Nina shook my shoulders.
“God, girl you need to gain some weight, you feel like a damn bird!” I smiled and hugged Nina.

“Oh, so good to see you again. Thank you so much for letting me stay here. I appreciate it so much.” Nina snorted.
“Ha! You’re welcome. Now get your skinny ass in the house. I brought dinner back. Fried chicken!” Nina pounded back into the house while I stretched letting my long hair reach the top of my ass.

We ate dinner and laughed at old memories. Once dinner was over Nina wasn’t ready to go to bed yet.

“Hey, good idea. You and Jesse go into town and pick out some movies. We can watch movies and sit by the fire and get shitfaced! Got plenty of alcohol to accomplish that.”
I looked at Jesse and shrugged my shoulders.

“Okay, sounds good to me.” He nodded and kissed Nina on the cheek. “Ready?” He asked as he put on his plaid jacket.

“Yep.” I grabbed my purse and followed him to their truck. I crunched the snow extra hard with my feet laughing to myself.

“You act like you’ve never seen snow before, little girl.” Jesse said as he held the truck door open for me.

“I have but it’s been a long time. I’ve missed it. It’s so romantic and beautiful.” Jesse climbed in and started up the truck. Christmas music began blaring out of the radio. I rolled down the window so I could see better. Once we got into town it was gorgeous. It looked like everyone had decorated for Christmas, there wasn’t a house we passed that didn’t have lights on.

“It’s so beautiful here. And peaceful.” I smiled and hugged myself.

There was nothing like having freezing cold air hit your face and seeing gorgeous Christmas decorations. I looked in the rearview mirror. My cheeks were pink, my lips a dark red from the cold. My hair was windblown. I looked pretty. As I was admiring myself I noticed that Jesse was sneaking glances as well. I looked over at him.

“Do I look okay?” I leaned in closer to him. I saw him swallow hard.

“You look great. Just great.” I chuckled at him.

“You look nervous, why would you be nervous?” I asked inquisitevely.
“Well, because I’m in a truck with a strange, beautiful woman. Wouldn’t you be nervous if you were in my position?” I dropped the conversation. I was being naughty again. But I couldn’t help it. During dinner Jesse had spilled gravy all over his shirt, and took it off.. revealing a perfectly chiseled six-pack of abs, thick and muscular arms, and shoulders to die for. I nearly choked on my chicken when I saw how sexy his body was underneath those clothes. Mix his sexy body in with his thick blonde hair and it’s the perfect recipe for making my pussy drip with desire.

That night when everyone had drank their fill and gone to bed I heard loud moaning coming from down the hall in Nina’s bedroom. It was Nina, and she sounded like she was being fucked by a bull. I could hear the bed creaking under her large body. I imagined Jesse, plunging his hard cock deep into her pussy.. and pretending he was fucking me. My manicured fingers found their way under my sheer red panties. I grabbed my lotion off the nightstand and rubbed a generous amount onto my aching clit. My fingers caressed the smooth, plump lips of my horny pussy and I began rubbing to the rhythm of Nina’s moans.

I focused on the velvety feeling of my pussy lips gliding between my fingers, and on my hard clit.

I worked myself slowly, closing my eyes and imagining Jesse’s rough hands inbetween my silky white thighs, him pinching my clit between this thumb and forefinger while I writhed underneath him. My breathing was ragged, I pushed two fingers into my cunt while I continued to rub my rosebud clit. I found my g-spot and began pushing firmly upwards.

I heard Nina begin to cum and pushed my g-spot harder. Jesse began moaning and whispering something to her. 
I pretended it was my ear he was breathing into, his hot words making their way magically down to my wanting cunt. I pulled my sopping wet fingers out of my hole and began pulling my hair. “Yes, Jesse… fuck me… let me cum on your cock.” I whispered to myself as I went over the brink of a powerful orgasm. My fingers were working rapidly against my skin as I jerked uncontrollably, all while pulling my own hair. I was panting as I came down from that delicious orgasm. Afterwards I licked my fingers clean and fell asleep.*This is my first "straight sex" story, feedback appreciated!!*****

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