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Drum Lesson Part 5

Following the interval storeroom session our heroine returns home
My key opened the door to my flat and I rushed inside. It was nearly midnight and I was hot and sweaty after the opening night of our musical. What a success it was and we received a standing ovation for our performance. I was dead chuffed.

The weather had been pushing 30 degrees and with a hundred bodies crammed into a small theatre with lights blaring down, it was a dead certainty that it would be baking. And boy was it hot.

Yes I was hot and sweaty but I was also wet and sticky from the quickie me and "Dude" had had during the interval. I had been thinking about that 20 minutes in the store cupboard from the moment I changed out of a heavy blue cotton suit into a thin purple dress and got in my car to drive the 10 miles back home.

I don’t know what had got into me. For a spur of the moment decision it was amazing and I can remember some of the looks I got from fellow cast members as I joined them in the ‘proper’ backstage area.

It was so hot driving home and I couldn't get the thoughts of what happened below stairs out of my mind. I could feel my pussy beginning to get damp as I recalled the sensation of his cock rubbing against my pussy and the warmth of his come as it hit me all around my lips and clit.

I pulled up the edge of my skirt and ran my left hand up my thigh as I grasped the steering wheel in my right hand. As I got closer to my panties, I gently parted my legs and began to lightly stroke my pussy through black silk, feeling the dampness that had already formed between my lips.

Although it was a gentle stroke, it was having the desired effect as my nipples began to harden and press gently against the inside of my dress, sending waves of pleasure right through me. I also felt that beautiful feeling begin to appear in my lower stomach which I knew would travel directly my pussy soon.

I quickly regained my thoughts as I reached home and the narrow streets that led to my flat. Negotiating the junctions, lights and turnings would have been impossible if I was playing with myself.

As I made my way to my bedroom, my phone went. It was a text from him. It was just one word - “brilliant”. I replied with a thank you and after a quick exchange during which I told him I wouldn’t be having wine because I needed to protect my voice. I simply told him I was jumping in the shower to cool off.

With that I stripped my clothes and grabbed a towel before popping into the shower room and turning it on. I dropped the towel while I was looking in the full length mirror and quickly stroked my breasts before dropping a hand down over my belly and running a finger between my pussy lips. Yes I was wet, and I tasted good.

I stepped into the shower - a power shower of course - and just let the cooling water run over my body for a few minutes before grabbing the soap to wash properly. I soaped my whole body and as I did so, paused to massage my breasts, tweak my nipples, grab my arse and of course gently rub my pussy.

As my left hand moved to my breasts to continue their massage, I dropped the soap and slipped two fingers into my pussy before turning attention to my clit. I needed to come and I needed to come quickly.

I leaned back against the shower wall and let the water fall over my neck and shoulders as I began to rub my clit in circles, pausing now and then to touch the tip, something that sent bolts of pleasure through my whole body.

I was so horny, I knew I would come pretty quickly and as I rubbed by clit, I could feel the tell tale roller coaster of pleasure that always preceded my orgasm. My nipples ached and I responded by squeezing them before returning to my pussy with only one thing on my mind.

The feeling in my lower belly and pussy was getting more intense as I rubbed faster and harder. I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Suddenly the intensity stepped up as I thrust my fingers into my pussy and began to finger fuck myself fast and hard. Bam, the orgasm exploded in my pussy and rushed like waves up to my breasts and head before my legs buckled as those shockwaves travelled back down causing me to slide to the shower floor in a crumpled heap.

As I sat there, I pressed my clit gently, each causing little waves of pleasure to spark a convulsion in my pussy and stomach. Oh my god that was great and just what the doctor ordered.

I wondered if he knew that I was going to masturbate in the shower. I think he probably did.

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