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Duffle Lust

How a duffle bag became a source for sexual gratification...
The Greyhound waiting room was already full when Lucy arrived to catch her coach. She was 23 years old, somewhat taller than average, with shoulder-length blonde hair tied into a ponytail, blue eyes and a fair complexion. She was wearing a white tanktop, a pink pleated mini skirt, white anklet socks and runners. On her shoulder she carried a large bulky dark green duffle bag made of a shiny nylon fabric.

There was nowhere to sit but Lucy didn’t mind standing as her coach was due to leave in a few minutes. She found a quiet corner by the wall next to the vending machines and put her duffle down between her legs. She was happy and cheerful at the thought of going home and for a few moments let her mind wander freely.

Lucy’s daydreaming was interrupted by an announcement over the speaker that the departure of the coach that she was meant to travel on was going to be delayed for at least half an hour due to a broken down engine. Damn! Lucy softly cursed and looked around. Did she really have to stand for another 30 minutes...? There were no seats available and she didn’t wasn’t to sit on the ground in her short skirt. Oh, well she would just have to use her duffle as a makeshift seat. With that Lucy lowered herself down onto the bag, seating it in a straddling fashion, as it had been between her legs. She then got out her Ipod and searched for some relaxing music.

When sitting down, Lucy hadn’t bothered to fold her skirt under her and furthermore she was only wearing thongs underneath. As a result her bare buttocks and thighs were exposed to the fabric of the bag. She began to develop a very pleasant feeling from her skin touching the cool nylon material of the duffle. It was also nice and soft as it was full of her clothes. Her Ipod was playing sensual songs about lovemaking. She was starting to get small shivers of pleasure on the lower part of her body when she felt something between her legs pressed against her vagina lips. Lucy looked down and saw that she was sitting right on the shoulder strap of the bag. With a happy sigh she started rubbing the strap against her clit which started to make her feel really horny. She began to wonder whether she should go “all the way”. Looking around she noticed she was in a fairly isolated corner of the waiting room, even though opposite her there was another lone traveller sitting in a chair. He was a tall thin young guy in his early twenties, wearing light green Bermuda shorts, loafers and a yellow polo shirt. He had short dark spiky hair, some freckles and wore glasses. She looked a bit nerdy, Lucy thought, but in a cute kind of way. He had been reading but had fallen asleep. Lucy, who was getting more and more eager and daring thought she might as well climax, it would at least make her wait more enjoyable. So she started to grind her butt and clit into the duffle, and also tugged at the shoulder strap still between her legs. These actions caused her to start panting and quivering. Suddenly she saw the guy opposite him slowly open his eyes. At first he seemed a bit groggy from sleep but then catching sight of Lucy humping her duffle bag in her short pink pleated skirt his eyes opened wide with a look of sheer amazement.

Lucy became shocked for just one moment but then naughtily decided to continue with her unique style of masturbation, showing her lust off to the young man opposite. Her amusement increased when she saw that the guy’s dick was standing up under the Bermuda shorts. He too noticed it and slid his left hand into his short pocket to try and conceal it. Half a minute later he could feel himself getting hornier and realised he had no option but to give himself hand relief. His face became red and like Lucy he starting breathing quickly and quivering. Lucy could clearly see his fingers moving quickly and mechanically in his pocket. As for her, the feeling of the cold fabric pressed against her butt and thighs, the shoulder strap rubbing against her vagina and the lustful music on her Ipod finally made her climax. Lucy felt her vagina lips quiver and then her thong became very moist. She couldn’t help herself and heaved a huge sigh as her mouth opened in a huge smile of relief. The guy opposite him reached orgasm at almost the same second as her, his glasses getting fogged over from his exertions. He quickly pulled his shirt down over the front of his shorts to cover his own “mess”.

Lucy who was now “at her senses” again and recovered from her climax realised her undies and the top of her duffel were saturated. If she stood up the young man would be able to see the wet patch on her duffle. So she remained sitting on the bag with her thighs and knees pressed firmly together as she pondered her dilemma, playing with her runner laces. The guy too was looking embarrassed now and did everything to avoid eye contact. Luckily for them both it was announced that his bus was ready to depart. He quickly stood up, put on his backpack and hurried off to the boarding area, but couldn’t resist a last quick glance at the blonde girl with the flushed face who was perched with her shapely legs astride on her duffle bag. After the guy had gone Lucy quickly got up, opened the bag and took out a jumper to cover the stain on the top. She then put the duffle on her shoulder and made her way to the Ladies to clean herself up, happily thinking that her coach getting delayed turned out to be quite a wonderful gesture by fate after all...

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