Egypt Lovers

By spiggy

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My trip to Egypt got a whole lot hotter...
I was sitting on the beach drinking an ice cold beer looking out over the sea, it was beautiful! It was so hot that day I was dying to get into the sea. As I was just about to get up and walk down to the ocean, a hot women walks by in a thong and sits in the deckchair in front of me.

She lay on her front facing away from me, so I got a great helping of her pants. They were pink and looked very tight on her, and as she lay down she gave herself a camel toe.

All of a sudden I felt a rush come over me, it was fast and exciting but took me by surprise, I could suddenly feel my trunks begin to rise as the blood rushed to my rising cock. I sharply sat down again and put a book I was reading over the bulge as I tried to cover up.

Somehow I managed to look away from the camel toe and drop my bone, and then I was able to get up and walk to the sea. My heart was still racing and I was horny now, I thought to myself I would give it to myself HARD, once I was back in my room, but after a swim.

I got my snorkel gear on and dropped into the water. It was so refreshing getting into the water just to cool off.

As I swam further away from the group, I turned a corner around some coral and saw a couple on one of the buoy lines. I didn't think much of it at the time but as I swam closer I could hear moaning. I stopped where I was and kept taking sly looks at them. The woman was obviously having orgasms while the man was whispering in her ear.

Immediately I felt the rush around my body and straight away my trunks rose again, but luckily I was underwater so no-one really noticed.

I was now thumping in my trunks and as I watched on I felt the urge to jerk it, there and then. But I forced myself not to and carried on watching. Seeing as though I had my snorkel gear on I held my breath and watched underwater, I couldn't believe my luck!

I was looking straight on at the fucking couple and straight away without thinking I grabbed my pulsing cock and started jerking. The woman's tits bounced as the man thrust into her, and she felt one tit with one hand and stroked her clit with the other.

I was so horny by now, I was getting paranoid about whether someone might be watching, me. As I came up for air I saw the expression on the man's face and new what he was about to do, I held my breath once more and went underwater.

His thrusts had become much faster now and so had my rubbing. All of a sudden he stopped thrusting, and about three seconds later a white mist gushed out of her pussy.

All of a sudden the feeling came inside of me, I knew I was going to blow and made one last check to see if anyone was watching and there wasn't, so I rubbed hard and fast and could feel it coming, then in a burst I came hard, white mist surrounding the water all around me as my pulsing cock kept blowing my load.

It took a good five seconds for me to stop and as I stroked my dick one last time the couple swam passed me. The woman looked at me and she winked. I was gobsmacked, did she see me or did she know I watched?

Either way, she didn't talk, just winked and swam straight by. I tucked my throbbing dick away and started to swim back to the jetty, still amazed at what just happened...