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En Vacances 1: Poolside

A wallflower lost in lust. A holiday romance ... of sorts.
En Vacances 1: Poolside


Mid-morning Mediterranean sunshine flashes across the cyan pool waters as I tiptoe between the half empty lines of sun loungers towards my own. Quickly, I drape my towel across its padded bed, grab an ashtray from a nearby table, unlace the 4” sandals from my feet and plop myself down for another day hiding behind my sunglasses.

This is how I holiday; my body gently basting in finely applied suntan oil, reclining on a lounger, slightly out of sight of my fellow sun worshippers, invisible behind the dark lenses of my sunglasses, my eyes darting back and forth enraptured by the abundance of flesh on display, and my mind concocting fantasies about how my near, dear, neighbours will pleasure my little body.

It is my third day here. For the last two days I have been repeatedly ravaged by an Italian Stallion in tight white trunks, whose thick cock I have imagined sliding between the slippery grip of my petal-like lips as I bounce energetically, and a little uncontrollably, up and down on top of it. Unfortunately, today he is sat a little too far away for me to focus my greedy little eyes on his bulging swimwear. Today I will need to find a new lover.

My other lips, the ones positioned slightly below my sunglasses, release a small sigh of displeasure … I really had a very nice fantasy about my Italian cock involving dark alleys and rough walls that I was planning to explore today. It really is most inconsiderate of him to position himself so inconveniently far away.

I fidget a little in my lounger, let my eyes wander across my near neighbours and press my thighs together as a tiny recompense to make up for my disappointment. Things aren’t looking too promising today; there’s a family with two hyperactive boys, an aging French couple arguing loudly, a lone man with mottled skin and an undernourished physique, two fifty-something women whose swimming costumes stretch unnaturally to contain a lifetime spent returning to the buffet table, and a small posse of English lads who may have been perfect for a gangbang if their mouths weren’t so constantly full of lager and vulgarities.

There are still plenty of available sun loungers, however, and I am just contemplating whether I should risk the exposure of relocating to somewhere more central when I notice him and her picking their way down to my happy, little corner.

Oh they are a perfect couple and my eyes have paid attention to their various movements around the poolside over the last two days. You wouldn’t call him handsome or her pretty but they have a grace and confidence that, to a wallflower like me, gives them a beauty of character. I would give everything I am and anything I might become to be either one of them.

Happy again, I wiggle back into my sun lounger and bring my left leg up to hide my bikini clad pussy. Somehow, a hand ends up resting on the top of my right thigh whilst the naughty digits of its partner run their teasing nails along the soft flesh of my stomach just above my fabric covered pubic mound. I allow myself a tiny murmur of pleasure, stretch my body out beneath the warming sun and fix my eyes on a point just to the side of my beautiful couple … starring beyond them but taking in their every movement.

They’re no longer young but not yet old. Perhaps there is a fleck or two of grey in his hair or maybe his hairline sat a little further down his forehead five years previous. Certainly, he plays sports; Sunday football, a little squash or some tennis in the summer, but the post match beer is getting harder to shift and the legs don’t quite carry him around the court like they used to do.

Likewise, she swapped her eye shadow for eye cream and her lipstick for rejuvenating moisturiser a couple of years back, and although her wardrobe bulges at the seams half of it is too small or too short; though none of it dare be thrown away in case the next miracle diet really does shift those few extra pounds whilst still allowing a choccie biccie or two at elevenses.

Do they sound beautiful? Believe me they are. They may not be Venus and Adonis but they have a certainty and confidence in who they are and what they have become. They are happy, bright people who spread easy smiles and gentle bonhomie as they pad through their days … no angst for them; no hiding in corners watching and waiting for someone; anyone; to invite them to step out of the shadows and into the light.

His jaw is square but his mouth soft, his twinkling eyes lined, his teeth bright and chest taut with strong arms and soft fingers that flutter about him as he talks. Elasticated swim trunks may bite gently into his slightly thickening stomach but hidden within them is a cock that I am certain knows either how to tease and tantalise or plunder and possess … whatever one should desire.

She is fluid and animated. Dark hair tumbles about her shoulders, her mouth in near constant motion as words fall without stopping from her full lips; her hands stroking and touching, punctuating every sentence with a tender caress of his or her skin. She is built out of flesh that moves with her every breath; the steady rise and fall of her stomach and the bouncing, jiggling and heaving of her full breasts trapped precariously inside her half-cup bikini top.

I could be in love … but all I have to offer is lust.

I want to be her; wrapped in his strong arms, head pushed against his chest, cheek abraded by his fine hair as his cock slides effortlessly deep into my warm, welcoming pussy and my fleshy stomach ripples with pleasure.

I want to be him; head resting between her wide spread soft thighs, dribbling wetness hot on my tongue, my rigid cock pressing hard against my stomach as I lick my way across the shuddering stiffness of her clitoral nub.

Slowly, I permit my heavy eyelids to half close, allowing my lips to fall open as I concentrate on the pleasurable caress of warming sunshine and a light breeze as they play across my tingling skin. Breath seeps into me before shuddering out once more, and my own small breasts rise and fall in response to the expansion and contraction of my lungs causing the taut, stretched fabric of my own, too small, bikini to rub back and forth across the hard, stiff peaks of my nipples. Shards of sensation to radiate outwards. My breath catches. My stomach quivers.

Before my eyes they exchange smiles and she leans forward and strokes his leg, her breasts hanging provocatively in their fabric bonds somehow remaining in place despite gravity’s pull. Curiously, unexpectedly, some fingers have found their way beneath my bikini’s protective fabric; their soft pads slowly inching their way over the smooth skin of my pubis towards the persistent throbbing of my swollen clitoris. Moisture is collecting between my thighs, dampening yet more fingers that seem intent on stroking every inch of flesh as they steadily ascend. Beneath my palms all is movement; my thighs quiver and my stomach vibrates at every breath, every touch and as every trickle of moisture descends from my swollen, sticky pussy to collect in the beautiful cup of my anus.

Low moans escape my mouth as fingers converge on the needy, soaked gash between my legs, my pubis rising and falling, muscles contracting as my pussy walls squeeze about my empty wetness, slithers of pleasure like firework rockets dart from my gently abraded clitoris to explode in my thighs, my stomach, my arse and my pussy. Saliva pools in my mouth, a trickle slipping out of the corner to dampen my chin as I hover excitedly, expectantly, eagerly on the edge of orgasm.

I force my eyes wide and bring them to focus on the wonderful couple who are today’s inspiration. He is laying face down, legs half spread, the soft swell of his balls pushing gently at the fabric of his swim shorts and she …

She is sat upright straddling the lounger, legs spread wide with her bikini briefs pressed tight against her pretty pussy. There is the possibility, the merest hint, of a damp stain soiling her perfect gusset. My eyes drift upwards, find a smile playing about her joyful, full lipped mouth and …

… her eyes staring directly into mine.

I plunge two fingers deep into the drenched, swollen, yearning folds of my pussy; clamp my spasming muscles about them and as she watches every whimpering, moaning, twitching spasm of my lustful, needy body; I soak myself for her pleasure.

To be continued …

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