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Encounter at work part 4

Chance enounter gets more intense.
Hello, this is part 4 of my continuing story. I hope you enjoy it as much as the other 3 parts

I have been thinking of the last couple weeks. I had entered a texting friendship with a girl named Stephie. We have been going with a nice texting friendship for a month now, but the last 2 weeks have been very interesting. I have only met her 3 times but all those times have been very exciting.First time she had met me at my job. I work in a restaurant and was on my lunch break. She came down and surprised me and took me off into a room and flashed me and gave me the opportunity to grab her boobs.

Second time we met up for lunch. We went to my workplace and we ordered lunch. She started playing footsies under the table and then we snuck into the bathroom and she gave me a hand job. She then gave me a kiss on the cheek and we went our separate ways.

Third time she needed help at her job, so I was happy to help. I found out later that she worked at an adult book store. She needed help with a box of dildos that the boss needed her comments and reviews on. She didn't know about any of them and asked me to help her and test them out. We went into a back room and tested them all out and she came over and over and then gave me a full french kiss for her thanks. She tasted like strawberries, a scent and flavor I love personally.

This time she wanted to me another time. She wanted to meet on a day we were both off work. She invited me over to her place. I agreed and she gave me her address. I showed up at 2PM and she welcomed me in. I was quite impressed. She lived in a modest place and off in a room in eye sight, I noticed a fully working hot tub. I said,"nice hot tub. Would love to take a dip in that."

"I was planning on it, I was wanting to get in myself," she said. I noticed over into the side of the table next to the hot tub, a couple of scuba masks.

"What are those for?" I said.

"Oh sometimes when I feel like it I love to put it on and go under the water in the hot tub. I find it very therapeutic to go all the way under the water."

I said, "Ok, that's cool."

So we went into separate rooms to change into clothing for the hot tub, even though we have seen each other naked. There was a still sense of modesty there.

We both came out. Me in a pair of modest trunks, her in a two piece that really showed off her body very well. "Wow, you look very nice."

She complimented me on my looks too. We got into the hot tub and sat down. We both enjoyed the soothing capabilities of the water provided and I was feeling great. I was having a little back problem but after a little while in the tub, I felt looser and more limber. She asked me if I would love to try the scuba masks and go under water. I told her sure why not.

She grabbed a scuba mask from the table and put it on. "I thought we were both going down below. Where is my mask?" She told me, "let me find out if its safe to do so first."

She proceeded to go underneath the water and before I knew it, she had my shorts off. "Oh I see what the plan was all along." She nodded and went on taking off my shorts.

Before long I was naked in the hot tub and began to give me a blow job under the water of the hot tub. Wow was all I could muster out to say as she worked up and down on me. Being under water it was a bit more sensual and she knew what she was doing. She swirled her tongue up and down on my cock and made it grow under the water. I was in heaven and didn't want it to end. She sped up the pace and kept working my cock until I was ready to cum. I tapped her to let her know as she wouldn't have hear me. She then came up above water and jerked my cock as I came. I shot my load into her mouth and she was eager to take all of it to not make a mess in the hot tub.

"Wow that was great!" I told her. She then handed me the scuba mask and asked, "Would you like to do that to me?" I agreed and put on the mask.

I dove under water and took off her bikini bottom and then began to work my tongue up and down her love button. She started to moan and move about as she was enjoying it. I started to work up and down the opening of her pussy and made her go wild. She was getting off at the moment and was having me go some more I then started to insert my fingers and go even further. I definitely knew I went in the right direction when I had come across her g-spot. She thrashed wildly and couldn't stop cumming for a good 2 minutes. I was about to go a third time when she tapped me on the head and had me come up for air. She said. "I think we are busted."

We were so busy that we haven't noticed that her roommate and significant other had come home. We thought we were in trouble when she said, "Well, well, starting without me huh?" I asked who she was.

"This is Amie, my significant other and roommate. I forgot she was coming home today."

"Don't worry roomie, I'll forget about your little meeting here today, if you 2 want to let me join you.

"Of course," Stephie said, "I think that can be arranged."

Coming soon part 5.....

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