Evening of Bliss

By x3holly

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The long metal toy was covered in athick blue jelly. When the base was twisted it exploded in a flurry of intense vibrations. It was mesmerizing to watch as the 6-inch machine came to life in my hands. With half lidded eyes I flipped it back to off, laying back in the plush comfort of my bed. The deep purple of my sheets enveloped the bare skin of my body. Every curve of my body was held in the cockles of my bedding. The swell of my breasts rose and fell with every shaky breath. It had been ages since I had last spent time exploring my own body.

My trembling fingers slid down my body. Starting at the top of my neck they danced down the length of my shoulders before dipping between my blushing D cup breasts. Taking a moment I moved the tip of my fingers around the hardened pink nubs of my nipples. They stood at definite attention, begging for some love and affection. Giving into the desires I twisted them roughly, a harsh breath escaping my lips soon after. My thighs flexed on their own, begging anything to please the itch between my legs. Forcing my hands to move further I let my fingers cascade over the taut skin of my stomach and down the edge of my thighs. Although I wanted to slide between them I refused to give myself the pleasure and instead spread them wide. The cold wind hit the sensitive skin buried between my thighs.

Grabbing the bottle of warming lube I took time, generously coating the blue length in liquid. For a few short moments it was no longer a majestical toy, instead it was a swollen throbbing cock. My mouth began to water as I imagined going down on the tasty length of man. My hands slid up and down the base, twisting at the rim of the head. Quiet whimpers filled the otherwise silent room as I leaned in, pressing my lips against the slick tip. My eyes stayed shut tight as my lips spread around the girth. With an intense sucking action my mouth begged for semen from the fake cock. The soft tissue of my tongue pressed urgently against the veiny underside of the toy. Goosebumps covered every surface of my body as I got lost in the sucking actions I was performing.

I couldn’t be distracted from the flow coming between my legs for long. Pulling the length from my mouth I took a desperate gasp before relaxing once more against the mattress. My hands slid between my legs, the toy held tightly within them. The warm and soaking wet erection felt foreign against me. I hadn’t taken it in so long; it was almost like the first time all over again. My hand flicked on the switch and my entire body arched forward, lost in the buzzing sensations against my desperate clit. Shots of electricity flew through my insides. My legs drew in closed around the toy as I began to tremble in complete pleasure. Strings of expletives continued to flow between my lips as I rocked against the toy. My entire body was moving along to the rhythm of the vibrations.

Finally finding the strength to pull the toy away from my clit I slid it down further. My entrance seemed to be clenching in desire as liquid arousal continued to pour out from within my depths. Curling my toes I took a deep breath and pushed the swollen head of the toy deep within my pussy. A harsh hiss flew from my mouth as I was stretched to new dimensions. I paused to allow myself to adjust to the intrusion. It continued to vibrate wildly inside me, causing my walls to grip urgently at the toy. With a nervous touch I pressed it the rest of the way inside me. The scream that ripped from my lungs was completely foreign to me. My body seized as every joint tightened up against the pleasure filling me to the core.

With the entire thing deep inside me I began to thrust it slowly. I could feel myself tightening spastically around the invasion. Breathing raspily I began to daydream. Instead of alone in my bed, I was beneath the body of a man. His chapped lips were pressed against my ear as he breathed harshly, overcome by the tightness of my slick pussy. His hands were clenching at the sheets on either side of my head. He was thrusting for himself; he was searching for his own pleasure. Together we built up, got closer and closer to the goal that we both wanted to reach. My free hand reached down and began to fumble against my clit. The bundle of nerves was hardened and standing at complete attention. It was dying for a touch, something that I was able to give it completely. The edge of my fingernail pressed gently around the edges, touching sensitive fresh skin. The pad of my finger grinded against the top of my clit insistently. Spreading my legs wider I let myself become overtaken by the waves flowing through me. My hand almost seemed to cramp as my finger moved more intently, pressing me over the edge.

The vibrating toy continued to be pulled in and out of my soaking wet pussy. My chest began to rise and fall violently as my nipples became harder than ever before. It was impossible to keep my eyes open as my jaw dropped in complete awe. I was overcome with repeated crests of pleasure. The world began to spin as the oxygen began to fail getting to my brain. Every extremity was tingling as I rocked my body with the movement of my now feverishly moving hands. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, an orgasm ripped through me. The flames took over me as I forgot everything. There were no bills to be paid, no men to please, no job to attend, it was simply me and the world at forces together. With cracked lips I screamed at the top of my lungs, yelling out to the universe. I desperately wanted everyone to know exactly what I was feeling.

My hands fell to my sides as I collapsed back against the mattress once again. My skin was now covered in a thin layer of sweat as my lungs desperately gasped for fresh air. The blue toy was still buried deep inside me, vibrating intently. The poor thing had no way to understand the pleasure that it had just brought to me. My hand laid softly against my clit, rubbing gentle circles over the exhausted part. My breaths came in shallow waves as I laid my head to the side. 12:30 AM, the clock on my bedstand shone brightly, with a tired movement I pulled the toy out of myself. It was painful feeling my body seem so completely abandoned. With one last breath I slid my eyes closed and drifted off to sleep. There would always be the morning to clean up.