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Everyone needs a little break now and then

What happens in the O.R. stays in the O.R.

Everyone needs a little break now and then.

During my paramedic class, I was required to take a surgery rotation at a Trauma Center.   I had to follow around an anesthesiologist and acquire one more intubation.   I was escorted into the locker room and told to change into scrubs.   As I walked in, I noticed that this was a co-ed locker room.   Apparently the women’s locker room was under construction and everyone had to use the men’s.   In the middle of the room was a cubical wall that ran the entire length and stopped four feet short of the ceiling.   Finding this odd, but not concerning, I changed and placed my clothes in a locker.

I went to the charge nurse, who introduced me to Sarah.   Sarah was a very attractive, curvy, Red haired anesthesiologist.   I introduced myself to her and we went on our way to the surgery room.   While washing our hands, we made idle chitchat.   She asked me what type of class I was in.   I told her I was currently enrolled in paramedic school.   “That sounds very exciting,” she said as she lathered up her hands.   She then bent down and placed the soap sponge along her arms.   As she did, I noticed her cleavage through the top of her scrubs.   She was wearing a lacey, teal colored bra that hugged against her breast.   Rinsing her arms and hands, she stopped and then looked up at me.   I blushed since she caught me looking down her shirt.   She smiled and winked at me.   Raising her hands up in the air, she spun around and backed into the surgery room.   

Once inside, she put her gloves on and began to talk to the patient.   I stood behind her, in the corner of the room.   We had placed surgical masks over our faces and she motioned to have come closer.   Her eyes were soft and inviting. At that moment I would have done anything for her.   She had a look that was like a mystical power, and I wondered just how many men had fallen into that trap.   Sarah sat on a little examination stool, located to the left of the patient’s head.   As I stood behind her, I couldn’t help but look down at her breast.   They appeared to be soft, but firm, large, but definitely not too large.   She would rest her clipboard on her lap, while she talked to the patient.   Every time she moved her arms, her breast would squeeze together, making her cleavage push up against the top of her scrubs.   She turned her head and asked me to come around to the top of the patient’s head.   Sarah began to push the medication that knocked people out.   She then walked next to me and bent over to grab some equipment.   As she did, her scrub pants became tight, revealing her thong.   I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her ass.   She turned around and started to attend to the patient.

When the patient became unconscious, Sarah gave me the ok to intubate.   I intubated the patient and attached a ventilator to the endotracheal tube.   Sarah looked at me and told me that I had done a great job.   I stood next to her for then next few hours, while the surgeons operated on the patient.   Every ten minutes she would ask me some questions about the patients breathing, but then return to reading a magazine.   At some point, I looked down and glanced at what she was reading.   It was an issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.   I noticed she had read the confessions page and then became very engrossed in an article about masturbation.   While the surgeons finished up, I heard Sarah chuckle a few times.   She then closed the magazine and stopped the vent.   She administered some kind of medication and told me to remove the tube from her lungs.   As we completed the final steps, we moved the patient to the recovery room.   Sarah gave the nurses some orders and walked back to me.   She asked me if I had some paperwork that she needed to sign.   I said yes and handed it to her.   She signed it, told me that I had done a great job and went on her way.

Since this was my last required clinical, I decided to rush it up to the lead instructor’s office.   I walked through the hospital and went up to the fifth floor.   I dropped off a copy and headed back to the surgery locker room.   As I pushed the door open, I heard loud music playing.   The air was moist and warm, as if someone had been running a shower.   I walked over to my locker and spun the combination knob.   Just then, I heard her voice. There on the other side of the fake wall stood Sarah.    Moving the bench over to the wall, I stood on top of it and peered over.   Sarah was standing in front of her open locker, in a pair of scrub pants and lacey teal bra.   Her red hair was in a ponytail, but she quickly reached up and removed it.   She shook her head as her hair fell down on her milky white skin.   Standing there, half naked, she rubbed her hands on the back of her neck.   Then she untied the knot in her scrub pants and slid them off.   Raising her right foot, she kicked her scrub pants into the hamper.   She stood there for a few seconds, looking in the small mirror in her locker.   With her back towards me, she stood there in her matching bra and thong.   The teal thong ran tightly down the crack of her round ass.   She then began to slowly dance to the music.   She laughed softly and grabbed her towel.

Quietly I jumped off the bench and walked to the corner of the wall.   She walked by me, not realizing that I was there, and headed towards the running shower.   The shower was a small open room with a few showerheads.   Sarah hooked her towel on the wall and then took off her bra.   Next she bent over and took her panties off.   She threw them on the floor in the corner of the hallway.   She placed her hand under the water before she got in.   Standing there for a few seconds completely naked, she adjusted the water temperature.   As she stepped into the shower, the water quickly hit her chest.   Droplets of water ran down her breast and fell off her stiff nipples.   Water also ran over her shoulders, down her back and along her ass.   She stood with her back towards me for about a minute, and then slowly turned around.

With a full frontal view of her body, I couldn’t decide what excited me more.   Was it her large firm breast or the small triangle of red public hair just above her smooth pussy?   She ran her hands under her hair as the water coated her body.   Her hands fell onto her shoulders as the water massaged her back.   She closed her eyes and placed her hands on her neck.   Sliding them down, she started to caress her breast.   Her fingertips moved along the top of her breast and down to her nipples.   She placed her nipples between her fingers and pressed them together.   She let out a sigh and a smile as her fingers ran across her nipples.

Next, she placed her hands on her stomach.   She moved them along the top of her waist and around her back.   Bringing them back to the front of her body, she lowered one hand down to her well-trimmed triangle.   Placing her flat hand on her body, she ran her fingers down along her pussy lips.   Bringing them back up, she moaned briefly.   She quickly began to caress the inside of her pussy.   Her hips slowly moved back and forth with every move.   Her fingers moved to the bottom of her pussy, where she began to firmly press.   Then she would pull her hand back up, dragging her fingertips over her clit.   Softly moaning, she increases the speed of her fingers.

The warm water dribbles down her pink nipples and onto her hand.   Leaning back on the shower wall, she slid one finger inside her.   Placing her other hand on her clit, she starts to rub her clit in counter clockwise motions.   Her wet tits bounce up and down as she starts to breathe deeply.   Slightly spreading her legs, she inserts two fingers inside her.   Her own wetness is combined with the warm water as her fingers slide deeply inside.   Moans turn into squeaks as she nears orgasm.   I watch her legs start to shake as she presses her back against the wall.   Her fingers move violently across her clit, as she tries to scream out.   Her mouth opens and eyes close as she starts to hold her breath.   Her clit slides through her fingers as she blissfully comes.

Catching her breath, she opens her eyes and smiles.   Standing up, Sarah places her head under the water and begins to lather her body up with shower gel.   She turns the shower off and then grabs her towel.   She dries off her body and runs the towel through her wet red hair.   Then she wraps the towel around her chest.   Grabbing her panties and bra, she turned around and walked back towards her locker.   I quickly ran back to the door of the locker room.   I opened it and made some noise so she would know I was there.   I walked over to my locker and opened it.   I grabbed my clothes and put them down on the bench.   I took off my scrubs and started to change.   After I was completely changed, I took my scrubs and dumped them in the hamper.   I heard her voice say “hey, why don’t you come over here for a second”.

Paralyzed, I stood in the same spot, hoping she wasn’t talking to me.   She called my name and told me to come over to her side of the room.   I walked over and saw her standing there in just her towel.   She stared directly in my eyes and dropped her towel and said “So……did you enjoy watching me in the shower?”

I do have a different ending to this story, but I thought this was pretty good.  Let me know if you want to her the "alternate" ending.


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