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Experimenting in the loft (attic)

one of the stories of my self exploration

Ok, so its not the first time i played with my cock, but it was one of the most memorable.

I had been playing with myself now for a few months, since i first discovered the pleasure masturbation gave me, and this day started like all the rest. I had gotten off school because of a teachers dispute and everyone was out for the entire day. I had woken with a hard-on, and decided to take as long as possible playing without coming. So every time i got too close i had to stop and let it simmer for a while. I decided i wanted to be daring and walked out of the bedroom, and stood naked in the hall touching myself. wondering what to do i went and found my dads secret stash of magazines and flipped through them, studying a few select images. But this was not quenching my desire today, i wanted more inter action with my penis, and so after putting the mags' away, i walked downstairs. Knowing no-one was in, i wanted to just walk about freely.

I wanked in the kitchen and the study, but still could not get the satisfaction i was looking for. And then  it hit me... i had never done anything in the loft. So I went upstairs again and pulled down the loft hatch door, released the ladder and went up. It was cool but well lit thru the skylights. Looking around i was searching for things to rub myself on. First i saw the plastic water pipes, the big 5 inch round ones and so walked over to them, cock hard and started rubbing up against it. It was different but not what i wanted. But by this time i was seriously getting horny and wanting to cum. I turned round and looked at the rafters. Now i know what you're thinking, that the wood splinters and all that..but i was horny as hell. i examined the rafter looking for a smooth piece, and used the now very wet wetness off my tip to make it softer, by transferring wet from my cock on my finger to the wood. Once it was wet enough i straddled the rafter and began thrusting very slowly against the wood, and the friction was causing my foreskin to slide back and forth across my sensitive gland, making me wetter with each thrust, and thus dampening the wood more.

Now i wanted more sensations on my cock, and wandered round the loft space, dry humping the odd box here and bag there. Each item was making me wetter and more daring. Next i gently pushed my cock into the hand holes of a large box, the fitting was tight and pushed my foreskin right back as i entered. It was amazing, and i must have simulated sex with that box for what seemed like ages, to the point i knew i was gonna cum so so soon. That's when i saw my next target. An old spider web. Now normally i am scared of spiders, but the exhilaration, coupled with the fact it was an old broken web gave me strength.

So i slid out of the box and my foreskin slid back closed over my helmet. I walked over to the web and checked round it whilst playing with myself, and then i eased my cock into it but was dismayed when it just crumbled from age instantly. Gutted, i looked around and found another, this one thicker and full of dust. Please don't let this one break i silently begged. I was so close to orgasm now, that i just rushed straight over, no precautions. Except making sure my foreskin was pushed forward still. I grabbed the rafter above the web and eased my cock this time so so slowly against the web to test it. No breakage. Yay i was happy, and so turned on i grabbed my cock and slid the foreskin fully back, revealing the solid wet head. I pushed against the web, and the feeling was amazing, so delicate and soft but thick enough i could feel it on my penis. I moved so slowly, not wanting to break it, and just let the web slowly wrap around my shaft and tip, the sensations making me get so close. Now needing to cum badly, i started to jiggle around more vigorously and the more thicker strands wrapped onto my cock and balls. God it felt so sensational. Then without warning it fell, the web gave way completely, bringing with it a rather large spider. I watched helpless as it landed on the tip of my cock, and slid off the extreme wet end, legs trying to grasp on, and fell to the floor. It ran off into the shadows and the web fell over my shaft. With the sensations all that i had just encountered, i suddenly without touch, shot wad after wad of hot cum out over the floor, and was just amazed at the sensations.

I never got to try it ever again, as i had destroyed the webs, and soon after my parents re-modelled the space for living space.  But that didnt stop my journey of self exploration. More soon if anyone is interested..

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