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Exploring her wild side

On a busy highway I watched her cumming in the cab of my truck
For six years Sue and I had dated. On the last day of college after my last exam she dumped me for Robert. I had never met him nor did I want to.

Bill and Kathy (not their real names,) Sue and I had been a foursome for as long as I could remember. Bill had just accepted a job offer five hours away so the foursome was official done. I felt very alone, and apparently so did Kathy. We found ourselves bumping into each other at social gatherings and randomly around town. I was feeling sorry for myself because of how Sue had treated me and Kathy was missing Bill.

She was a great comfort to me and I looked forward to seeing her every chance I could. We would often speak of Bill and how his new job was going. On one occasion we made a plan to go and see him. I would pick her up after work on Friday and we would drive together to see Bill.

The trip was pleasant, or at least the company was. Unfortunately for us we had to travel down the 401 right through Toronto during Friday afternoon rush hour. I do not know why they call it rush hour as nobody is going anywhere quickly. What should have been a five hour trip turned into eight, and I was loving every minute of it.

Kathy and I had known each other for almost a decade and conversation came easily. I could tell she was looking forward to seeing Bill because she was dressed to kill. Her hair was nicely done up, she was showing plenty of cleavage owing to her large breasts and I could not stop looking at her exceptional legs wrapped in a skirt that ended just above her knees. Traffic was bad but the view was excellent so I was in no hurry.

It did not take her long to notice me looking at her legs, and I think that she liked it as she made no effort to hide them from my view. It may have been my imagination, or want, but I could feel the sexual tension building as we drove.

“So how is you love life” she asked.

“Zero since Sue left me.”

“That’s rough. Sue once told me you were pretty adventurous in bed. I didn’t think you would have any trouble finding another partner.”

“She told you what?” I asked my voice a mixture of disbelief and surprise.

“Well we didn’t talk about it all the time, but on occasion especially if you two were going away for a weekend or had just come back, she would hint at how non-traditional you could be. I wish Bill were a little more daring. Don't get me wrong, he knows how to scratch my itch, but he’s a little conservative sometimes.”

“Kathy, I didn’t know you had a wild side. I always thought you were a ‘proper girl'. What sort of wild and wonderful things are missing in your life?” I knew this was a dangerous path, but I was horny as hell and she started it.

“I don’t know that I have any real burning desires. It’s just things with Bill are just very predictable. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to do something crazy, something unexpected, something a little risky and naughty.”

“Go on,” I coached.

Then she just stopped dead in her tracks looked straight ahead and said nothing. I though I’d pushed the limits too far and that the next three hours were going to be long and awkward.

“Do you know that I have never played with myself in front of anyone, ever, not even Bill? I have sort of hinted around at it a couple of times but he’s not interested.”

“Really? Fuck, I would be all over that. I’d love to watch you cum. I think watching a girl play with herself is way to sexy.” I knew this was way over the line but what the hell, I’d longed to see Kathy naked many times and it looked like I might just get my chance.

“Would it turn you on if I played with my pussy for you?” she asked.

“I’m already turned on just thinking about it.” And with that she reached across and grabbed my dick through my jeans.

“I guess you are.” She said with a smile, and before I could respond she locked eyes with me and started undoing buttons on her shirt. Her dark nipples were hard and clearly visible through the fabric of her bra, and I watched in amazement as she released the clasp and set them free beside me on a busy highway.

Turning in her seat she leaned against the door so I had a better view and massaged her breasts, kneading them and pulling on her nipples. I watched as she drew each soft mound of flesh to her mouth and suck each nipple leaving them wet with her own saliva. When she had paid enough attention to her tits she undid her seatbelt and I watched as she removed her shoes, then her pantyhose and finally her panties.

She hiked up her skirt exposing her pussy to me. There was a nicely trimmed tuft of hair on the top, but her lips were clean shaven. Her lips were big and full and glistening with her love juices and I wished I could pull over and slide my tongue deep inside her. I reached my hand out to feel her softness but she pushed me away.

“Sorry” she said “you can only watch. This is my show and you are only a spectator.”

Well no argument from me. She was smoking hot and very wet so I was happy to oblige.

I watched as she explored the outside of her pussy. Running her fingers through her pubic hair and caressing her inner thighs. I watched as she took each beautiful lip and pulled them out to there full extent. They were incredibly large and full and I wondered how they would feel wrapped around my cock.

I moved my truck to the right hand curb lane taking all urgency to arrive at our destination out of my plans. Kathy continued to explore her pussy for me and I watched as she slide first one then two fingers inside, her lips pulled in as she pushed deeper and followed out as see did. My cock was rock hard and I was very uncomfortable so I undid my zipper and released the pressure. As I pulled my cock free Kathy moaned and I watched her remove her fingers from her pussy and lick them clean.

“Can I have a taste too?” I asked.

“Depends, do I get to taste you?”

“Sure, but I'm not sure how you are going to do that in here.”

I watched as she slipped her fingers back into her pussy and worked them back and forth. She was very wet and the cab of my pick up was quickly filling with the delicious aroma of her sex. She pulled her finger slowly from her pussy and I watched as small strings of her juices trailed from her fingers to her womanhood. She reached over and brought her fingers to my mouth and I licked every wonderful drop clean. I was splitting hairs with myself. I was not technically having sex with my best friend’s fiancé but I sure was close.

When I was finished she returned her fingers to her pussy wet with my saliva. This seamed to excite her even more and she assaulted her pussy with a new vigor.

“I need something bigger” she said and started looking in her purse. “Nothing, can you help?” she asked.

Between the front seats of my truck was a small leather bag where I kept a small assortment of tools. I opened the bag and removed a screw driver. I had only just put it in there to replace one that had been lost so it was still new and clean. I offered it to her and she took it holding the shaft and sliding the smooth handle deep into her hole. I watched as she worked it in and out rubbing her clit with her other hand. Her breathing was picking up and I could hear the sound of her juices as she worked the tool.

My hand was on my cock slowly stroking it as she watched,. Her eyes seamed to glaze over then they rolled back in her head. Deep from somewhere inside she moaned and her body started to shake, then she came hard and long. It was wonderful and amazing to watch. I had never seen anyone cum so hard and for so long as she did. Eventually she removed the screw driver from her pussy, her lips were swollen and wet and she lay there eyes closed legs spread resting as I drank in her beauty. It was incredibly sexy and exciting. My heart was beating so hard in my chest that I was sure she could hear it.

Several miles later she opened her eyes and asked if I had enjoyed the show. My cock still exposed pulsing between my legs answered the question for her.

“You owe me a taste” she said “a deal is a deal.”

With that she took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. Her hand was warm and her grip strong so it was not long before I was ready to cum.

“You had better stop or we are going to have a mess in here.” I said, and with that she leaned down and wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock. The feeling of her lips and tongue exploring my shaft was to much for me. I pulled the truck onto the shoulder of the road just as my orgasm started. To my surprise she did not pull away but instead pushed more of my cock into her mouth, swallowing almost all of my cum. This was the first time anyone had ever swallowed for me and it was unbelievable how good the feeling of her throat contracting on my dick felt. When I had finished cumming she sat up and with one finger collected the bit of cum that had escaped her mouth and swallowed it down.

“I think this is going to be a weekend to remember,” she said.

And she was right.

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