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Exploring in the Shower

Showers will never be the same in the future.
She slowly undresses watching herself in the mirror. She casually runs her hands up and down her body before stopping at her nipples to squeeze, twist, and massage gently. She then continues down to her already dripping pussy. She fingers it slightly, then proceeds to the shower.

She waits for the water to warm up and continues to finger herself softly. She can feel the anticipation rising. At this point she has added another finger to her penetration. In a few moments of distraction, she adds a third finger to penetration of her snatch and she is dripping all over the floor. She cleans up the floor and turns to get into the shower. She stops and feels the water. It is now warm enough and so she gets in. Immediately, she brings the shower head down to her pussy. She wiggles her hips to try to find the perfect spot on her clit for the water to hit.

She feels this incredible massaging sensation between her legs. She blinks stupidly, eyes glazing over, and just exhales slowly with a low moan. Her eyelids start fluttering and her mouth falls open. She lets out a whimper. Luckily the sound of running water covers up all the little sounds she makes so no one outside of the bathroom can hear. A smile forms on her face as her clit is massaged deeply. She grits her teeth to keep from screaming and slowly moves her hips along with the pulsating rhythms of the shower massage. She feels the heat rising and her hips begin to buck. Her muscles involuntarily contract and she struggles to breathe without screaming while she orgasms. She is overwhelmed with a wave of passion and all at once it is done. She ends with grunting in sync with the pulses she has between my legs. She has a hard time keeping her balance as she finishes. Her orgasm was so strong that her knees become weak and she collapses to the floor. Her head is back, eyes squeezed closed, and one arm holding herself upright as she is going numb.

She moves the shower head all over her body and smiles at it with a little bit of love. She lets the water run down her body a bit longer and then she lowers it back down – she can never have too much.

This time it takes a little longer. She teases herself waiting for the same, if not a better, experience. She proceeds to finger herself to help the time move quicker. She sticks one finger into her snatch, before adding another, then another. She fingers herself wildly while the shower massage takes care of her clit. She feels her body tense up. She stops breathing as this new euphoric sensation overtakes her. The feeling makes her hips buck. She bites her lip, and arches her back. Her legs convulsively go together. She sighs very loudly, moves her head from side to side, and clenches her legs around her hand holding the shower head. She struggles to keep her legs open to have the pressure of the stream on her clit. This time holding in her screams is next to impossible so she allows herself to moan. By this time she has her four fingers inside of herself and her hips are rocking hard. Her muscle contract and she erupts with passion.

After feeling herself come twice, both times having the water wash it away, she trembles. She lays there panting for a few minutes and then slowly stands to her feet . As soon as it ends, she can't stop smiling, can't stop giggling. She lets the water rinse her and then she gets out.

It feels like she is continuously being tickled for hours afterwards. Her showers from now on are not for cleanliness, they are strictly meant to be dirty.

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