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Exposed Naked For The First Time

Caught masturbating and get some help

At seventeen, I was a late bloomer. I had discovered the joys of masturbation, but hadn't really figured out all the details about sex. My body was slim and athletic. My entire sexual experience was limited to what I had seen in magazines while stroking myself to orgasm.

I was spending a weekend in a cabin that belonged to my parents. I had just finished the first week of my first job, and it was nice to have time alone there to hike and relax. There was a small dirt path that passed behind my cabin, but otherwise I was isolated from the other cabins.

After returning from an evening swim at the lake I opened the windows on two sides of the cabin. I took off my suit and lay back on the bed. Laying naked with a small breeze flowing over my damp body had me asleep in no time.

The next morning I awoke to what I thought were animals chirping outside. But as I lay there half asleep I began to realize that it was not an animal noise, but instead the sound of giggling girls. At first I wanted to ignore it and fall back to sleep, but something told me that I had to see what was happening. Laying on my side, I opened my eyes and could see the windows behind me in a mirror that was mounted on the wall. I was stunned to see two girls looking in the window right at me. They were whispering to each other and giggling.

As I awoke more, I realized that during the night I had kicked the covers off the bed, so there was nothing to cover myself with. My bare butt was exposed to them. I thought about getting up but didn't want them to know that I knew they were looking at me. So I lay there, waiting for them to go away. But they seemed interested in staying. I tried to listen to what they were saying. Their whispers were mostly unintelligible, but I could hear pieces.

“I want to feel him.” (and a lot of giggling)

“I wish he'd turn over so we can see his front.”

“Do you think he will?”

“He's bound to sooner or later.”

I was curious if they really would wait there until I moved. I peeked a little closer in the mirror and saw they were both really pretty with long dark hair, and appeared to be around my age. Both had on bathing suits and from what they were saying, I wondered if they had ever seen a naked man before. They were just curious, so why not let them see me?

The thought of letting the girls see my naked front was dancing in my head. After a few minutes I realized they were not going away. I made up my mind to let them see what they wanted to see, and pretended to stretch in my sleep. Slowly, I began to turn. As I did I realized that my heart was pounding. I slowly turned my body keeping my eyes almost closed.

I heard one of the girls say, “Oh my God, he's turning over!”

“I can't believe we're seeing this," said the other.

Now I was naked, lying on my back with my arms upturned and above my head. My legs were apart and I had one knee slightly cocked to the side. I could feel the breeze on my body which made me intensely aware of my nakedness. And that I was totally exposed and displayed in front of two very cute girls. Through my half opened eyes I could see them in the mirror. I did not want them to know I was awake as their eyes stared widely at my exposed body.

“He looks like one of those boys in the paintings we saw at the museum. Remember?”

“Yeah. Look how he has a lot of hair down there.”

“I like how good we can see all his parts!”

Hearing all this while being on display for the girls was having an effect on me. My cock started to enlarge and I knew there was no way these girls were not going to notice. Soon it was sitting up off my belly at full attention.

“He's getting a boner,” one girl stated.

“Wow, look at it,” said the other. “Its so stiff.”

I became even more excited at being exposed, and wondered what to do. Perhaps stroke it a little or just lay there pretending to be asleep. I started to squirm and rotate my hips.

“Oh no, he's waking up,” one of them said. And they were gone.

As soon as they left I got up and showered, nearly jerking off. But I held off the urge to masturbate, and instead went down to the beach. Soon I saw the same two girls at the beach with some friends. When they saw me they started to giggle and whisper to their friends. Obviously they had told them what they saw earlier. I pretended not to notice, but wished I could have heard what they were all saying. I decided I would be naked again tomorrow morning just in case they came by again.

Going to bed that night, I again debated getting myself off while thinking of the girls. But as my mind pondered the thought, I ended up drifting off to sleep.


The next day I woke up early hoping that the girls would come by again. I had pushed the covers off my bed and on to the floor as they had been the day before. I made sure that two windows were open just enough so that I could hear any conversation outside. Then I waited.

After what seemed like an eternity I heard footsteps on the path that lead by my cabin. Peeking out the window I saw the two girls who had seen me naked just twenty-four hours prior. They were eagerly walking toward my cabin and talking excitedly. I quickly stripped off my briefs, feeling the delightful cool air on my privates. But as I did I noticed that my two voyeurs were not alone, and had two other girls with them. My heart was pounding as I jumped back onto the bed and positioned myself for their viewing pleasure.

I lied on my stomach this time with both arms under my pillow, opened my legs and bent my knee so that my naked bottom would be in full view. Once again I watched in the mirror as the girls appeared at my windows. I could see them wide-eyed as I heard them all gasp in unison. The girls who had not seen me the day before covered their mouths with their hands as they all started to giggle uncontrollably.

“Oh my he's totally naked,” I heard one of them say loudly.

Another whispered, “He has such a cute butt.”

“I told you so,” stated one of the girls from yesterday.

I waited like this, feeling their eyes on me. I watched them looking in at me. They were just standing, looking, and thoroughly enjoying the view.

“Yesterday he turned over and we saw everything,” I heard one girl from yesterday whisper.

Another giggled, “I hope we get to see that.”

Yesterday when I turned over and displayed my front view to the two girls I was somewhat nervous and unsure of what their reaction was going to be. As a result I was flaccid until their comments caused an erection. Today I had a raging erection which was pushing into the mattress underneath me. I turned over, and my stiff member sprang up and pointed north toward my belly button. It danced up and down when I contracted the muscles that control that stuff. With my right arm folded on my chest and the other behind my head with one leg stretched out. I stayed like this, fully exposed, heart pounding, and watched their reactions through the mirror and listening to the excited giggles. At this point it was difficult to know who was saying what. But I heard little snippets from between them.

“His dick is so stiff.”

“Yea, he's got a boner!”

“Guys can't help when they get hard. It happens all the time to them.”

“He looks so nice down there,” one girl exclaimed. “I wish I could touch those balls.”

“Yea, and his hard cock too.”

They started to leave again when they thought I was waking up. But this time I called out to them.

“Hey ladies, why not stick around and watch?”

I was surprised when they actually entered my cabin. Unsure if I should continue, I started stroking my shaft with four young women watching. Suddenly the ebony skinned girl removed her top and bra, exposing her small but perky tits.

“How old are you ladies?" I asked.

The blonde removed her top and bra also. “I am Holly. We are all from an all-girl boarding school. I am 16 and the others are 17.”

Taking her word, I continued masturbating while staring at the two topless women. The other two looked around and were soon topless as well. The ebony skinned girl introduced herself as Ari while removing her shorts and panties. Her thick black bush turned me on even more. Then another unexpected event occurred.

“Can I do that for you?” Ari asked.

“Sure I guess so.”

Ari sat beside me on the bed and placed my shaft in her hand, and duplicated the motions I had been doing. Then Holly stood beside the bed and placed one of my hands on her breasts. The other two remained quiet as they watched. When I moved my hand southward on Holly's body, she made no objection. Soon my fingers were grazing through her pubic curls. Then I reached around and cupped her firm ass with my right hand while reaching up to fondle Ari's tits with my left.

“Will you cum soon?” one of the other girls asked.

“The way Ari is touching me it wont be long.”

“Good, I have never seen it happen.”

“Neither have I,” Holly and Ari said in unison.

I was loving the feeling of Ari's hands, and sensed they were inexperienced. Holly moved her hands to my abdomen and caressed the area gently.

It had been about twenty minutes since Ari had started stroking my cock, when I knew the end was near. I announced my impending climax just as I exploded in a very intense orgasm, with long ropes of cum landing on my chest and belly, effectively coating my upper body and thighs. Holly's hands had been on my chest at the time, and were also splattered. Ari's fingers were coated from my orgasm.

“Oh my that was a lot. Holly exclaimed.”

“More than I expected,” Ari added. “I've got to try this.”

Ari then began licking some of the cum from my chest and belly, and she seemed to enjoy the taste.

“Let me try some,” Holly said, and placed my softening cock between her lips. She sucked gently, licking me clean.

“Nice taste,” Holly told me. “Wish you could have shot off in my mouth.”

They all dressed, leaving my cabin with smiles and giggles. I wished that I did not have to leave for home, but my job demanded that I did. As I drove home, I knew the memory of the erotic event would stay in my mind for many years.

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