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Faith: Confessions of an English Harlotte. Ch. 1

Chapter One: In which Faith takes her tentative first steps toward sexual liberation.
Faith was a quiet girl. And in Surrey, at the time of our story’s beginning, that is 1828, it was expected of a girl to be quiet.

She had recently attained her sixteenth birthday and preparations were underway for a lavish party. There was to be a grand ball, where Faith would be presented to society. It was hoped that Benjamin Gould would be in attendance. He was considered suitable for Faith and Faith’s father had been working hard to assure that Lord and Lady Gould considered Faith suitable for Benjamin.

If the truth be told Faith’s mother, Lady Greene, was not as keen on Benjamin Gould as her husband, not that it mattered. Lady Greene was a quiet woman, Lord Greene pointed this out as an inclination to what Faith would grow into. Lady Greene had never said she didn’t like Benjamin, but Faith knew. Faith understood her mother a lot more than her father did.

Physically there were both alike. They were both small, elfin even, excepting for their breasts which were unfashionably large. These were constrained with whalebone bodices to bring them into a more acceptable shape. After all as her maid pointed out, Faith didn’t want to look ‘like a milk maid’. They shared too the same large, deep brown eyes. Some times Faith caught a flash in her mother’s eyes that told her that she wasn’t the quiet woman she appeared to be.

Sometimes Faith felt things that she knew she wasn’t supposed to. Inside she felt wild and excited and for a moment free. But then she tightened her corset and reminded herself that that wasn’t how ladies acted. When she saw her mother sometimes she knew that she felt the same. And she was a respectable lady, so maybe it would be alright, maybe she could control these feelings.

As the preparations continued around her Faith felt bored. She had been given no say in what she wanted at her Ball. It was all to be decided on what was ‘right’ and ‘proper’, on what would give the ‘right impression’. She wondered outside into the grounds. Being winter is was already getting dark though dinner was yet some way off.

Faith walked over to the stables. Riding was one of the only times she could feel free. Her father insisted she rode side saddle but when she was by herself or when Gabriel the groom was with her she rode properly. And this way she could gallop and really feel the wind through her hair and across her cheeks.

Gabriel was always kind to Faith. Sometimes she thought about him. About his wide, strong back, his arms, as thick as her legs. As she wondered into the livery room she could see light coming through the cracks in the walls. That would be coming from Gabriel’s lodgings. She held her breath and she placed an eye against one of the bigger cracks.

She almost let out a cry of surprise at what she saw. She was looking into Gabriel’s bedroom. He was stood in the middle of the room. Naked. He had his back to her and it was just as she had imagined, the muscles rippled as he moved. Her eyes followed downward and fell on his buttocks.

Unable to contain her self she pulled away. It must be almost dinner she thought. I must go. But of course he didn’t. She placed her eye back at the hole. Gabriel had turned and now she could see his penis, large, firm and erect. She felt an aching in her groin. She had felt it before but never like this.

And then she noticed Mrs Maddock. She was lay on the filthy linen of Gabriel’s bed. Naked from the waste down she was on her back with her legs open. Faith had never seen another lady’s Cyprian parts before. Mrs Maddock’s lay more open than Faith’s and appeared moist.

She began to feel faint for as she watched, Gabriel climbed onto the bed and in-between Mrs Maddock’s legs. Faith felt uncontrollably jealous. Maybe she should tell Mr Maddock. Or she should have Mrs Maddock thrown out, then she could copulate with Gabriel. All her untold frustrations rushed to the surface.

Before she knew what she was doing Faith realised that her own hand was placed upon her draws, over her vagina. Even through the material it felt different to normal, swollen and soft. She hitched her dress up further and slid her hand inside her draws. All the while keeping her eye clamped to the whole and watching Gabriel’s thrusting buttocks.

As her fingers slid across her slit it send a thrill of ecstasy coursing through her veins. She was wet like Mrs Maddock and her fingers slid easily inside her self. Madly she rubbed back and forth. Her knees went weak and she dropped to the floor away from the hole, but she didn’t care. She pushed two fingers right inside and as she reached her crises she could feel her vagina squeeze them.

It took her fully ten minutes to collect her self afterwards, to straighten her clothes. She set back across the gardens towards the house, already late for dinner. She hoped she wasn’t too flushed.

She couldn’t help smelling her fingers every thirty seconds. She wondered if Mrs Maddock smelt like that.

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