Finally Part 1

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All names have been changed to protect the people involved, this is my first story, so any helpful comments will be great.

I have just finished another shift at the small grocery shop where I work. I am walking home, listening to my Ipod and feeling the cool summer breeze caress my skin. I think back to my day at work and to one person in particular, Lucas. I have fancied him ever since I started 18 months ago; he was very shy back then, but so was I and we barely spoke to each other.

My name is Ava, I'm 20 years old, 5ft 9in with long dark brown curly hair and brown eyes. I have a curvy body with 36DD breasts and good handful of arse. I love sex; it makes me feel so sexy, having a man's hand's roaming all over my body, caressing me.

Let me tell you about Lucas, he is24 and about 6ft 3in. He has lots of tattoos which I would love to trail with my tongue. Lucas has nice blue eyes and a gorgeous smile.

Even though we never spoke much, I would catch him looking at me, his gaze lingering on my breast and long legs. I would sway my hips more as I walk by, hopefully making him look at my ass.

I started thinking about Lucas, about stripping his body and kissing every inch of him, sucking on his neck while I run my hands through his blond hair. It is shaved at the sides with a mohican down the middle, but not spiked up. It really suited.

My pussy started to pulse and I felt myself start to get wet. I picked up the pace and rushed to get home a bit quicker. Once I reach home, I go in my room and shut the door. I quickly undress out of my work clothes, until I'm naked and lay on my bed.

I start rubbing my hands slowly over my body, starting from my flat stomach, going up till I reach my breasts. I bite my lip as I pull on my tight nipples, wanting his hands instead of mine. I imagine him leaning down and licking them before sucking them into his mouth.

I leave one hand on my left breast, still playing with my nipple and trail my right hand down over my stomach and towards my aching pussy. I lightly rub a finger up and down my slit, spreading my pussy juices.

I bring my fingers to my mouth and taste myself, sweet and musky. I start to rub small circles on my clit, making my pussy tingle even more. Then I dip my finger deep inside my pussy, in and out, as I pull on my nipple,making my hips lift of the bed.

I put one hand on my clit rubbing faster, my other hand pumping two fingers in and out of my tight dripping wet hole. I'm getting close now. I am wanting Lucas to be licking my pussy, tasting me, trying to make me cum all over his face.

I rub my clit faster and faster. God I'm so close. I pump my fingers faster and deeper, while rubbing my clit to the same rhythm. I finally go over the edge, my hips lifting off the bed as ripples of pulsing pleasure travel through my body. With my pussy still pulsing as I remove my hand, I relax back on the bed. I lay there trying to let my breathing return to normal, still feeling my pussy and the muscles in my legs twitch. I smile to myself, I can not wait till I work with Lucas again.