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Fingers in the shower

Sometimes you just can't wait...

It was raining when I got up and the breeze was making the drops pitter patter against the glass. I turned over. My girlfriend was fast asleep and she looked so sweet with her blonde hair spread over her pillow. I gave her face a gentle kiss and got up quietly and went down stairs in my white shorts and pink vest. I’d slept in them and they were nice and close but I couldn’t believe how cold it was down stairs, and I thought about turning on the heating, but I didn’t.

I made myself a coffee and turned on my lap top to see what messages I had. Just one from you. Such simple, lovely words and yet so sexy! As I read your message you made my nipples erect and I savoured the sensation of them rubbing against my vest, which is a size too small. I looked out of the window and the sun’s shining! The rain drops soon begin to evaporate. At least I don’t have to water the flowers in my hanging baskets.

Reading your words again, I feel horny and my nipples are still hard. My hands stray down my body, one resting on my shorts and the other gently stroking the silky soft skin on my thighs. I imagine it’s your hands. I close my eyes and imagine you’ve appeared by magic and you’re urging me to go for my shower, so you can just watch. Hmmm…I’m getting so turned on with my thoughts - I have to do something about it.

I walk upstairs and press the switch for my shower. My breasts feel so sensitive for some reason and I have a sexy, aching in my body, which needs to be sorted. My shower settings are perfect of course, no need to fiddle with the temperature, just turn the water on and the fine spray appears from the nozzle. I pull my vest over my head and look down. I’m amazed how hard my nipples are and such a ring of goose bumps around them. I just stroke my left nipple with my index finger and it sends a shiver down my spine. If only you were there to kiss my breasts!

I ease my sleeping shorts down and look in my big bathroom mirror. My bum cheeks are a little pink - it’s as if I’ve been spanked! I probably should be!

I turn and enter my shower. It’s big enough for two. I pick up the brass head and give myself a hot sprinkle from head to toe. Sometimes it’s nice just to get wet before I put any soap on my body. The water makes my boobs feel amazing! My nipples go a little softer but they’re still plump and sensitive. Putting the shower nozzle back on its holder, I stand under it’s spray and squeeze a big drop of soap on to my sponge. I give the loafer a little circular stroke with my finger, as the soap begins to soak in and then rub it over my breasts and belly. The water instantly washes it away and I step back so I can make a lovely thick lather over my body. I soon have my arms and my legs and my boobs coated in a white soapy glaze.

I squeeze the sponge allowing a rivulet of foam to slide down my front and then rub it into my bum crack. I turn my back to the shower and let the hot water wash over me, drenching my hair and washing all down my spine and in between my cheeks. I feel lovely and warm and yummy and I leave the best bit til last. I put another pearl-sized drop of soap on the sponge and work it into my blonde mound. After holding the sponge under the shower I rub it around my pussy lips. My body trembles slightly as I feel my own sensitivity.

I imagine you’re standing behind and me and I drop the sponge, leaving my fingers… your fingers to explore. I squeeze my breasts, pinching my nipples firmly. It feels so good and I continue to massage my right breast as my right hand slips between my pussy lips and the wetness from the shower, quickly becomes the wetness inside my little love hole. My clitoris isn’t hiding either - she’s like a firm little button begging to be toyed with, to be stroked and pinched and teased.

I take a long deep breath and push two fingers into my pussy and I feel my own tightness clamp around them, stroking against my knuckles, my own inner velvet feels beautiful and moist. My nipples are rock hard again and I let out a little moan as I… or is it you fondle my boobs with one hand, while the other hand is still busy between my legs. The wonderful feelings make my legs go a little wobbly and my knees are actually tingling in sympathy with the sensations in my pussy.

My fingers fuck my little crack for a minute of more as I lean on to the corner of the shower, my head down as I stare at my toes, believing - wanting you to be there - for it to be your fingers that that are penetrating my wet cunt. I slow down and draw my fingers upwards until I feel my clitoris respond to my gentle touch. Oh I so need to cum! I’m so worked up and I work my fingers, rubbing them around and round, making my sexy pink nodule tingle and begin to explode with fantastic feelings as my orgasm grows and yet it’s that delicious few seconds before I cum and I just want to keep it there - hold that moment.

Now I thrust my fingers into my pussy again and finger fuck myself some more. My lips are now so pink and inflamed, my knuckles dissapear and then…aaaaah then… I gasp and squeal as my body starts to tremble and I’m suddenly shaking uncontrollably, my fingers being swallowed by my vibrating pussy. The juices are running down my fingers and I’m moaning and gasping…

“Yeeess…ooooh…yes…yes…make me cum baby!”

Then the shower door opens and Laura is standing there naked. I look at her with a little guilt etched on my face, which must be flushed.

“How long were you standing there?” I ask.

“Long enough…”

A smile spreads across her face and she steps into the shower…

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