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Floyd's Fantasizes

The sexual obsessions of Floyd.
Floyd’s Fantasizes

I am Floyd, a man of the world, 46 years old. I am married to a wonderful woman named Wanda. We have been married for all my adult life. I fell in love with her when I was 20, we got married at 21. She was only 18 then and beautiful. And boy could she fuck. She loved sex so much. We made love almost every night, collapsing in each others arms when we were done.

But somehow life got into our way. Sex became less frequent, less fulfilling. I felt there had to be more in sex, then in the sex life we were sharing. I needed more! But what to do? There are plenty of women out in the world, should I have an affair? Who with and how?

I found I was fantasizing about sex with others constantly. I would look at women and wonder - would she be a good lay? Would she suck me dry? Or is she like my wife became, not interested in sex any more?

My obsession was driving me crazy. I would masturbate thinking of some woman I knew and found sexy. I often wondered if the women that I masturbated to would be doing the same about me? Can the women sense I was fantazising about them. Using them for my personal pleasure? Do women think the same as men? I felt I was obsessed with sex.

One night after working until midnight I was driving home from work and I felt the truck steer funny. I thought, oh no, a flat tire. I stopped and yes it was flat. Damn, I haven’t had a flat in this vehicle. I had take out the book to see what to do. Damn, the spare is under the box. I hate that type, you get dirty pulling the tire out once you get it lowered. I have Triple A, the roadside service. But so late, will they get here in a reasonable amount of time?

I take the literature on AAA out of the glove box, and find the 24 hour number. I take the cell phone and call. The operator answers and we set it up. He claims a driver will be here in less than 30 minutes. I call Wanda, my wife, waking her up from a sleep, and inform her of my problem and that help was on the way. I should be home in an hour.
Hanging up I started fantasying about Wanda being in bed. Her warm body laying there all alone. God, I want to be there touching her, feeling her warmth, smelling her clean hair, loving her deeply. I feel my manhood rising as I think of Wanda and her sexy body. Her breasts moving as she breathes. I smile to myself and reach to my crotch and feel my hardness through my pants. Wow, I sure need to release this pressure. My cock is starting to drip precum.

I start to think of sexy ladies I have seen at work. Rachel, a beautiful young lady about 24, came to work today with a real sexy blouse. She had a bit of breast showing along with the top of her bra, black with lace. I found when Rachel was around me, I just stared at her pretty breasts. I would love to see the whole breast, to kiss it. I wonder what her nipples are like? Are they big or small, do the get erect easy? Will she reach orgasm just by sucking on them? Would Rachel fuck me? These are all thoughts that flash through my brain.

My cock is getting harder and harder. Here I am on the side of the highway and I want to masturbate. I need some release. I imagine Rachel touching my cock. She takes it out of my pants feeling the heat, the hardness. My fully erect cock is pretty much normal size. I have never measured it but it satisfied a lot of girls and women I had sex with while I was growing up. Some even gave me a big head saying it was so huge, that it hurt their tight pussies. They knew how to get the most cock by inflating my brain, big head, bigger cock.

I take my hand and rub my cock through my pants. Rachel, you are so sexy. I want to open that blouse, see those titties up close. Rachel takes my hand and places it on her breast. I am in heaven. Rachel is looking into my eyes, signaling that it is OK, for me to continue. I reach behind her and unhook her bra. Her bra is loose, I pull it off her breasts and look at the beautiful nipples. They are erect and about the length of a cigarette filter. My hand goes and touches the nipple on her right breast. I gently pull on it. Boy, Rachel's breasts need to be kissed. To be kissed by me.

My cock is dripping precum, the tip is all slippery. I fantasize that Rachel is touching it. As she strokes it, it gets harder. She smiles and grips it harder, teasing the tip, spreading the precum all over the tip. Rachel do not stop. I reach down beween Rachel's legs. She spreads them apart and I rub between them. I feel her moist wet pussy, wanting me. I need to fuck Rachel. And she needs me to fuck her. I will do that soon. Right now I dream about her.
I reach down and open my pants. My cock is pressing hard against my shorts. It springs out when I find the hole in my shorts. I can’t stop. Rachel has me so hot. Her tits have my cock erect and ready. Her wet cunt wants my cock inserted deep within her . I grab a couple Kleenex and start to rub my erect cock. I touch the tip the same way Rachel would, I spread the precum all around the head of my cock. My hand is slippery as I squeeze and rub my cock. I rub faster taking the Kleenex and putting them in front of my cock hoping to catch the load. I start to go faster feeling the build up ready to explode from my manhood. Yes Rachel, suck my cock. My throat gets light, my head is swimming as I go faster and faster. There is no stopping now, I must come. My body starts to thrust forward as I jack off. And… then I cum. I squirt cum all over the Kleenex, and it drips off unto my pants, there is so much cum. I keep jerking off, more cum dripping. I shoot cum onto the steering wheel, sticky hot cum. I am shaking from the super ejaculation. I drain my cock, squeezing all the cum out.

I see headlights coming. It is the wrecker to change my tire. I have to hurry to put the wet cock into my pants. My hand has come all over it, as do my pants.My shorts are wet. Wow it was super. 

Rachel thank you, if you only knew. If the world knew.

The wrecker driver looks at my flushed face and asks if I am OK. I say yes, I am great tonight! And grin sheepishly! 

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