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For You.

This is what happens when I think about 'you'.
My clothes lay scattered on the floor. The steam seeps out from behind the curtain and I place one hand inside. Deciding it's perfect, I slide the curtain the rest of the way open and step inside. The hot water hits my body and I relax. I stand for a moment and let the water hit my face. Running down over my shoulders, it swirls over my skin. I turn and let the heat cover my body. My hair becomes quickly saturated and my hands smooth it down over my scalp. My eyes closed, my head back, I relax for a moment and think of you.

The water pulses over my skin and I feel your fingers there instead. The soft slow caress of your hands. Do you know the power you have over me? I can't help but let my hands move where yours should be. Water cascades down me, making my fingers glide easily over my body. It's your hands moving over me, your body I want so much. My fingers find my hard nipples. I gently brush over them, both hands moving together. My hands cup my breasts, my fingers close around my nipples. Swaying a bit, I massage them, heightening my already growing arousal. Pinching my nipples, I squeeze them hard feeling the familiar pulse between my thighs. I squeeze them again and again, my desire growing with each motion. My body heat is rising.

Hot water rushes over me, the shower filled with steam. My hand still at my breast, cupping it again, I tease myself. My other hand snakes down between my thighs. I watch as the water streams down my arm and over my fingers. The hot water now has access to my aching cunt. My clit pulses at the heat and I have no choice but to press my fingers tightly against it. I groan softly at the divine feeling. My fingers begin to move on their own, a familiar rhythmic movement that I know so well.

You're in my mind now, I can see you so clearly. Your soft lips, your wonderful body, your hot skin, your magical touch. I think about the times we've shared. Thoughts swirl through my mind. My hands can't stop now. I need you.

My fingers slide down from my clit into my wetness. I play with my soft swollen lips, stroking them gently, feeling my arousal. I spread my thighs and slide one finger inside. God. . . . Slow then quick, teasing myself as my arousal builds. My other hand drops from my breast and moves down my tummy to my clit. I circle it, quick small little circles. I gasp at the feeling, So incredibly sensitive. Every flick of my fingers send a tremble through me. Every motion of my hand makes my body move with desire. You invade me, seduce me. I want you so much. I need you so much. I imagine you there, you're sharp in my mind.

I spread my thighs wider. The hot water pushes me on, making me more aware of you. I fuck myself, wanting it to be you, feeling as if it is you. My fingers slide faster over my clit, circling around and around. I step back slightly and rest against the tiled wall, my legs are beginning to tremble. The water runs over me, the world washing away as I masturbate for you. Thrusting harder and faster, in and out... I tense then, feeling the heat, that feeling deep inside of me. I moan, breathless. I focus on you, focusing on your fingers on me, focusing on your touch. Nothing else is here, just you and me.

My fingers push harder, deeper, circle faster. I lean hard against the wall, trying to stay up and my cunt begins to pulse. There, Oh yes, I rub faster, mmm yes... pulsing, wanting... that's it, I'm cumming. Oh god, I'm cumming hard. A deep moan escapes my lips as I explode. I move with it, my hips bucking against my hand, my heart pounding, my body trembling more with every sensation. I throb more around my fingers, as I move with every pulse. I can't stand it any longer. I reach my hand out for balance against the shower wall, my other hand still circling my clit, slowing. I gasp, still throbbing, melting beneath the spray.

I slow my motions, slow my breathing, slow as my body relaxes into the warm water. I smile and think of you.
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