Free Taxi Ride

By Hornygal

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that night, I got a free ride and an orgasm.

I worked overtime that night.  It was around 10 pm when I decided to call it a day and go home.  I flagged a taxi and sat beside the driver.  I usually sit at the back but for some reason, that night, I chose to sit in front.

He was an average looking man who is probably in his early 30s.   I don’t usually talk to taxi drivers but that night, I initiated a conversation.  

“Hi, long day? Or you just started your shift?”

He looked at me like I was a madwoman.   He was probably not used to customers talking to him.   I gave him an encouraging smile and he smiled back.   He didn’t speak English well, apparently, from the way he answered my question.   I then removed my blazer because it was a bit hot in the car despite the air conditioning.   I saw him glance at me and wet his lips.   At first it made me uncomfortable but he kept glancing and I started to enjoy the attention.   I noticed he started to drive real slow and I started to think naughty thoughts.   Then all of a sudden he said, “You are very sexy madam” while he was looking at my cleavage.   I was starting to get horny and my tits were already getting hard.   He noticed it because he smiled and winked at me.   That was it.   I was completely aroused and horny.

I slowly moved my hand on my legs and started caressing myself.   His glances became longer and his face showed that he was so aroused too.   I then lifted my skirt and quickly removed my thong.   His eyes widened in disbelief with what he saw.   Using one hand, I played with my clitoris, inserting a finger and massaging my wet hood.   I used my other hand to caress my breast.   I was pinching one nipple and then the other.   I was enjoying every minute of it.   It was the first time that I masturbated in a moving vehicle driven by a complete stranger.

I noticed that his eyes were fixed on me and not on the road so I asked him to find a dark place to pull over.   A few blocks away from my place, we found a deserted parking lot.   He parked and turned the engines off.   He did not waste any time, he quickly grabbed one boob and sucked the other.   He was licking, biting , nibbling my nipples so hard which made me more horny.   While he was pleasuring my breasts, I was concentrating on giving myself a good finger fuck.

He then startled me when he spoke.   “I want to eat you”

I replied “Go ahead”.

And without a word he went down on me and sucked my very moist vagina.   He devoured my wet pussy like a hungry animal with both of his hands working on my breasts.   He was licking and sucking my clit and inserting his thick and long tongue in my pussy.   At the same time, he was massaging my breasts and pinching my very hard nipples.  

I was in extreme pleasure.   My eyes were completely shut and I was moaning because of the many sensations he was causing me.   He buried his face deeper into my pussy working his tongue in me.   I was very close to cumming when he stopped and inserted 3 fingers in me.   He finger fucked me while sucking my breasts.   All I could say was “Ahhhhhhh” and “Ohhhhhhhh”.

He was thrusting his fingers much quicker and in seconds I exploded.   Cum came dripping out of my vagina and he took out his fingers and went down to lick my juices.   I was in heaven.

He licked me clean then took me home.   When I was paying him, he refused to take the money saying “It’s free”.   He gave me his number and told me to call him if I’m coming home late again so he can give me a free ride.

I called him 3 times that month.   And in all those 3 times, I got a free ride and a heavenly orgasm.