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Friends just want to have Fun

Contributing Authors: literot 

Joining in with these girls in some real fun and pleasure for us all, especially me...

Hi, my name is Charles. I was sixteen years old as was my step-sister Janice at the time this took place. My sister had three of her girlfriends over, Lynn, Sandra, and Melanie. All of them had been in our pool, swimming. They had got out of the pool and onto the deck to sun themselves in their bikinis when my friends Larry, John and I came out for a swim. This all took place in early July, almost ten years ago.

My step-sister’s friend Sandra was the only one of the girls staying overnight, since she lived some nine or ten miles away and the girls had plans for the next day, wanting to get an early start on their shopping spree at the summer sales at the mall.

Everyone else lived just a short walk away so they all left late that afternoon so it was just us three for dinner with mom and dad. After dinner, my sister and Sandra went upstairs to her room to do whatever, while dad went into the den to watch some TV and read his newspaper. I stayed downstairs helping mom clear the table and wash the dishes. 

After we had finished cleaning up, we joined dad in the den, watched some TV and just sat around talking. The girls had changed into their pajamas, robes, and slippers and had come back down to join us in the den.

We spent the next few hours talking, drinking some sodas, eating cake, and having a good time as a family. Then at about 10 pm, our parents decided it was bedtime so we went up to our rooms.

Sis’s and my rooms are upstairs adjoining but with a shared bathroom in-between. She and I are often in there at the same time so we’re used to seeing each other in the nude but thinking nothing of it. There is a lock on both doors, but we seldom use them. We don’t let mom and dad know this happens though as we both realize that they’d be against it.

Sis forgot to tell Sandra about the locks and so the inevitable happened. I entered our bathroom from my side completely nude to take my shower where Sandra was already standing naked and just about to get into the shower herself. Wow! I thought to myself. She’s gorgeous. She had delicious, full, round, firm breasts, erect nipples, a smoothly shaven pussy, and a bubble ass too boot. I took all this in so quickly, without realizing what a pervert I must have seemed, scanning her nakedness like a photocopier, burning the image in my mind for later use.

Finding us both at a loss for words, we stood there dumbfounded and unable to speak for a few moments whereupon I suddenly said, “Want to try one together?”

To my surprise and amazement, she stood there staring at me with my erection fully on show, and then quietly, as if this was normal, replied, “Okay! Why not!”

After all, you look as if you need some help with the washing - “You can wash my back and I’ll wash yours,” she said.

We climbed into the shower together where we did indeed bath each other - completely, although not to completion, as it were. We then dried each other off and she slipped back into her PJ’s and returned to sis’s room where I heard them talking. She asked Jan if they could invite me in there with them for a while.

My sister said okay and came into the bathroom where I was still nude brushing my teeth. She asked me if I would like to come into her room for a while to join them both.

“Oh, by the way, there’s no need for you to get dressed either since we’re gonna both be naked too,” she said.

I didn’t need to reply, just grinning and nodding like an idiot as I finished brushing my teeth.

Sis was getting undressed and Sandra was already nude, sitting on the bed and pointing to where she wanted me to be so I’d be in between them. She started slowly stroking my erect penis with her soft, warm hand. Sis joined us on my other side where she also began stroking me. I began fingering both girls’ pussies, first with one finger and then slowly adding a second. They were both moaning in pleasure as I continued pushing in and out very gently, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. It seemed to do the trick as they both had several orgasms and it was marvelous to have two girls Cumming in my hands at the same time, even if one was my own step-sister.

We spent about an hour masturbating ourselves as well as each other. All three of us were squirming, breathing hard, and moaning happily; it was one of the most fantastic evenings ever. We agreed that although we didn’t actually fuck, we had all really enjoyed the fun we did have with each other and said we would all like to do this again. As I got up to go to my own bed I said, “You’ll wanta continue this again in the morning after the folks are gone?” They both said, “Of course we do! Try stopping us!”

Our folks left for work at around 6:30 am the next morning, so the girls came into my room about 7 am so we could take up where we’d left off the night before. They were both already naked and looked so good as they came in, climbing into bed with me, one on each side, and once again they started stroking my already hard-throbbing cock, taking turns sucking me, and stroking up and down on me again until I squirted cum out all over them both.

I, in turn, fingered each of their wet pussies to an orgasm and then lick their sweet juices up from them. They both tasted so good but quite different. After several orgasms, they were spent, so instead of them going out as they had planned earlier, they simply invited the other girls up to join in our fun and to forget the shopping as this was way more fun.

When Lynn and Melanie arrived, sis and Sandra told them what they’d been up to and asked them if they wanted to join in. Both said, “Yes, but won’t that put a strain on your brother having four hungry females to satisfy?”

Sis came back up into my room to ask me if I thought I could handle four sex-starved, hungry females all at the same time and not wanting to pass up such an opportunity, I replied, “I’d sure like to try,” but I’m a little tired so if you girls don’t mind, why don’t I just invite John and Larry back over to act as backup just in case. You can guess their answer.

After they arrived, we all sat down in the den where I spelled out the ground rules. There was to be ‘NO’ actual fucking between any of the guys and gals, only masturbating ourselves and/or mutual masturbation between the sexes. Everyone understood and agreed to this rule.

All four girls were satisfied with having me as their partner. Sis and Lynn both thought John was hot, while Melanie and Sandra were happy with Larry. John really had the hots for my sister Jan and was quite satisfied to also have Lynn, while Larry would’ve enjoyed any of the four girls. So as you can see, we were all satisfied with whichever one we ended up with.

Sis and Sandra took John and Larry with them to sis’s room while I took both Lynn and Melanie with me to my room. All seven of us got undressed so we could masturbate ourselves individually or each other. John and sis started out doing themselves at first while Larry and Sandra did each other.

After both Melanie and Lynn got completely undressed I looked both of them over very carefully both were very beautiful young women with exceptionally nice boobs and full round asses. Lynn’s pussy was covered with a full untrimmed black bush while Melanie’s was shaven smooth with a camel toe style pussy, so I started by licking Melanie. As I tongue fucked her, she did a sixty-nine with me so she could suck my cock while I ate her pussy and began to finger Lynn’s already wet pussy, Cumming very quickly and having a massive orgasm.

I continued with both these girls for over an hour until I couldn’t take anymore, nor could I hardly stand or even walk. I was so sore I didn’t want any more pussy for a while, and I never thought that would happen. Sandra and sis too were worn completely out and sore from all the masturbating done on them over these past two days.

John, Lynn, Larry, and Melanie all continued masturbating with each other, swapping around while Sandra, sis and I sat there watching them taking care of each other. They continued until they too were as worn out and sore as we all were. It was a day we’ll all remember for a long, long time to come. Everybody living close by went home walking very, very slowly as they were all very satisfied as well as sore from all that we’d been up to doing.

Sis and I drove Sandra home and returned to our house, where even after three or four days, we were still walking very slowly which puzzled mom and dad, but we couldn’t dare let on about why, for fear of letting the cat out of the bag.

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