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Friends with benefits

Two horny teens please each other

This is my first story; I hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to comment, and please give constructive criticism. Thank you.

Jane is a 16-year-old girl who is very confident with her body and knows how to mess with boys' heads at school. She’s about 5'2" tall and has well-shaped legs to complement her sexy, curvy body even at her age, a set of C cup tits and a nice round ass. Not bad for white girl! She has beautiful dark long hair that falls just past her shoulders, nice lips that are certainly awesome for kissing and beautiful green eyes that will melt a guy with one look.

She’s still a virgin but she loves to flirt with boys whenever she gets the opportunity and loves to play with herself in the privacy of her bedroom. She’s quite a horny girl and is not afraid to experiment and explore herself sexually. She gets an amazing rush whenever she masturbates. So whenever she gets out of the shower, she tosses her towel on the floor and lays on her bed and likes to air dry so her nipples get nice and hard. She soon starts to rub her inner thighs so her pussy gets all wet. She starts with the index finger, just teasing her lips and soon she starts to get wet. She lets out a little sigh and takes a little deep breath as she starts to enjoy this. She continues to rub her pussy; this time her middle finger joins in the fun. She spreads her pussy lips and exposes her hardening clitoris. The soft air breeze tickles her clit and she loves it. With this she closes her eyes and smiles and giggles at the pleasure she’s getting. She starts to rub her pussy and clit slowly with both fingers and then speeds it up as she increases the pleasure. Now she starts to moan softly, biting her lower lip and licking her beautiful lips. In one swift move, she sticks a finger inside her and works her pussy for a bit, then puts in two and continues this for a while. She then rubs her clit with one hand, and squeezes her tit and pulls her nipple with the other hand. By now her moans have grown louder as she gets to close to her climax. She is loving the moment! She shakes and continues to rub on her clit until she gets a raging orgasm. She masturbates pretty much every day and it’s never boring moment.

She loves to watch porn, and usually watches lesbian porn although she’s not lesbian — it’s just something that her turns her on. Seeing these hot girls fucking each other and doing all kinds of hot sexy things to each other gets her really wet and she can’t help it but to start rubbing her clit slowly and lightly. Sometime during this whole thing she'll text my friend Stan. At 5'10" with nice abs on a really athletic 16-year-old body, he gets quite some attention from the girls and he enjoys it. He is a virgin and would love to get laid but he can’t because he’s scared of his parents and he needs to find the right girl who is willing to do it with him. He also loves to masturbate, stroking his 6 inch cock and pumping it with hand till he cums. He’ll masturbate to anything — porn, fantasizing about a girl at school, phone sex, or just to relieve stress. He just loves the feeling and is almost always horny, so he's always happy to talk dirty to Jane or send her pictures of his cock, which really turns her on. She sends him pictures of her naked body and some good clear photos of her wet pussy and that just drive him crazy. He would love to eat that pussy real good and stick his cock in her soft wet cunt.

Stan and Jane planned and agreed to study for an algebra test at his house. They were in his room sitting on his bed. His mom went to go get groceries, leaving two 16-year-olds alone in a bedroom. As soon as they knew that it was all clear for them to mess around, they quickly started to flirt with each other. Stan shyly reached over and started rubbing Jane’s thigh. She was wearing a nice green skirt and he just couldn’t help but put his hand on those sexy legs and feel her smooth skin. She loved it! And she knew what he was going for, so she got excited and they started to kiss softly — though with a little hesitation at first, as each thought the other might pull away and not want to go any further. The kisses got intense and as Stan gained confidence, he started to grab her tits through her top. Jane was loving it! They both were and the next thing Jane knew, Stan was pinning her down on his bed still making out with her. He then asked her if she could masturbate in front of him. She gave naughty smile and licked her lips, and just doing that caused Stan to let out a little moan and lick his own lips in anticipation of what he was about to see. She positioned herself on his bed and put her put her back to the wall, spread her legs and started to rub her wet pussy in her panties. Stan could see her wetness through her panties and his dick just got harder and harder. She soon pulled her panties to the side and was now rubbing directly on her pussy and clit. It was too much for Stan! He whipped out his dick and starting jacking off, right there in front of her! He came really hard in just a matter of five minutes and he loved it. The sight of him pumping his cock and jacking off sent her overboard and she came right in front him, but she wanted more. She begged him to finger her, and he couldn't be happier to do that. She pulled her panties off and Stan stuck his index finger inside her, leaned further forward to kiss her as his hand was going in and out of her wet pussy. She told him to put two fingers in and that’s when he finger fucked her like crazy! The next thing she knew, she had her first squirting orgasm, right there, on his bed, and it was the best orgasm EVER!

They knew that day was the beginning of some hot fun together.

To be continued…

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