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From my memory

Remembering the first moment together

I lay in my bed, propped up with precisely3 pillows behind my head and back. The time was ticking between day and night as I sat and watched several different movies. The time has passed slowly, and yet you are still not here. I unconsciously watch the USA and Canada hockey game, knowing where you are you are watching it as well. That’s the closest I can get to you. I have not felt your touch in months, your kisses are faintly remembered, your touch is unfamiliar, and I long for you to come home and refresh my memory.  

I sit and stare between my television and computer screen, my mind keeps remembering the first moment together. We had lay in your bed, the lights were dim. I had just gotten out of the hospital for a serious sports injury and still a bit high from the drugs. We were talking about life and somewhere randomly I bluntly blurted out “I like you, and your fricken hot.”

I remember you laughing, still knowing I was dazed and confused from the anesthetics. “Thank you,” you said through your hysterical laughter.

The next thing I knew you leaned in a kissed me. I pulled your head in and held you close to my body. I remember being thankful I couldn't feel the pain because of the medication. But I remember the feel of you, the feel of your hard dick entering me for the first time. I remember how fragile you handled me making sure not to aggravate the tender hip I carelessly ruined.

As I continued to remember your smooth movements and the overflowing amount of ecstasy that flooded my body that day, I began to feel a settle warmth between my legs. It has been a long time since I have ever made love to you, and in all honesty my sex drive was through the roof.

The thoughts continued, to the best of my memory, but we all know that we never remember things they way they happened. My thoughts may have exaggerated the memory, but regardless it still had the same effect.

I was wet. And you were not here.

My mind shut out the noises around me and my breathing began to increase. My hands began to wonder my own body, imagining the very thought that they were yours. I couldn't wait any longer. I picked up my phone out of habit and texted you.

“Honey, I hope you don’t mind but I am going to touch myself to the thought of you.”

My pussy began pulsing for attention remembering your grunts and groans.

I slowly unbuttoned my pants trying to make it as realistic as possible. My ginger hip movements to slide off my pants, reminded me of the look you had when I did the same thing for you. I exposed my white and pink thong hoping that soon I could unveil them to you.

My hips rocked back and forth to my ingenious imagination of your hard thick dick deep in my tight wet pussy. Right now, it was begging for attention. So I slid a single finger up as far as it would go. Shivers tingled all the way down my body as I pushed that single finger in and out. I arched my back and threw my head back when my other hand tickled my clit.

It felt wonderful but would have felt even more wonderful if it was your dick instead.

I slide a second finger in. My hand increased in speed causing my legs to spread wider.

“More! More!”

I caught myself gasping to the image of your dick thrusting faster and faster in me. Both hands were moving quickly two fingers in and out and the other pinching my clit. My body tensed. The feelings was growing, I threw my head back and let out a loud moan as my pussy began pulsing. It grew more intense, like electric vibes, as I reached climax. Suddenly, I felt a hot flow of liquid flow out of me. Drenching my hands, my pussy tightened locking every muscle in my body. I screamed out in pleasure.

I laid there for several moments, with a big smile on my face remembering the first night we were together.

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