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Fun after work

Roger missed our date, but this didnt stop me from enjoying myself

The endless days of sitting behind this desk were beginning to drive me crazy, I had just graduate college and began my dream career or so I thought. I had been given a job at a major marketing firm a month after I graduated. I soon realized that the job wasn't as creative and exciting as I had imagined, but I spent most of the day making copies and getting coffee, I was just an overly glorified office assistant.

Today was the worst day so far, the hours would not pass I was looking forward to getting out of  the office and meeting Roger my new boyfriend for some dinner, and judging by what I had on under my clothes I was hoping for much more than just dinner. As I began to imagine what his mouth would feel like against mine and how much I wanted his hands to touch me I began to slowly feel myself getting aroused I slowly slid my hand down between my legs but suddenly realized where I was and pulled my hand back and settled for grinding against my chair. The cheap rough fabric was finally good for something. Suddenly the phone rang I answered the phone it was Roger just the sound of his voice nearly set me over the edge. My hopes were soon shattered when he canceled saying he had to work and couldn't do dinner. I was crushed, but I decided his cancellation wasn't going to spoil my fun.

I spent the next three hours trying to keep my mind on my work which wasn't easy, at exactly 5 o'clock I flew out of my chair and threw myself to my car the entire drive home I couldn't wait for what my night had in-store. I walked into the house and decided I wasn't going to rush things I turned on the TV in my bedroom and found the all adult channel which I kept on a hidden setting on my television. The scene drove me wild, I am not a lesbian but the sight of a woman enjoying sex always gets me hot. This was two women slowly making out and undressing each other. I began to undress myself along with them first I removed my blouse and the women began to lick and suck on each others neck, I slowly began to rub my neck with a bit of message oil oh it felt so good I slowly slid out of my short black skirt, and looked at myself in the mirror Roger had no idea what he was missing I had on sheer lace ruby red corset with a matching lace thong. My C cup breasts looked perfect, I glance up at the TV she's now sucking on her breasts. Both of them are amazing looking the one who is slowly moaning as her breasts get sucked has long dark brown curly hair and beautiful breasts while her lover has long straight blonde hair.

I slowly settle down and begin to rub my breasts slowly removing my corset, imagining  their lips sucking my nipples as they get harder under the feel of my fingers. I rub my breasts pouring the oil all over them imagining their tongues flicking my breasts and me sucking on her incredible nipples. I slowly begin to pour the oil down my stomach, and, seeing myself in the mirror next to my bed sent another surge of juices down my pussy I was laying there completely naked except for my thin soaked thong and my black heels. I slowly reach down and begin to rub my clit through my thong. It's swollen and my vagina is begging for my fingers but i hold off.

Slowly begin rubbing around the spot that needs it so badly and tease myself I'm so wet i can no longer distinguish my juices from the message oil. the girls in the movie are now totally naked and this time the blonde is being licked clean my the brunette oh i wished i was with them.  I can no longer take it I throw my panties aside and slide first one finger in and slowly begin to pump in and out loud moans begin to leave my mouth then I slide two fingers in and rub my clit with the other hand this feels so good I can no longer moan it takes too much energy. Soon I feel myself about to cum, all I can do at  this moment is scream as my juices rush all over my bed, I  lay back enjoying this rush of intense emotion I see the blonde on the screen is also climaxing this sends me into another orgasm. It felt like an hour before i could recover then i decided to hop into the shower and get cleaned up but that's another story all together.

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