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Getting back in the game

A divorcée's awakening begins
Since I haven’t had sex, since my divorce two years ago, I thought my first story would be a fantasy with a small bit of truth. If you’ve read my profile, you know a little bit about me. I’m 36, 5’7” with long blond hair. I try and keep in shape, but it’s difficult with work and children.

On a spring day, I get a knock on my door. It’s a couple of Boy Scouts selling mulch for a camping fundraiser. One of the dads was with them, but standing back a ways to give the boys a chance to make their pitch. I notice the dad is a good looking guy, but older than me. He has brown hair and blue eyes and seems to have kept himself in pretty good shape. At the time, that was about the extent of my observations. I told the boys I would order from them and they said they could have the mulch delivered in a couple weeks.

I happened to be home the Saturday morning when they came to make their delivery. I was still in my pj’s which consisted of long cotton sweat pants and a long sleeve top. The dad, who introduced himself as Mike, was with the boys again. The boys began to unload the bags of mulch, when Mike asked me where I wanted to have them leave it. As I leaned out the door pointing to the spot near the garage I couldn’t help but notice Mike’s intense gaze. It was then that I realized I wasn’t wearing a bra and that the neckline of my shirt was drooping down low enough to give him a good view of my 36 D’s. He tried to avert his gaze quickly, so as not to embarrass me or himself I suppose. But, I have to admit that it felt good to be looked at by a handsome man.

Mike said that he lived in the neighborhood and that, if I wanted, he could have his son and friend come back and spread the mulch for me. I jumped at the offer and he said that they would be back in a day or two as they had many orders to deliver that day.

The weather delayed their return until the next weekend, which was fine by me because it was during this time that I had a couple of dreams about Mike. The dreams were very vivid and on each occasion when I awoke, I found myself wet and in need of relief. I’m not one to masturbate too often, I frankly just don’t have the time or the energy. But the night before the delivery, I found myself in bed thinking of Mike and rubbing my clit. I don’t know what it was. Here I had lost my husband to a younger woman and the last thing I wanted to be was the “other woman“. The logical side of me understood that, but the sexual side of me did not. I dreamed of Mike catching a glimpse of my tits again and then inventing some excuse for him to come inside while the boys went to work. Once I had him inside, I found ways to tease him even more, so that eventually I could confront him with an offer he couldn’t refuse. At least, that’s how my fantasy started. I didn’t get much father than that before my body shuddered in orgasm and I collapsed into a deep, satisfied sleep.

Again, on a Saturday morning, Mike and the two boys were at my door. This time, I made sure to be in a similar outfit as before, since it attracted some much needed attention. I pointed out where I wanted the mulch spread and Mike got the boys started. Before I went back inside, I did something a little impulsive. I asked Mike if he would like to come in for a quick cup of coffee. He gladly took me up on my offer as it was a bit chilly this morning. He followed me into the kitchen and I poured him a cup as I introduced my two children, who were glued to the TV while eating their breakfast.

We chatted about this and that and I told him about me being a single mom, etc. He did a great job of keeping his eye contact up at me, but I still caught him looking at my chest now and then, which only heightened my horniness from the night before. The boys knocked on the door and needed a clarification about one of the beds. I figured that they were about half way done and that it was now or never. I asked Mike that if he was handy, if he wouldn’t mind taking a look at a leaky faucet. He replied that that would be no problem. I took him up to the master bath and showed him my shower which really did have a small leak from the shower head when it was on. He asked if I had a wrench and I replied that I would go and find one for him. I left him there staring at my strategically place lacy underwear and matching bra that was “drying” on one of the towel racks as I went to fetch him the needed tool.

As I came back up the stairs, I couldn’t believe what was I thinking. This was a married man, who lived in my neighborhood, whose son is outside and my own children were downstairs. But, my nipples were rock hard from the bold thoughts that were racing around in my mind from last night. As I mentioned, I had on similar clothes, but this shirt was thinner and it didn’t hide my rock hard nipples the least bit when I reentered the bathroom. I caught Mike’s long glance at my protruding nipples a few times as he seemed to take every opportunity to look at them while he was explaining the fix he was making to my faucet.

Finally, I blurted out that I should have put a bra on this morning as I could tell that I was distracting him. I meant his glances where distracting him from his work, but he must’ve thought I meant something more visible as I noticed him looking down at his groin. It was then that I noticed a bulge building in his pants. We both laughed at the awkwardness of it all. I babbled in a rapid, nervous way about how it had been two years and that I noticed him appreciating my body and how good that felt and how I never in a million years wanted to play a role in breaking up a marriage. He thanked me for my honesty and said he wouldn’t do anything to hurt his marriage. But he did ask if there was anything he could do for me.

I bit my lower lip and asked if he would show me his cock that was still straining against the zipper in his jeans. He thought for a long moment and then said he would trade me a look at his cock for a look at my tits. I thought that was a fair trade, but before anything happened, he also asked me not to touch him because he didn’t want to lose his will power to be faithful to his wife. I agreed and then lifted my top over my head and laid my shirt on the floor. He stared at my chest for an embarrassingly long time, then smiled and told me my tits were gorgeous and that I should be very proud of them.

Then, true to his word, he undid his pants and slide them and his underwear down to mid thigh in one quick motion. His cock was beautiful. I guessed it was as big or bigger than my ex’s. It also looked thicker. It stood straight up and pulsed a little as he stood there. I decided that what was good for the goose was good for the gander and I gave him a long, admiring look until he seemed uncomfortable by the attention. Just as I was about to thank him for the look, I spied a tiny bit of wetness emerge from the tip of his cock.

“Oops," I said, “it looks like you’ve got a leak that needs fixing.”

He looked down and noticed it too and seemed a little embarrassed. I told him not to be ashamed or shy, because if my pants were down he might see a similar reaction on my lips.

He seemed to be at a loss for words and I suspected his mind was racing over what he should do now, or how far he could go, while still being true to his own conscience. I impulsively asked him if he would stroke his cock for me. He hesitated for a long time, so I upped the ante and said I would rub my clit if he did. Without a word, he closed his eyes and began to slowly stroke his hard cock for me. It was amazing. He was only a few feet from me and my eyes were mesmerized at his hand sliding back and forth along his cock.

I slowly moved toward him until his cock was about a foot away from me. I only saw my ex stroke his cock a couple times, usually before we had sex. But this, this was even more arousing. The head of his cock seemed to grow a little larger as his hand moved back and forth along is shaft. I slipped my hand down my own pants and under my now dampening panties and began rubbing my clit. He opened his eyes and not only saw that I had moved closer, but that I was doing just what he asked, albeit behind my clothes. He stared for a moment, watching my hand move under my cotton pants. I was a little surprised that he didn’t ask me to lower them, but that thought quickly disappeared as my gaze locked back onto his cock. I then asked him to use his other hand to grab his balls and he did without a word.

The pre-cum on the tip of his cock grew bigger as I watched him stroke himself and fondle his balls. He then asked me how far I wanted to take this. I wanted to say that I would love to suck his cock until he came, but that I knew that was impossible. So, I asked if he would jack himself off until he came. He smiled and said only if I did the same thing.

It seemed like several minutes had passed, but I know it was much quicker than that. It didn’t take me long to get to the edge and I told him as much which seemed to ramp him up as well. I asked him stroke his cock harder and faster for me and he obliged. My eyes were glued to the head of his cock as it was pointed straight up at me. The spot of pre-cum turned into a drip and I watched it ran down over the head of his cock leaving a shiny trail. That sent me over the edge and my orgasm burst forth. My eyes clamped shut and I moaned a little loudly before I realized my kids were just downstairs.

While my body was still shuddering uncontrollably, I opened my eyes just in time to see Mike shoot his cum right at me. The first load of beautiful, white cum landed right between my tits and I could instantly feel the warmth of his cum on me. The next couple shots fell short and landed on my stomach. I shuddered once more not only from the incredible orgasm I just had, but also from the warm, slick cum dribbling down my cleavage toward the sticky mess on my stomach.

Mike had a lot of conflicting emotions on his face and seemed at a loss for words. I told him how I appreciated his help with my leak and that I was glad I was able to return the favor. He smiled at that, took another long look at my tits, pulled up his pants, and said he needed to get back outside. And none too soon. As he walked out of the bathroom I could hear the doorbell ring, the boys were done with their work.

I quickly wiped the cum off my chest and stomach and hurried downstairs. As I stood on my front porch looking at the work the boys had done, I thanked Mike again for his help. After I closed the door, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I had never done anything like that before, even when I was married. But as shocked at myself as I was, I felt a little more confident about not only my body, but also what I had to offer should another opportunity present itself.
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