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Getting caught, Again

A real account of a little time to myself.
These days had been rolling on very slowly since my roommate and her girlfriend broke up. I had been spending all of my time trying to help her through it. I sat and listened to her, held her while she cried, and even bought her ice cream and ate it while we watched movies together.

Luckily for me she had decided it was best to go out with some other friends today. This gave me a little bit of time to myself, time I didn't let go to waste.

As soon as she was gone I settled into my bed and typed up the rest of an essay I had been putting off for a week now. However, it was not long before I strayed onto lush, and even opened some porn. With that I had to keep in mind that I was at school, so I plugged in my head phones and pushed one into my ear so that I can hear if someone was coming as well as hear the porn playing in the back ground while I read.

I was aware that people were going around outside my room and at that moment I was very glad that I had locked my door, and if my roommate was to come back I knew she would call. So, I tested the waters and slid my fingers down into my pants, teasing right above my black and gold lace panties. I just stared out at the screen, reading away and biting my lip in an attempt to contain my whimpers. I was practically pleading with myself to slide my hand lower but I didn't want to make this go very quickly. I knew as soon as I slid my fingers into my wet, waiting pussy, I was going to be on edge as it was.

I pushed up my shirt to expose my black lace bra, teasing my nipples with the pads of my left hand's fingers. A slight moan escaped my lips when I realized it was best not to make any noise out loud. Easier said than done.

It was two stories in when I slid my hand down underneath the thin fabric of my panties and a small smile formed on my lips, feeling the freshly shaved flesh underneath the layer of clothes, and the wet folds of my waiting pussy begun to drip. A small smirk formed on my lips as I worked my middle finger over my clit, rubbing it in a circle and arching up against my hand. A deep breath in and my finger slid away from my clit and I pushed down that finger into my tight wet hole. To be honest, it felt amazing, and I really needed more. I pushed another finger in and squirmed slightly, moaning just a little bit more.

"Wow." I whispered to myself and rubbed my clit with my thumb. The wet walls of my little pussy started to squeeze around the fingers inside and I bucked my hips once. My mind was swirling as juices ran down my fingers to my knuckles, driving me absolutely wild with need. I pumped them in and out and could hear the sloshing of the fluids around them, the throb of my clit was growing stronger and stronger as I got closer to my orgasm. I knew that I was close, and with one finger working my walls, the other worked my g-spot now, and thumb still on my clit I moaned once more, only to be cut off by the sound of my door opening.

Staring down at me was the face of my roommate, and my best friend. She laughed slightly and turned to exit the room, making sure to lock it behind her.

With my hands still in my pants I slid my fingers out of myself and brought them to my lips, having just orgasmed, because of having already been so close to begin with.

My fluids were sinking into my panties and I slid my pants off rather quickly, quick enough to make sure it didn't get my jeans. I stood, pulling on a pair of loose sweats and headed for the shower.

Once inside my fingers slipped around to quietly clean up my fluids, washing my hair and body, watching the suds run down my body. Over my pert nipples, down my flat stomach, sliding in between my thighs and finally down my toned legs before it appeared to slide down the drain.

However, when I was finished I stepped out and started to dry off, got changed into new panties, a bra, sweats, and a large t-shirt. A towel was in my hand, tousling my now wet blonde hair. It was not long before I appeared back in my room, looking at my roommate who was sitting and doing homework with a knowing smirk on her face.

These next couple days, are going to be awkward.

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