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Getting caught, Twice! (Chapter 2)

The sequel to Getting Caught, Twice!
Mrs. O' Connor was a beautiful woman. Standing 5'6, with a slim figure, what looked like 34C tits, amazing golden hair and an ass to die for. She had been a friend of my mother's since their childhood, seeing as the town was very small and both families had lived there since the town was established over one hundred and fifty years ago.

"Mrs. O' Connor I... I'm so sorry! I didn't think anyone would come around the house today so I thought it would be OK!" I said, in a very upset tone.

"Shunika it's OK! Masturbation is a natural thing! Everyone does it!" she laughed at me.

"Yeah but I should do it outside. I know that! I'm sorry!"

"Shunika, it's no big deal, from personal experience, I know that doing it out in the open is much more of a thrill, knowing that you could get caught any moment!" she was really laughing now.

"What do you mean by personal experience?" I questioned her now, as she was getting my interest.

"Well let's just say your mother and I used to do this kind of thing a lot when we were younger, and knowing that you can get caught any moment is such a turn on," she reached into her handbag and took out a box and threw it to me.

I caught the box. It was just covered in brown paper with nothing written on the outside of it. I ripped it open to reveal a silver dildo, about 10 inches long.

"Whats this for?" I asked.

"That was your mother's. We both have one. She stayed over at my house one night just before you were born and we were both pregnant. We put the dildos in that box and said we would give them to our daughters when they got old enough. I had a son first, so mine is of no use for another year until Jennifer becomes old enough to know how to use one. Sixteen is a bit young for a toy like this. I've seen you out of my bedroom window and decided it's time you got your mother's. We named them our "long john silvers" when we first got them."

And sure enough on the side of the dildo, "long john silver" was engraved into it. I looked at it for a moment, unsure what to make of it. I had never used a dildo before, just my fingers.
"Do you mind if I join you? Tim's taking the kids out and I've got time to burn, and I'd really like to get rid of some tension?" she asked opening the gate and entering the garden.

"Sure Mrs. O Connor, I never got to finish what I started! One thing, can you help me with this and then I'll help you? I hate having to do everything myself. I'd rather just be taken care of, and you seem like you have a lot of experience so I'm sure you could give me a nice orgasm with this 'long john silver'?"

"Call me Kate, Shunika, and yeah I'll give you the best orgasm of your life, but only if you give me one in return!" She started walking towards me and spread the second towel I had taken from the house to dry myself off after I was done playing with myself, but I had never used it. She kicked off her pink low-top converse and unzipped her miniature pink skirt. I noticed she had no panties on. She must have known what she was coming over to do and came prepared.

I saw that she was already wet, probably from the memories of her and my mom masturbating in public when they were younger, or maybe it was from looking at me. She had small pussy lips and was pink in colour. She was shaved completely, and already had an erect clit which I noticed had a small silver ring pierced through the hood. She took off her top reveling her perky 34C tits with small erect pierced nipples pointing out.

"Open your legs wide Shunika, you're in for the best orgasm of your life." She laid down in front of me and started rubbing my pussy. She came up to my nipple and started sucking on it and licking it. It felt so good, I was already wet.

"69, Kate?" She didn't answer me but got up and laid on me in the 69 position and started licking me out. It was so hot it was unreal.

After about 10 minutes I was screaming, "I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING!!" but Kate kept going faster and faster with her tongue. Suddenly I felt an explosive wave go through me and I squirted in Kate's face but she kept on going. We stayed at this for about 10 more minutes and I had two more orgasms in that time.

"SHUNIKA I'M GOING TO CUM ON YOUR FACE LIKE YOU DID TO ME AND YOU'RE GOING TO LICK UP EVERY DROP!!" she screamed and then an explosive orgasm came gushing out at my face. Kate got off of me and laid down beside me on the towel. "Lick up every drop Shunika or you're going to be sorry tonight!" I licked up every single drop of it, it was so nice, I'd rather her juices than a night out at a club.

"That was amazing Kate!" I announced to her.

"We're not done yet Shunika."

She grabbed the dildo off of the ground and rammed it into my pussy! I let out a loud moan at this because of it just being rammed into my pussy and the silver metal was cold. She starting going in and out nice and slowly with it.

"You like this Shunika?" I moaned back yes to her and she started speeding up. She inserted a finger into my asshole and anal finger fucked me while getting faster and faster with the dildo.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH I'M CUMMING KATE I'M CUMMING!!" I screamed out. And I let out one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had. I squirted right into Kate's face. Kate took out the dildo from my pussy and told me to lick it clean while she licked up my juices.

Kate then got up and walked straight out the gate to the wheat field without another word, completely naked. I wondered what her husband was going to say when he saw her. I fell back on the towel and just laid there fantasizing about what just happened for over an hour until I heard Mrs. O' Connor's kids in the fields.

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