Getting caught without you

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It was short and harmless, until he caught me
I lay in bed, thinking of you. I'm on top of the covers, gliding the tips of my fingers along my smooth, slender body. Tonight I need to get off, whether you're here or not, it's going to involve you. I smile to myself as I get a wicked little idea, peeling my body off the bed, I make my way over to the window. My long, brown hair tickling my bare back and breasts as I walk. Opening up the window, I find that our neighbor is already asleep, yet the bit of exhibitionism mixed with the cool breeze wrapping around my hot body is enough to make my slit moist. Placing one knee on the window sill and using the curtain for leverage, I let my free hand roam. A soft moan escapes my lips as my middle finger targets my mound, My mind wanders back to you and how hard you get at the sight of me. Heat is now radiating from my sex and it's dripping onto my inner thigh, I figure it's time to lay back down and really get things going.

 I waste no time as my back touches the blanket, my fingers have found their home deep inside of me. With my free arm I prop myself up, bringing up my legs that were previously dangling off the edge of the bed, so I can get a better look. "Mmmm." I moan your name. I know if you were here right now, seeing how soaked I was along with the sound my hand is making as it thrusts in and out me would have you leaking pre-cum. I lie back again, splaying my legs open wider as I slowly withdraw my fingers from myself and begin to rub at my hard little clit once more. My juices are now leaking down my backside, I thrust my hips into the air so that I can feel them pass over my puckered hole. Thinking I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, I pause for a moment before mumbling, "Ah, fuck it." to myself, I'm too hot to stop playing now. I return to grinding my hips against what I wish was your hand and not mine. One naughty little finger lightly brushes over my other hole, sending shock waves of pleasure down my spine and causing my free hand to slide up to console my freely bouncing breasts. Feeling a little mischievous, I decide to let that finger venture deeper into my ass as I being to pinch and tug on my erect nipples.
Whispering to myself about what a dirty girl I am, I bring my hand away from my chest, suddenly wanting to feel double penetration. Oh how I would love for you to be here to slip one of your rough, manly fingers into my ass as your stiff shaft pumps away at me. I now have both hands each working on an entrance, my moans are turning into screams and my hips are bucking wildly. Then a thought hits me.

 As great as my fingers are at what they're doing, I feel that I need more and I immediately think of the unused vibrator you bought me for lonely times like this. Just as I was hauling myself up and silently thanking you, I froze. There, across from me, was our 20-year-old neighbor, rigid cock in hand. He must have seen the look of sheer embarrassment on my face because he immediately broke the ice, "It looks as though you could use a little help over there." Biting my lip, there was only one way I could reply.....