Getting Caught

By zibster

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A second story for my loving fans, about how I got caught.
Hi everyone, it's great to get a chance to do another story, as quite a few of you have already asked for! So here it goes, story number two. I hope you enjoy it.

Not very much time had passed since my story was posted. Writing it though, had gotten me extremely riled up. However, people were home! I couldn't just masturbate with people around. I knew I was very loud during masturbation, so I thought better than to give it a whirl while people were around. Or so I thought.

I stepped out of the kitchen and living room and found myself contently sitting on the couch in the den (located in my basement). To be honest, it was a young adults paradise. Two closets, a desk with a computer and television, and even a couch.

I had learned to spend a lot of my time in that room, to get my work done and finally have a bit of time to myself. However, today was completely different. I wanted my time. My pussy was aching for a bit more action, one orgasm was not going to be enough.

Before I went to college, I had gotten at least two in at a day, but it had become so much different recently. Cravings stronger, sudden throbbing erupted during classes. I found myself begging for more all the time.

But then, I laid back on the couch and hung one leg off the side, pulling up Lush I looked through some new stories, finding one by my friend Wild_Cherry, my cravings grew stronger and stronger, my soft fingers slid slowly down into my pants and rubbed my clit through my panties. I needed it, so bad, I couldn't find a reason to stop.

No one had been home for a while by then, and I decided why bother to lock the door? With my fingers in my pants and one leg on the ground, the other was bent and foot pressed flat on the soft couch. I read, with a lot of interest, my mind swimming of possibilities.

I had head phones in my ears, as I listened to some porn, simply for the noise and the sound of a hot girl moaning. My fingers were rubbing against the quickly growing wet spot on my new silk and lace panties. I needed this, really bad. I couldn't even find a reason not to do it, I was alone after all!

My eyes shut tight and I moaned out, my fingers working my pussy lips after pulling my panties to the side, delving my fingers in slowly. I rubbed my little thumb over my hardening clit. I even used my free hand to pull up my shirt, letting the cold air hit my sensitive nipples. God it felt so good. With that in mind, my fingers slid further into my pussy, just barely touching my g-spot. I could only fit two fingers in as it was just so tight, throbbing and needy.

Moaning again my hips arched up to reach my fingers, quickly pushing in my middle and ring finger from my right hand and began to flick enough to stimulate my g-spot. I wanted to squirt, like all the videos I had seen before! I heard before that it felt so good, and I wanted to try.

As I started to hear the same noise as I did in the videos, I was shocked by the sound of a knock on my door.

No one in my family ever waited for an answer, so my mother poked her head in, and quickly shut the door again, darting back outside.

"Sorry!" She called in to me, and rushed upstairs.

I was so embarrassed, I couldn't even bother to finish, pulling up my panties and pants. Even with that, I grabbed my car keys and spoke loudly.

"Mom I'm going out!" I called, only to get a quick, "OKAY!" In response.

We were both extremely embarrassed by this, and I couldn't believe I had let this happen.

I had left that situation right then, with my wet pussy still throbbing, and pulled out, driving away fast enough to try and clear my mind of my mother's unexpected entrance. I finally found an empty parking lot in the middle of no where, since that's exactly like the place I lived. I never had to look hard to find somewhere to be alone, apart from my house of course.

I settled back and slid my fingers back into my wet pussy, rubbing my clit and inserting those same fingers, thrusting them in and out and arching, moaning.

Much to my dismay, I didn't get a chance to squirt, but I quickly felt the orgasm run over me, my pussy spazzed and I pushed my hips up quickly against my hand, moaning out loudly. So loudly I was glad I was alone. My juices ran down my hips and I slid my hands out, bringing my soft fingers up to my lips and sucking the liquid off them. With one last moan, I drove home without a care in the world.

I walked inside my house to be once again greeted by silence. Apparently my mother had only come home to get some lunch and left again. I made my way to the shower, washed off, and crawled back into bed for a much needed nap.

Well guys.

I hope that was up to your standards!

Leave me comments and let me know if I should write more!