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Goldy Locks and The Three Behrs

Goldy breaks into the Behr's cabin and makes herself comfortable.
Goldy Locks, vain and slightly stupid, loved to tease and torment men. Bouncing around her town, she relished the attention she got from the males. In her incredibly short shorts and skimpy, transparent tops, she offered only glimpses of her goods. It was a well known fact that she snared her prey, only to spend every dime he had and then drop him, like he was diseased. To say the women of the town hated her was an understatement.

On a warm and sunny spring afternoon, Goldy bounced her way down the avenue, in search of an afternoon diversion. It gave her such a thrill to dick tease every man she came across. So, she slipped on her trashiest pair of denim shorts. Shorts so short that she had to go without panties. They were a perfect fit. The majority of her toned and tanned ass cheeks hung out, and the crotch was pulled snugly into the crevasse of her hairless, pink slit. When she walked, the snug denim would rub her clit constantly, so that by the time she would reach her destination, she would be so horny that she had to cum.

She chose a slightly see through halter top that showed her coral nipples beautifully. She was so glad that her tits were firm and pointy, not saggy like those jealous women of the town were. Goldy rolled and pinched her nipples making them super sensitive and very erect.. She wanted it obvious that her tits were the stuff dreams were made of. Her outfit was completed with a pair of strappy high heels that made her ass inviting.

Some would say that she was poorly dressed for the excursion into the woods that day, but being the type of vain person she was, Goldy ignored every piece of advice given to her. She often said "I'm blonde and beautiful. Nothing will ever happen to me!"

So down the street she went gathering lusty looks from the men and hateful ones from their wives. Just to piss them off more, she would often bend over from the waist to pick up an imaginary piece of trash, just to show the damp crotch of her shorts, tucked so deeply between the puffy and wet lips of her cunt.

She would laugh merrily, as the wife would smack her husband up side the head for drooling over Goldy's firm body. Continuing her afternoon journey, she strutted down the street to the path that lead into the woods. As she was rather dense, Goldy paid little attention to the direction she was going, and soon found herself lost.

"Where the fuck am I?" she mused, as the forest path led her deeper into the woods.

Deeper and deeper, she went. The trail twisted to the left, then right. Goldy could smell the moss, and her skin was damp from the humid air.

"Shit. If I wasn't so lost at the moment, I would rub my clitty. Damn, I'm horny!" she thought, aloud.

After what seemed like hours, she came across a rustic cabin. Unlike most people who would have knocked, she opened the door and went on inside the obviously occupied dwelling. Looking around, she proceeded to make herself home by kicking off her shoes.

"The price I pay, so that my ass looks good," she laughed.

Goldy massaged her aching feet. Surveying her surroundings, she spotted the kitchen. On the counter was three different plates that held sandwiches.

"I'm fucking starving!" she exclaimed.

Completely disregarding the fact that she was breaking and entering, she bounded into the kitchen. She stopped at the first plate and picked up the sandwich. Biting into it, she quickly figured out that it was a peanut butter sandwich, which she despised.

"God damn, that was nasty. How could anyone eat that shit is beyond me," the vain, but sexy thief said.

Picking up the second sandwich, she surmised that it was a ham sandwich. Someone had apparently liked salt, because it was covered in it. Grimacing, she dropped this sandwich, as quickly as the first.

Almost leery of the final sandwich, she hesitantly picked it and nibbled a bite. Pleased that it was a plain turkey sandwich, she spared no time gobbling it down. With her hunger appeased, she decided to do a little exploring.

Goldy wandered around the house, opening various cabinets and drawers. Every time she took a step or bent over, the crotch of her shorts would tug and massage her clit, which truth be told was throbbing by now.

Horny as hell, she looked around the kitchen for something hard and thick that she could fuck her pussy with. Spying a long and super thick cucumber in the refrigerator, she grabbed it.

"Mmm...just what the doctor ordered!" she giggled, rubbing the chilly vegetable over her nipples.

The icy temperature of it caused her already erect nipples to pucker even more. Moaning, she circled her nipple, then slapped lightly at it with the cucumber. Goldy reached behind her neck and untied the halter top and pulled the shirt completely off.

Cupping her bountiful breasts, she pushed them together, as she rolled and pulled on her rubbery nipples. Goldy worked her sensitive tips until they were as big as pencil erasers.

Feeling naughty, she put the cucumber between her tits. Pushing her globes together tight, she captured the lucky veggy and held it captive in her silky valley. Goldy, then, bent forward and flicked her tongue across the tip of the cucumber, before wrapping her lips around the end of it and sucking gently.

Always a selfish bitch, she sucked on the rigid vegetable a few times and deep throated it once or twice before pulling it out of her mouth, in order to use it to satisfy her lusty cunt.

Hopping up on the counter, she spread her silky thighs wide. Her pussy was swollen and flushed. Tapped the blunt tip of the cucumber against her turgid clit, Goldy felt waves of electric pleasure shoot through her core.

She frigged her tight button quickly, all the while snaking a finger toward her hungry hole. Goldy tickled the entrance to her pussy, tracing the edges. Then, she pushed two of her fingers deep inside that moist canal.

She continued rubbed her clit with that huge veggy, until she couldn't take it anymore. She had to have that thick monster in her pussy! Pulling her fingers out of her cunt with a wet sloppy sound, she rubbed her pearly nectar up and down the solid green shaft of the cucumber.

Inspecting her work and satisfied with the glistening veggy, Goldy eased the tip between her rosy cunt lips. It was a tight fit, but she worked that monster in. From her vantage point, Goldy watched her pussy nibbled it's way down the cucumber.

She grunted and moaned, and finally her pussy muscles relaxed enough for the green giant to slide all the way in. Goldy had never felt so full. Her green toy left no room for nothing else to enter. She ran her fingertip along the tightly stretched cunt skin, marveling on how thin it was. Tracing lower, she felt her asshole bulge from the package in her cunt.

Wanting, no...needing more, she gripped the cucumber with her toned muscled and slid off the counter. Each step worked the vegetable around in her canal. The tight skin pulled and tugged her hugely swollen and bright red clit.

Desperate for more pressure to enhance the intense throbbing of her clit, she looked for something to fuck her puckered brown back door with. Spotted a broom in the corner, she noticed the smooth, well worn handle. Goldy pulled the cucumber out of her cunt, and then maneuvered the broom at an angle to where it was wedged, thrusting it's erect staff at her. Goldy pushed the make shift sex toy close to the counter.

Climbing back onto the counter, she got on her hands and knees and backed up to the broom handle. Knowing that it needed to lubed up before she pushed it into her tender and very tight asshole, she herself, so that it slipped into her sloppy snatch.

It felt so good to be penetrated, even if it wasn't as thick as her green toy. Goldy pushed and humped the handled, until her oyster colored dew was dripping down the wooden shaft. She pulled it out of her hungry hole, so that she could probe her tight anus with it.

Dropping her head, she continued to put pressure on her ass star, until the broom handle pushed through her tight muscle ring with an almost audible pop. Goldy felt all the air leave her lungs, as her ass hole ate the broom handle.

Loud guttural noises left the petite blonde, as her asshole was stretched by a unyielding wooden cock. With the broom handle a good six inches inside her gut, she worked the thick cucumber back into her jealous snatch. The progress was easier this time, and she bottomed the veggy out in no time.

She alternated between fucking her sopping wet pussy and humping the broom handle in her ass. Her breath was choppy. Her movements more erratic. Goldy was going to cum soon.

With jets of pussy juice escaping with each thrust, she banged her cunt furiously, as the tension grew tighter and tighter, until the dam burst. Goldy literally saw stars, as her pussy ballooned, then contracted in an almost violent orgasm. She screamed her release, bearing down with pleasure. Her asshole contracted and tried to push the hard wooden cock out of her back door.

Still breathing hard, she gently pulled herself off the broom. Wishing she had a mirror so she could see how open that puckered orifice was, she resigned herself to using her fingers back there to test how loose she was.

Goldy, able to push three of her fingers inside her star, told herself that next time she was going to fuck her ass raw with something thicker. Giggling to herself, she yawned widely. With the cucumber still embedded in her pussy, she slid off the counter.

"I need a nap," she yawned, uncaring that the soggy vegetable slipped out of her cunt and fell to the floor.

She found the bedrooms. Looking into the first one, she spotted a pallet on the floor. "Fuck that!" was the thought in her mind. The second room had a hammock. She rejected that room, just as quickly. The final room contained a bed.

Goldy curled up naked on said bed and fell asleep. She didn't care that she broke into someone's house. She didn't care that she ruined two lunches and ate the third. She didn't care that she left the broom, covered in her ass juices, out. She, certainly, could care less that a vegetable slick with her cunt nectar was lying in the middle of the floor. This vain bitch was fast asleep in the home owner's bed. Did she care? No...but she soon would.

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