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Good Morning, Commuter Rail!

Couldn't help myself...

I wake up on time, and quickly get ready.  I run like hell to catch my first bus and begin my dead boring commute to school.  A half hour later, I'm on the commuter rail.  I have at least an hour ride ahead of me, and I'm not content to simply stare into space, so I dig my personal notebook out of my bag and begin writing down the first things that come to mind.  They are, no surprise, sexual.  Images of various sexual positions with one or more partners come to mind.

"One-way?" I jerk my head up to meet the surly eyes of the ticket-taker.

"Yes," I say, and pay for the ticket.  It's expensive.  I entertain ideas of suggesting that he sit down for a blowjob in exchange for a free ride.  I decide against it, just in time.

I look around.  There's an elderly woman rows ahead of me, organizing the contents of her purse, a task that looks more than formidable.  There is a businessman in the row next to her, hat over his eyes.  I hear a snore escape his mouth.  Other than that, the car that carries us is empty.  Both passengers are completely engrossed in whatever was going on in their world, and I doubted that if I began to scream that a comet was hurling toward earth, they might look up.  The ticket-taker has already made his rounds, and will not be coming back until we made our stop.

I turn my iPod to a song with a sensual beat, blocking out words that could ruin my mood.  I reach under my shirt and bra, and begin to rub my breasts, occasionally pinching my nipples.  I look around to see if anyone notices.  Not yet.

I reach one hand down my jeans, slouching enough to spread my legs.  Usually I rub myself over whatever underwear I happen to have on, but seeing as I'd opted for no underwear today, that step will have to be skipped.  I begin to stroke my clit slowly, trying like hell to keep from making small sounds.

I start to rub faster, and slide my forefinger into my now dripping pussy.  I press my thumb to my clit and trace around it in a circular motion.  My hips buck slightly, and I'm unable to hold back a low moan. 

I look around, panicked.  Did they hear something?  The elderly woman is sorting through her wallet, and the businessman is on his phone.

I watch the businessman in his black suit, the way his shoulders make him look strong, how large his hands are and what he could do with them.  I notice the way the sun hits his dark skin and find myself wanting him, or someone like him.  I picture a man, similar looking to him, sucking and licking my sensitive clit, and thrusting his fingers into me as I tease and massage my clit and finger myself, inserting another finger.  I feel a heat deep inside me, my excitement building into a climax.  I grabbed the seat with the hand that had been playing with my nipples as I felt myself let go, keeping a constant pressure on my throbbing clit.  I feel myself come hard, feel my body shiver and spasm in pleasure.  I forget where I am for a moment and loose enough control that I emit a long moan.

I see the man and the elderly woman turn, but I've already taken my hand out of my pants, and am pretending to look around for the source of the "unknown" sound.

We reach our destination on schedule, and as I get off the train, a female ticket-taker brightly asks me if I enjoyed my commute this morning.

"Oh yes," I reply, smiling wickedly.  "I enjoyed it more than usual!"

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