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Hand of a friend

Sharing a bed with a male friend
Years ago, when I was at Uni I ended up sharing a bed with my friend Karl. This was not unusual at the time, we led a bit of a partying lifestyle and often ended up staying over at friends' places after a party. This particular night we were at a party where we didn't know too many people and most of those we did know had gone home. Karl had already arranged to stay over as the party was at one of his mates' houses and I was too skint to get a taxi so we agreed we'd share a bed. Cue lots of jokes from his friends, but he and I never had that sort of relationship, in fact we had met when I was dating a mate of his, so we just laughed and played along with it a bit.

When we got into the bedroom it was bloody freezing! Typical student house with the heating turned off. So I kept my top on, slid out of my jeans and we were huddled together for warmth, him in a T-shirt and boxers, me in a thin top and knickers.

So we were sort of cuddled up and he was rubbing my back to warm me up. I suddenly realised Karl had an erection. I guess it was a kind of erotic situation though cold! I could feel his cock against my belly and I can't deny it was a turn on. I have never fancied Karl, he's not remotely my type, and I don't think he fancied me either. But here we were lying in bed together, snuggling and warming up together, both drunk and a bit horny. So when his hand slid up inside my top, I didn't resist, and when it found my breast, I moaned.

I started to stroke his back and then his belly with the back of my hand as he stroked my nipples and pinched them, me moaning softly. Then as his hand slid down over my belly, I let mine do the same to him, finding his stiff cock and squeezing it through his boxers. He let out a low moan as his hand slid between my legs, then into the gusset of my panties. I was so wet I felt a bit embarrassed.

He had good fingers, sliding them into my pussy then using the wetness to
massage my clit. I rolled on to my back to help him gain easier access and pulled down the waistband of his shorts, releasing his cock, which was rigid and throbbing by now and sprang free into my hand.

He started to moan more now and thrust against me as we wanked each other. He let his other hand find my tits again, then pulled my top right up, moaning his approval when he saw them. He lowered his mouth on to my breast, I could feel his hot breath on me and started squeezing his cock harder and faster to encourage him. Then he took one tit, then the other, in his mouth and I gasped as he sucked them and ran his tongue over my nipples.

We were building up a steady rhythm wanking each other, both of us moaning as quietly as we could, and he tugged my knickers right off now, sliding a finger up into my soaking wet cunt as he fingered my clit. It felt divine having my tits sucked while he gave me the perfect wank. I love having my clit rubbed and being finger fucked at the same time.

Things started to speed up a bit more then and we were both thrusting and breathing very heavily. None of us made a move towards full sex, none of us even spoke. We just carried on rubbing each other. Eventually, I felt his cock start to spasm and he made this slight groaning noise, so I squeezed it hard as it throbbed and wanked it faster and faster, till he shot his load all over my side.

I had a feeling that might be that, it often is when a man shoots his load, but Karl was a perfect gent and carried on tickling my clit and fingering my cunt until I came a couple of minutes later, thrusting hard against his fingers. Actually I think I did speak then, saying something like "Oh FUCkkkkk!"

After that, we thanked each other and laughed a little and went to sleep. Nothing else ever happened between us but we stayed close friends. I don't think we ever mentioned it again. We lost touch a few years ago when he moved to Ireland, but I still think about that horny night andmasturbate.

As you will have gathered, a true story. Sorry it didn't go further, but I guess we both just needed a good hand job that night!

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