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hands and kisses

Tags: spooning
100% true spooning fun, just hands kiss. Not technically masturbation but didn't know where else.
I find it amazing what i have achieved with only my hands and kisses.

Blindfolded and hands tied, she knows i am near as Mandy waits barely covered by nothing mare than a large shear scarf that does nothing to hide her form. The first thing she feels is a soft rush of breath on her neck. Then a gentle nibble on her ear. I know how it sends tingles all over her. Then i kiss her mid riff. She’s a bit ticklish but all she can do is wriggle as her hands are bound. soft kisses move to her navel then toward her chin traversing the path between two perky mounds. As i nuzzle her my lips are briefly introduced to hers. Then nothing....... she waits..... then in unison a hand is felt at the side of each breast serving only to lift her bosom higher pushing blood to her nipples increasing their impatience to be pleasured. She breathes a moan as her torso bends in response. The scarf begins to slip as i slowly draw it away. I savour watching her nipples appear and more moans of delight as her nipples register the material moving over them. Now she is completely bare, and again she waits....... A hand touches her knee and persuasively directs it outwards to allow a view of her noticeably moist bald folds. She feels the scarf track a trail over her mound brushing over her tingling clit and proceeding over her right nipple again.

Her other knee is moved and she feels a mixture of vulnerability and calm surrender. I begin to kiss her knee and slowly move further between and take in her scent as it fills my mind. I stop before reaching the destination and again she waits. Then as unpredictably as i can with my tongue stretched out i flick a nipple and she jumps in response. I flick again and am rewarded by another jolt. She is waiting for her other nipple to be evened up with the same when she is surprised to feel my semi erect cock press down instead. Then i cause her tit to jiggle as i give it a few slaps. Now she is writhing uncontrollably and starts thrusting her mound into the vacant air calling out for attention.

With her legs already spread wide i was able to give her love button a flick with my tongue without touching anything else. I notice a stream of her juices flowing onto the sheets and decide it is time to sait her hunger. My lips become sticky from just a soft kiss on her salty lips. My tongue positions just above her date and begins to part its ways through her folds each pass getting closer to the prize. As her tingling nubbin is finally passed she responded with a sharp breath. I then settled in and my tongue explored every crevice while getting into rhythm. My hands gripped her hips as i dove deeply.

A short pause while i lay down beside her and begin nibbling one breast while fondling the other. My hand then wanders south and again her wet spot receives strokes from bottom to clit mixed with some circling.

Her hips are constantly gyrating now and her breath is fast and hard, when she gets like this she needs help to get into her zone, Mandy doesn't like her legs moving freely so i lie across her waist, my left arm holds down her left leg while my right elbow pins her right. leaving my right hand free to do its magic.

My middle two fingers easily enter her warm tunnel, while the back of my index finger rubs her swollen girl bud, all she manages is ohhwwgh.  I start slow and deep. When I can see that she is close I begin to curl the tips of my fingers into her gspot and increase to a fast frig. Now Mandy gets vocal, she is calling my name and telling me it is so good.... yeah..... fuck yeah. OHHH!  My hand is covered by a small gush as she cums in my arms.

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