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Handy Jen

Young mum Jen makes a living with her own very capable hands.
“You know, Babe, this silly-looking Asian guy with the funny round dark glasses really bugged me just now on the bus.

“He gawped as if he had never seen a young mother pushing a baby before. Couldn’t see his shifty slant eyes behind the glasses but sure felt them undressing me down to nothing.

“There should be a law against that.

“Sure, I am wearing my best shortest black skirt and your big white milk supplies are falling out of this tight top. But what the hell. Unmarried single mums need to be noticed by blokes. Never know, we could get lucky one of these days.

“The other old guy was ancient but his eyes nearly popped out. You should’ve seen him when I bent down to play with you in the pram. Nearly had to gather up my tits and stuff them back in again. Would’ve caused a riot up there with all those people all gawpin’.

“The Chinese guy too but he hid it well. Looks like a lonely sort. Might be pervin’ about me when he is wankin’ himself tonight. Nice thought though, eh Babe? Maybe he’ll hear about our business…

“Pity your Aunty Emily is not home, or she is not pickin’ up her mobile. Might be grapplin’ with that Maori rugby player of hers. Boy, is he something or what. A huge handful, I bet. Lucky her.

“You’re allright though, Babe. Your mummy wouldn’t leave you even if we don’t know which of the bastards at the bash was your dad. There were a few too many that night even for your lil’ old mum! And all that so soon after my 18th birthday.

“We don’t need them. We’ll be ‘right, you and me. You’ll grow up just like me! And wouldn’t that be nice?

“Now let’s feed these duckies. Can you see them, darlin’?”

Young mum Jen pushes her baby back the long way through the trees of the botanical garden as the sun shines brightly. She makes sure that her mornings are free for her little Babe. The pair treats themselves now to some nice coffee with a hot pie and cake, sitting up near the flowing river like gentle folk around.

Back home, Jen is in work mode immediately. She leaves Babe with Jody, the nice young baby sitter who comes in when needed from next door.

Firing up her new “Handy Jen” web site, built nicely for her by computer nerd friend Mark up the road but in return for a few more than the agreed payments in kind, Jen counts four job orders in the email box this afternoon and early evening and prints out the addresses.

Perfect number of jobs really for the day: $30 a time with possibly one senior/pensioner discount to $25. That’s good enough day’s work and she can spend the evening watching tele with Babe.

She carries her bright pink tool box to her new little pink secondhand car and drives off to the posh suburb up in the hills. Checking the address and the appointment time on her printout, she walks through a big flower garden and knocks on the door of a stylish house.

A young man opens the door quickly, glancing around behind her, and ushers her in.

“Hi,” he says, nervous.

“Wait,” says Jen. Then hold him to kiss him fully on the mouth.

From a short time on the job, she finds that this very effectively breaks the ice. But then many clients are also startled by this and don’t know what to do next.

“Hi, I’m Tim,” says the bespectacled thin young man. “It’s allright, my parents are away for the weekend.”

“You’re lucky then,” smiles Jen, admiring his sensitive good looks. “Let’s sit on the sofa.”

Jen kneels in between the young man’s thighs then cups both of her hands to rest them casually on his privates, feeling a movement there already.

“I haven’t been with you before, so this is what normally happens. For about half an hour, I become yours to do what you like. Except no fucking and I don’t put your dick in my mouth. It’s mainly for health reason but I also want to save all that for my future husband.

“But you can feel me, kiss and suck me wherever, and there a big dildo in my pink tool box there for you to use. Then when you get all horny, I’ll finish you off with my hands.

“So, let your young imagination go,” smiles Jen. “What would you like to do to me then?”

“…Don’t know…,” stumbles the man after a long pause.

Jen stands up between his legs and guides his hand to her big soft breasts. The man squeezes them eagerly and hard. In one quick movement, she takes off all her top above her head and throws her clothes on the lounge. Then she dangles the erect big pink nipple of her left breast for him to take into his mouth.

“Whoah, that feels good,” she says, thinking that the teen may get mouthfuls of milk as she is still breast-feeding.

“Whaoh,” says the young man, swallowing hard. Jen is amused to see his glasses steaming up.

Now Jen puts his hands on the side zip of her skirt. He shakily unzips her skirt that drops to the ground then pulls down her brief pink undies.

The man is clearly startled by the full mound of her cleanly shaven cunt leveled with his face which transfixes his gaze.

“Give us a kiss then, big boy,” says Jen, advancing towards his thin lips. The man’s first tentative kiss happens to land on her clitoris, giving her a shudder. His mouth then is deep into the ample parted folds of her flesh, and she can deliciously feel his tongue and teeth at work.

Jen lets the man bury his face into her, pressing him further in from the back of his head, feeling his big breaths on her.

“Turn here,” she says, standing him up and moving the sofa easily to face an upright dressing mirror on one wall of the big lounge. “That’s better.”

She pulls down the man’s jeans and undies now and marvels at the size and length of his penis, surprising for a thin and smallish man. Tim is also looking at himself in the mirror as she feels his firmness.

“Sit down again,” she directs. The man does. Jen who is now completely bare, climbs up to sit on top of his stomach and lap with her back to him, her ample behind pushing him down against the back of the sofa. She draws up her knees and spread them wide behind the man’s post as it points to the ceiling.

“Now that a sight, eh Tim?,” she says of their reflection in the mirror. She feels the man’s hands moving in the crack of her behind, not yet finding her anus.

Leaning back even further, she holds on to the penis with both hands, tightening her grip as it moves up and down along the hard stem, resisting the temptation to slip it well inside her own now wide opening.

All too soon the young man finishes, throbbing, bucking and moaning alarmingly as the firecracker blows its top.

Jen makes sure all is cleaned up and first dresses the man then slowly herself, letting her first client of the day enjoy longer the view of her voluptuously plump body.

She kisses him again, more fondly, as she leaves.

“Make sure you email me again,” she says in parting, confident that he will, as do most of her clients.

She congratulates herself with each job on having thought up this business that suits her so well and that brings in quite a bit of money for her and Babe. It’s really an extension of what she had been doing for free for many pimply friends in the back of cars, at the back of sheds and wherever.

At first she was very nervous serving her diverse customers, some in fancy hotel rooms in town. Then she saw that they all, men and women, need and appreciate her, and started to enjoy the work as she does now almost every time. She especially likes what she could do for older lonely men and women, discounted rate and all.

And there are three more jobs to do.

Jen breaks off a small bright pink rose from a bush in the posh garden as she leaves, holding it firmly, thorns and all, in her now very capable hands.

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