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Happy Birthday Julie

To the girl who knows how tomake me smile!
Did you ever work with a woman that you thought was so fucking hot that you would do practically anything, just to spend one night with her? Such is the story of Julie, the Julie that I work with. It didn’t quite start out like this.

It all started innocently enough by me asking her mother what her name was, and it just kind of took off from there. The first thing that caught my attention was her deep, dark brooding eyes. They seemed almost as if you were like staring at a moonless night, filled with sparkling stars. I was totally mesmerized by them. From there it was the dark, almost black hair, with just a streak of blond in the front.

I have always had a penchant for redheads, but there was something about her, almost exotic, not to mention erotic about it. I began fantasizing as to whether the rug matched the curtains so to speak, and whether or not she was bushy, close-cropped, or totally shaven. And that was just her face/head that had me so attracted to her. It only got worse from there.

Soon our talks became more frequent, and extended, and our friendship began to blossom. The more I talked to her, the more I began to notice things about her. She stands about five foot three (maybe four) and weighs approximately a hundred twenty pounds tops. She always wore a pair of khaki pants that weren’t too tight, but tight enough to show off the soft curve of her ass. I would stare at it and try to decide whether I’d rather grab it or spank it (softly…I’m not into giving anyone pain).

Then one day she wore a rather tight fitting navy blue pullover top that really showed off the curvature of her breasts. They are small to mid-size range, and if I were a gambling man my guess would be approximately a 34B and even that would be on the ’big’ side. Every time we talked I would steal glimpses of her, and at one point I noticed a small dust bunny on one of her boobs. Oh I so wanted to be the one to pluck it off. It was the first time that I actually paid attention to the size of her breasts (before that she always wore a pullover, loose fitting sweatshirt).

Matter of fact, later in the afternoon while we were chatting, she made a reference to how hot it was and she kind of tugged at the front of her shirt. Looking over at her I got the unexpected view of her black bra strap and the very top cup of her bra. I jokingly said to her “Nice black bra”. She informed me that she wasn’t wearing a black bra, she had on a black tank top, and proceeded to pull her shirt sideways to show me her tank top strap.

Being the smart ass that she is she simply went “See?” and when she looked down at her shoulder realized she did indeed have a black bra on underneath her black tank top, by the once again very visible strap. All I could do was laugh and thank her for feeding into my fantasies that much more. That was our running gag the rest of the day, her and her black bra. And me? God, I’d give anything to see what was underneath it (and the rest of her clothes for that matter).

While she waiting to punch out that day, she was eating a piece of cake while we continued our innocent flirtations. I watched intently as she literally and figuratively sucked the remaining icing from her fingers. And as I mentioned to her in a later e-mail, I couldn’t decide whether I would rather be the sucker or the suckee. This girl was definitely a first class tease. I am breathing a deep sigh right now, just writing about the experience.

She taunted me with “What kind of cake are you going to give me for my birthday?” My mind began to reel with all sorts of naughty thoughts.

So here I sit alone with my thoughts of Julie, with an erection pressed hard against my boxers. I can feel it’s gentle throb, begging for attention. I squeeze my thighs tightly together, in an effort to massage my cum laden balls. I close my eyes and I picture her and all her naked glory standing before me…her beautiful face, her small firm breasts, her dark pubic hair, with maybe just a hint of pale pink pussy lip peering thru. I fantasize her pushing me back onto the bed and slowly straddling my cock, enveloping it in her warm, tight pussy. I picture her riding me, slowly at first and then with a bit more determination, coaxing the cum from deep within me. I hold back, I want to hold back. I want it to last forever. But we all know that will never happen.

She knows me too well…almost as if this was all meant to be. I know I won’t be able to hold out much longer, and in return she rides me with more intensity. Rising all the way up to the head and then slamming herself down hard, completely impaling herself on my hard cock. I reach up and tweak her hard rubbery nipples, then begin lightly rubbing my palms over them causing her to moan softly. Looking at the bliss on her face I know she’s enjoying this as much as I am. I love watching her small, firm tits lightly jiggle with each thrust of her young shapely hips. My legs squeeze together (as if that’s going to help prevent the inevitable).

My God. The tingling in my balls, as she milks my cock. Up and down, forward and back, making sure she hits every erogenous zone in my throbbing prick. In my mind I warn her that I am about to cum. In reality I am about to cum. Squeezing my legs together faster, fantasizing that Julie is riding me. I stop typing while my fist grabs hold of my cock and I begin actually pumping in earnest. I want to cum…for Julie.

I close my eyes and picture her straddled before me, riding me to orgasm. Finally the first shot leaps from my prick and lands high upon my chest. Several smaller shots land lower as my cock spasms in delight. I feel the heat as the cum pools itself on my belly button. I continue pulling every last drop from my now spent member. Smiling to myself (and Julie), I open my eyes and look at the mess I just created on my chest and belly, proud of myself for the amount of cum created. I reach over for a nearby towel and clean myself up before finishing my story.

I suppose what I failed to mention was this one little fact…I am a soon-to-be fifty-five year old and Julie? Well Julie is a soon-to-be twenty-six year old (our birthdays are ten days apart). Another fact? This is all based on a true story. We really do exist and we really do tease the crap out of each other. Will anything ever become of it? I sincerely doubt it. But in the meantime she makes for great fantasy material, beings how she’s a very beautiful, sexy, vivacious, sassy single mom. And one that if I was twenty-five years younger and single, I would definitely be going after. But then again, that’s all part of the joy of fantasy, where you always live the perfect life.

(hmmmm…how would she react if I gave her this as a birthday present?)

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