Happy Trails

By Cassiter

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Hiking and being outdoors can make a girl hot, sweaty.....and horny!

It was a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the week and I had decided to book off work for the day. Things were slow at the office and the thought of being stuck inside was too much to take. I had decided to go for a hike since I hadn’t been in a while and really needed the workout. Now up in the wooded hills, I’d taken a different trail this time and it was definitely more challenging than my usual route. The heat and the climb were really giving me a run for my money. My legs were getting tired and my backpack seemed to be getting heavier. I knew there was a small lake up at the top of the trail and I was determined to get there.

After another hour, although it seemed like ten, I came out at the top of the trail to a fantastic view of the lake. The water glistened invitingly; reflections of the surrounding hills and mountains shone on the surface. Though I hadn’t seen or heard anyone my whole time on the trail, I didn’t want to park myself right here at the top of it. I scanned the edges of the lake and noticed a slight curve off to the right that blocked a small portion of the shoreline.

I headed that way, relieved to find a very narrow overgrown path through the dense bushes and walked out onto a small strip of beach. There was a tiny plot of grass just before the treeline with a couple of fallen trees that would make a perfect bench seat. I trudged over to the grass, pulling my pack off as I went. I unclipped the straps holding the blanket I had brought and let it fall to the ground. I put the pack aside and shook out the blanket, collapsing on it with a heavy sigh.

I laid there for a few moments, letting my body relax after my long workout. But it didn’t take long for the sun’s heat to make me realize how hot, sweaty and dusty I was. I groaned as I sat up, looking out at the inviting water. I took off my boots and socks, stood up and slowly made my way the short distance to the lake’s edge. I tested the water with one foot to find it cool and took a few steps in, only to find the water colder. But I didn’t care because it felt so good on my hot skin.

I bent down and rinsed off my dusty ankles and shins followed by my hands and arms. Then I cupped my hands, filling them with water and splashed my face, getting my baseball cap wet and water all over my shirt and tank top. I didn’t want to get my clothes wet since that could make for an uncomfortable trip back down the trail. So I meandered back to my blanket, unbuttoning my shirt as I did and pulled it off. I hung it on a branch sticking out from one of the fallen trees. I took my cap off, hanging it on the branch as well and pulled the elastic out of my hair allowing my long, dirty blonde hair to fall down my back. I pulled off the tank top and hung it up too, leaving me in my underwear and hiking shorts.

I sat down on the blanket and grabbed some sunscreen from my pack. I stopped for a moment and listened for a moment as I thought I heard a noise. I held up my hand to block the sun and scanned the lake shoreline but there was no one in sight. I got up and walked a little way past the trees to see if anyone had come up on the trail plateau but there was no one there. I found the idea of the lake being deserted somewhat exciting and thoughts began to twirl around in my head.

Taking one last look around, I slowly pulled my sports bra up and over my 36C breasts and then over my head. I took a deep breath and rolled my shoulders, expanding my rib cage and pushing my breasts out. My nipples hardened slightly as they were exposed to the air. I walked back to the tree, enjoying the sensation of moving with my breasts jiggling slightly. Now feeling very brave, I hung up my bra by the rest of my clothes and I undid the button on my shorts and unzipped them. Slipping my thumbs under the sides of my panties, I pushed them and my shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

I was naked and I realized I was holding my breath. I exhaled, giggling softly and revelled in the sensation of the warm sun on my skin. I picked up my shorts and panties and threw them on the top of the fallen tree. Then I sat down on the blanket, picking up the sunscreen and started putting it on. I started with my arms, then my legs and then my face. I lay back on the blanket and squeezed the bottle to drip across my chest and torso. I had never sunbathed nude before and I didn’t want to risk getting sunburned in sensitive places.

I put my hands on the top of my chest and closed my eyes as I smoothed some of the lotion up my neck. I spread it out over my shoulders and work my way down to my breasts. I ran my palms over them, feeling my nipples harden and squeezed them with my hands as I massaged the lotion into them. I couldn’t resist pinching my nipples softly at first and then harder, a soft sigh escaping my lips.

I reluctantly let them go as the rest of my skin needed attention. I continued over my stomach, working the lotion into my skin and then further down my abdomen, letting my fingers glide over my shaved pubic bone. I shivered but not from cold. I spread my legs a little for easier access and massaged the lotion on my pussy lips and down the inside of my thighs. I raised myself up on one elbow to reach lower to ensure all my exposed skin was protected.

But all the touching had aroused me to the point where I didn’t want to stop. I lay back down, spreading my legs wider and brought my left hand up to my left breast, fondling it and pulling on my nipple. I quickly wiped my other hand on the blanket to remove the excess lotion and then slid my fingers down between my pussy lips, back and forth. I wasn’t surprised to find myself hot and wet; I was so turned on by being naked. I slid a finger inside, softly rubbing the walls of my pussy as I rubbed my clit with my thumb. I groaned with anticipation.

My nipples were now rock hard and I squeezed them harder, wanting to feel that pleasurable pain. I pulled my soaking finger from my pussy and reached down with my finger to my other hole, pulling my legs up and spread them wider apart. I massaged it gently feeling the tightness giving way and slowly slipped my finger in. My body curled in at the sensation and I began to ease my finger in and out, feeling my hole greedily clamp on my finger. I had stopped strumming my clit but now, I started up again quickly. I stopped fucking my ass with my finger, leaving it inside me as my thumb flicked my clitfuriously now. I could feel the orgasm building; my legs began to shake and my body twitched as if being jolted by electricity.

One last flurry of thumb flicks and the most intense orgasm seized my body. I pinched my nipple as hard as I could and wiggled the finger up my ass. Waves of ecstasy rolled over my body and rolled again as I released my nipple. There was another when I slowly eased my finger out of my ass. My arms and legs flopped down onto the blanket and my head lolled to one side while I tried to catch my breath.

I don’t know how long I lay there with my eyes closed; coming down off the incredible rush and all the muscles in my body feeling completely limp. A shadow passed across my face and I opened my eyes to see what it was.

There stood an incredibly large man over me; very tall with curly dark hair and graying at the temples, a moustache, beard and the hint of a smile on his face. My tired and orgasm-fogged brain cleared instantly as I realized I was lying here completely naked in front of a total stranger. Holy shit!!