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Hard To Believe... Well Maybe Not

Hard To Believe... Well Maybe Not

She always wanted to share.

I am still trying to figure out whether it was all a dream or reality.

I remember thinking I was awake and being as hard as... and horny. I rolled over to spoon you and you moaned softly saying your tummy was rumbling and uncomfortable.

Maybe you had too much to drink last night so I rolled away and left you alone. Rolling out of bed with a solid boner, I went to the shower and turned on the taps, as I gave my cock a wank. As the water temp was comfortable, I moved into the shower and rolled my head back with my eyes closed and just relaxed as if half asleep but half awake.

I heard some noises from the other room, but was too much asleep to think about it or care. I must have gone into a dream zone, as I imagined you had entered the bathroom naked as the day you were born and stood there watching me as I stroked my rock hard cock in slow smooth motion.

I imagined you turned around and left the bathroom momentarily only to return a few minutes later leading your old boyfirend into the bathroom. By leading him, I mean you had his cock in your hand as if it was a leash and were pulling him along behind you. You slid open the shower door and entered the shower along with your friend. Closing the door your dropped down to your knees and started to suck on his hard cock, then turned your head and sucked my cock as well.

After orally fucking us both you stood up then bent forward and spread your legs apart encouraging one of us to fuck you from behind. I took the opportunity to bury my cock deep into your wet, juicy cunt as you reached for his cock and pulled him into a position where you could suck and swollow his juices as soon as he blew.

Fuck, I thought you looked so horny bending over to suck his cock, your tits hanging down freely swinging infront of you as I pumped you from behind. It was as if time stood still as it seemed the sucking and fucking went on forever as you swallowed his cum, then slid my cock out of your cunt and duely began to suck me off till I blew my load. With a constant hard on, your old boyfriend moved around behind you and prepared himself to fuck your arse, which he did, without much warning or preparation.

With one hand under your thigh he rubbed your clit and worked his fingers in and out of your fuck tunnel as his cock pummeled your arse, bring you to a rolling climax. Your mouth became like a vacuum as he fucked you hard, with your lips fully encirling my cock you sucked my huge load of cum until it stopped pumping its juices.

After he had cum inside your arse, his cock soon wilted and slid out, leaving it's pucker hole open for more attention, which it got with a short fat butt plug which he inserted easily. With the shower washing most of the juices away, I leant forward and getting down on my knees I was able to give your juicy cunt lips a licking, which only got you wetter than wet. I was devouring your cunt with my mouth when your old boyfriend poked his cock in the way and without too much effort began fucking your cunt. 

I awoke a hour later, in the bed, fully naked but dry and hard.  You were lying beside me dressed in someone else's shirt.

Three hours later I woke to the rythm of a good blow job as you moved restlessly about. It wasn't you giving my cock attention as you had your vibrator working overtime. If it was a dream it was so sureal. Another hour had passed before I became fully awake and found you spread eagled to the corners of the bed with a butt plug up your arse and the vibrator working wonders on your cunt.

You could not have tied yourself up to the bed like you were, but there was no one else around.  I remembered as if it was a dream, as I wondered, could it have been true? Who sucked me off - I am not sure!




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