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Have Fun

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Improvised toy fun
The first time I fucked myself with a bottle was back in my college days.

Four of us had spent a quiet evening in my dorm room, drinking wine and telling tales. As the wine flowed, the stories got lewder and an impromptu truth or dare, without the dare option, broke out. More wine and I found myself grinning madly as we each admitted to indiscretions and fantasies. One of my friends, reached to pour out the last of the bottle of wine and paused just before picking it up.

The bottle was light tan, with a long tapered neck. She looked at it a moment and, almost as if she was talking to herself, asked, “Have you ever used something like this?”

Once the words escaped her lips, she broke out into a fit of laughter which quickly spread in the room.

“No, not me.”

I shook my head, “Me either.”

All eyes turned to our last companion who paused just long enough to let us know her answer.

“Oh you bitch, you didn't!”

“Maybe you should try first before you say that.”

Once more laughter broke out as her broad smile danced across her face.

The last of the wine now poured, the empty bottle was left to the side as someone made a comment about the hour and we sipped our wine while plans for the next day were discussed by the group. Well, most of the group as I found myself suddenly silent.

Something about how she said that had registered with me and, as another small joke was tossed about, I found my eyes drawn to her. Wine always lowered my inhibitions and with the lateness of the hour, I probably wasn't as discreet in my gaze as I might otherwise be. I looked at her and wondered how she did it.

Did she go slow and only use the first inch or so of the bottle while rubbing her clit, quiet as a mouse. Or did she ravish her cunt, shoving the bottle in and out with relish. She was such a tiny little redheaded thing so the bottle looked much larger next to her and it was then I decided she would do it lustfully and loud.

I was lost in that vision when she turned her face and looked me straight in the eyes. She didn't say a word and it was a fleeting look but she knew and I blushed. It broke my trance too and I lifted my glass up and finished my wine before anyone else could notice my discomfort.

The room slowly grew quite as the alcohol took its toll. My redheaded friend was the first to speak, stating it was time for her to go. As happens, the other two agreed it was time to call it a night and we all stood up. Quick hugs were passed around and my friends headed out the door.

Although she was the first to say she was leaving, Red was the last leave. She turned to me in the doorway, a small smile on her face, her eyes darted to the bottle on the floor then to me.

“Have fun.”

I wanted to laugh and call her a crazy bitch but the words wouldn't come. Instead I watched her blue eyes twinkle before she started down the hall and I closed the door behind her. The thought of opening the door and calling after her to ask if she forgot something crossed my mind but I stood frozen instead. Only after I was sure the hall was empty did I lock my door and ready myself for bed.

I did go to bed. But sleep couldn't come.

Usually when I had enough to drink, I can lay down and drift off in a matter of minutes. But tonight, while in that peaceful booze haze, my mind wouldn't stop. Instead a series of images kept flashing before my mind's eye.

The bottle. Its graceful slope and smoothness. Red. The look and smile she gave me. An expectant and knowing look. Lastly, the bottle and Red. Together. In bed. In her cunt. Her body sweaty and taunt as she fucked herself.

My hands between my legs now. Rubbing myself. Those images running a loop in my mind. Faster and faster...the loop and my fingers. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum but something held me back.

Her words, “Have fun.” echoed in my brain. And I knew then what I needed, what I wanted. And it was there, just within reach of my bed.

My hand found it and I ran my fingers along the long neck. Maybe just touching it would be enough. One set of fingers furiously rubbing my cunt while the other set caressed the glass. Caressed what I really wanted.

I grabbed it and brought it into bed with me. Kicked the covers off and ran the bottle-mouth between my tits and down my tummy.

Fuck I was wet.

I knew the bottle would slide in easily. Made easier as “Have fun” was whispered once more by the air. I still could see her, Red, with her bottle. Just as I am now. Legs spread, wanton. As I brought the glass into me, my eyes closed bringing the image of Red fucking herself sharper into focus.

Both hands on the body of the bottle, I began fucking myself. Maybe it was the drink or my horniness, but nothing ever felt so good. My cunt lips stretched around the bottle neck as it set my lust free.

I could hear it sloshing in and out.

I could smell it and that only made me hotter.

I jammed it in deeper and I only wanted more. More and more and more.

I bit my lower lip and Red's face once more floated before me. Have fun, have fun, have fun rang over and over in my ears. I buried the bottle deeper and sent the base into a circular motion. Wondering once more how she did it.

I could feel my wetness leaking down between my cheeks. I suppressed a gasp as it tickled over my puckered rosebud. The sudden thought, did she do it there, burst into my mind and I pounded away once more with the bottle.

One hand on the end of the bottle to control it, I slid my free hand under my ass. I twisted and stretched. My middle finger becoming slippery as it went between my cheeks. My mind on fire, fingertip less than an inch away from my star, as I envisioned Red moving the bottle from the tightness of her pussy to the impossibly small opening of her ass.

As the thought of her squeezing the head of bottle into her dark bud overwhelmed me, my fingertip touched my asshole and I exploded. My cunt squeezing the bottle so hard part of me was afraid I might crack or break it. The risk of it, improbably as it might be, only sent me higher and I climaxed loudly and wetly.

Minutes passed before I slid the bottle out of me. My hands shaky as I placed it back on the floor next to other. One? One when there should be two?

I brought the bottle back into bed with me. My tongue tasting myself on it as I pondered which of my friends took the other bottle. A smile as I knew what they intended to do with it.

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