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Heather Cums Hither

More fantasy based on fact
In my most recent "fantasy based on fact" story I told about how I had gone skinny-dipping in my swimming pool for the first time this season, why and how I had jacked off while in the pool, and how I had seen the lady next door, Heather, jilling herself while she was observing me.

A couple of days after that episode, I was vacuuming my pool. Heather came into her back yard to train her new puppy to walk on a leash. The pup saw me and ran over, yelping and jumping, to the chain link fence that separates our properties, dragging Heather along behind him.

I went over to the fence to pet her puppy, hoping he would settle down a bit. I looked at Heather, but she averted my look. Then I said, “Good morning” to her and she mumbled back something about it being a beautiful morning.

For a minute or so our conversation was very tentative.

Then I said, “Heather, this morning isn’t nearly as lovely as you were getting yourself off, the other day.”

Heather blushed before looking into my eyes and saying, “OMG! I’m so embarrassed that you saw me doing that.”

“No need to be embarrassed,” I replied. “ We do what we need to do when we need to do it.”

“I enjoyed watching and hearing you, Heather. It made my day.”

She reached across the fence, took my hand, winked, and said, “Seeing you made my day too. I got so worked up I thought I would die if I didn’t pleasure myself and have a wonderful orgasm. I was just out sunbathing when I saw you jerking off and I knew immediately that I had to jill myself then and there… No way I could wait until I went back in the house.”

I asked her what was so exciting about seeing me. She said that when I shot my ropes of cum and it floated on the surface of the water like icebergs that was all she could stand, without pleasuring her pussy.

“They looked like they could have sunk the Titanic,” she said.

“What I saw you squirt looked like the Titanic could have floated safely in it,” I replied.

By this time, Heather and I were comfortable talking about what took place, a couple of days earlier.

I asked her how often she masturbated.

She said that Tim was a great sex partner, but when he was away at work, or somewhere else, she got so hot at times that she just had to take things into her own hands, and that when she saw me jacking off, was one of those times. She said she enjoyed sex, even if she had to enjoy it alone.

I looked straight into Heather’s eyes, and said, “As long as I’m here you need not enjoy sex alone. I won’t fuck you because I respect both you and Tim too much to do that, but if you want to enjoy some mutual masturbation sessions with me, I’m here for you anytime you need me.”

She reached across the fence with one hand, pulled my head toward hers, kissed me squarely on my lips, and said, "I know now... And I may be asking you to help me soon… And often.”

“Where’s Tim now?” I asked.

“He’s down on the property he hunts deer on, planting food plots for the deer,” she responded.

“Heather, how long do you think he will be down there?”

“Until it’s too dark to work, I suspect.”

“Are you horny now?”

“Hell yes!! Are you?”

“You’re damned tootin’ I am, Heather.”

“Maybe we should do something to have release from our horniness,” she eagerly responded.

“What would you suggest?” I asked hoarsely.

“Well, we could masturbate singly, or we could masturbate together… perhaps pleasure one another. What do you think?”

“My place or yours?” I asked.

“I’d like to come skinny-dippin’ with you in your pool and we could do whatever we want to do to pleasure ourselves or pleasure one another. If you’re agreeable to that?” Heather said, as she stuck her head across the fence, kissed me more passionately than before, plunging her tongue between my lips and dancing it on my tongue.

I reached across the fence and grasped one of her breasts gently, tweaked its rigid throbbing nipple, and said, “Come one over, Hon and cum with me.”

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