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Heaven for Men

Jayna offers a Masseuse and Personal service to men from her own home.

I suddenly got a hunch for hiring a personal service from a female masseuse one day. I had not been to or invited one to my house for quite a long time. Obviously we all know they don't come cheap but I just received my annual bonus from work so i thought I would treat myself.

I looked at the personal service adverts in my local newspaper and a few other magazines. Most of them all sounded the same, but I was looking for one that gave me some appeal. I am pretty sure they were all good but couldn't make my mind up as to which one to phone and book with.

Then in the local events magazine personal column I saw an advert headlined

Heaven for Men !

That sounded quite striking to me, she had her own website which I decided to take a look at. The advertisers name was Jayna, she described herself as 5ft 8inches tall, green eyes, black below shoulder length hair, 38dd, sexy, busty Indian Lady. She was an experienced Masseuse who had all the techniques for Indian head and body massage, but she was also offering all the usual extras a man desires. She was experienced in that area too as she had been doing massage and personal services for over 20 years. Her website had images of her place and the facilities, services and prices, the gallery had some fantastic pictures of her. I decided on this one, so I picked up the phone and called her shortly after but there was no answer, I assumed she must be busy! Eventually I got through, she sounded very nice and polite, she had a very nice sexy voice too. She told me her prices ranged anything from £50-200+ but I still wasn't sure what I wanted, but I asked for an appointment with her so she booked me in for 7pm the next day. That was ideal for me as I would be finishing a long hard days on the building site.

After I finished work I drove to Jayna's place, parked up and walked up the stairs to her front door. I took a deep breath as I was a bit nervous and rang the bell. The door opened and Jayna invited me in.

'Hello Richard' she said with a very welcoming smile on her face, she invited me into her lounge and asked me to take a seat, she was still finishing with a client so she said she'd be with me in a few minutes, and so she went off. I arrived here about 6 minutes before 7pm but she was ok about it. A few minutes later I saw her seeing off her client, and came straight over to me. She had such a sexy walk she looked lovely, she was busty, she had a fantastic arse. She wore White stockings with black panties and a pink satin mini dress with eye catching open side designs.

She engaged in a little conversation first and asked if I had a nice day, and where I was from and what line of work I was in. She even offered me a drink which was nice so I gladly asked for an iced orange. I really felt as ease now, her place was so luxurious, the sofas were comfortable, there was a bar, the sky news channel was on, Jayna was very good at relaxing me because I was still a little nervous and she sensed that, but she very quickly eased my nerves too. 

Halfway through my drink and a little chit chat Jayna got down to business. She sat on the sofa next to me, she had  her legs crossed and her arms on the arm rests. She explained that all of her services included a Body Massage and shower facilities. then extras were as follows :

£50 for a Hand Job (Cum as many times as you like, no restrictions)

£60 for a Blow Job with condom

£80 for a Blow Job without condom (Cum in my mouth, and I spit)

£150 for sex (Do anything you like, Fuck me all positions, have your cock sucked, I'll wank you, give you deep throat, cum anywhere you like)

I really wanted the blow job but eighty quid was far over what I could afford, I tried to get her to do it for sixty but she wouldn't have it, I stared at her fingers and thought I defiantly would not mind having those wrapped around me so I opted for the massage and hand job. I opened my wallet and gave her fifty pounds cash, she went and  put it in her cash box came over to me took my hand said

'Come on then sexy' and escorted me into the room she calls Heaven for Men.

She closed the door behind and took my jacket, told me to undress. Jayna at the same time took off her pink mini dress underwear and dropped them to the floor. She stared at me as I was undressing and smiled as I slipped off my underwear. She looked at my cock and muttered 'hmmm nice' She got me to lay down on my front as she opened my legs and positioned my arms out. She kneeled over my legs, poured some warm oil over my back and started massaging, pressing her backbones in her hands firmly around my neck shoulders and upper arms. Her thumbs pushing along my spine and her hands working all the way down to my thighs. I never had a feeling so good for a long time, the room temperature was perfect, candles burning, slow music playing. After massaging my legs and feet, Jayna turned me round sat just on top of my balls and applied the same method all over my front working all the way down to my legs.

She turned me round on my front again and started to massage my back with her boobs, she moved down and started rubbing them over my arse and each one in between, I really didn't expect that ! She turned me round on my back and did the same on my front, she did all over my chest and all the way down my legs. She smiled and asked if I was enjoying it so far !

'It's fantastic' I said

All the pain and stress in my body was evaporating. Jayna then got me to rest my arms on the pillows and rest in an upright position. She opened a small tub of cream dipped her finger in and applied it over my cock. She messaged it slowly up and down the shaft and around the head with that unique hand technique sliding her hand from bottom to top and that twist at the top scraping her thumb on my head before sliding down, like a car mechanic would lubricating an important part of a motor vehicle ! She repeated the manoeuvre several times until I was rock solid, she massaged around my balls and shaft with her thumb and middle finger a little more. Jayna kneeled next to me put her left arm on my shoulder, her right leg straight over my legs and asked me to part my legs as she wrapped her right hand around my 8" cock. She started gently wanking me, the cream she had applied was my now making me very hot and hard. She was by now wanking me so fast i could feel my cum rise, my legs were started to stretch, Jayna slowed the pace down all of a sudden, but was still keeping it going, keeping me at the peak of my stiffness,

'Right here we go you ready' she said, 'sure am' I replied.

She gripped my cock nice and firmly and began wanking me absolute hammer and tongues, my spunk rose rapidly Jayna didn't back off, maintaining her speed, i gently lifted myself as Jayna stopped wanking, held her hand at the base of my head and unleashed my cum all over my chest, I was cumming several times and when I stopped Jayna started wanking me again until I came again, she carried on wanking my cock until I had not a single drop left. She stroked me with her fingers now coated in my cum for a few moments.

'Feel better now' she asked

'That was fantastic' I complimented her in a way she appreciated.

She told me to relax for a few minutes, offered me a cigarette and went off to wash her hands. She got dressed and lead me into the shower area. When I had finished Jayna was standing outside with a big white towel waiting to dry me off, and i got dressed. She helped me into my jacket, thanked me for my custom and escorted me out.





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