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Helping Hands

Being helpless after an accident has it's rewards with a hot Physio to offer a helping hand!
It had been several weeks ago when, albeit in some way my own terrible fault I had decided to cross the road while on my way to college, and was struck by a car that I didn't notice. Although I survived, I ended up with two broken legs, fractured wrists and severe bruising. Over the next few weeks, as I rested up in hospital and recovered the best I could, I eventually was released into my family's care with my arms bandaged up and in slings, and one of my legs still in plaster as it hadn't healed fully yet.

Back at home, I stayed in my bedroom for days on end, with only the television, a few dvds to watch and my laptop to keep me company. The last day or so had become quite frustrating. As a young man, and leading a lonely life a little if I did admit to myself, one of the things I always had to look forward to was a good time having a wank.

Jerking myself off when I had the chance of being alone, and really going at it in my bedroom or in the shower and getting that climatic release of built up frustration and energy that I needed to release. Sadly, with my injuries it had been weeks since I last was able to jerk myself off as I couldn't even use my arms or reach my cock anymore.

As I was released into my family's care, I was also given the opportunity of a physiotherapist who was about to make their first call. My own dreaded mind had the mindset of a male nurse coming in, shuffling me back and forth and massaging me and seeing if I needed any help which brought the hair on the back of my neck to rise in terrible thought. That morning, my parents had to go out to do some shopping as I heard the doorbell ring and some voices speak. After several moments, the door to my room opened and my mother stepped inside.

"Hey hun, your physio helper is here. Me and your dad are just running to do a bit of shopping if that's okay. We'll be back soon!" she told me as she disappeared out of the room.

I gulped in terror, as the next person to walk into my bedroom widened my eyes in amazement. This beautiful, almost six foot, long blonde-haired woman stepped inside. Wearing a white gown of a costume, like a nurse's outfit, as she looked across to smile at me. She only looked in her late 30's at least, and make-up which complimented her face with more beauty.

"Hi there. I'm Julia, your physiotherapist. Just come to see if wanted help with anything and see how your recuperating at home," she informed me.

"Hi," is all I could say in return as my eyes seem to be burning up at this beauty in front of me.

Curves in all the right places, and legs that stretched far up beyond my own wildest imagination. She stepped across and placed a bag down near the bed as she stood and looked down upon me.

"So how are things, have you been having any pain lately?" she inquisitively asked.

"No, no pain. I've been relatively okay really. Just bored a lot laying here every day!" I said to her with a slight smile, and soft whispering laugh.

"I can imagine!" she said and smiled back at me. "Well, what I can do, is try and help your muscles relax a little, and give you a little massage. Is that okay?" she asked.

"Hmm, I guess so yeah!" I replied, a little unsure how a massage would help me but, to be honest, I wasn't really taking much notice of what she was saying.

She leaned forward, as the buttoned top of her white outfit flowed down a fraction and allowed me to get a quick glimpse down her top. I could see the soft cleavage of her beautifully formed breasts, and the black silky and lacy bra that kept them firmly wrapped behind her outfit. Of course, such a sight already began to send tingling down to the area I didn't really want her to notice. But with my arms in slings upon my chest, their was little I could do to hide my slight embarrassment.

After she plumped up my pillows and got me to sit up a little more, she then pulled out a little tube and slipped the soft gel like substance upon her fingers, which smelled of a slight cherry scent that lingered in the air around us. She rubbed it upon her palm and got her hands nice, wet and warm. She began down by my ankle of my broken leg, as she worked her way up, caressing and smoothly working her soft hands up across my leg where she could ease the muscular tension that had built up from lack of use of being able to walk lately.

As her hands guided their way from one leg to the other, free leg that was without any form of cast upon it, my own body temperature was beginning to rise from just her gentle and soft touch upon me. Sweat gently dripped down from my forehead across my face, as I looked down and watched her at work, expertly using her gifted technique she had crafted over time. It did make me feel good, as the muscles in my legs felt at ease and relaxing.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for my cock as it began to slowly rise in reaction to her touch upon me. Although she wasn't really touching me in a sexual way, the soft glance of her fair skin of her palms gliding back and forth across my legs and slowly making their way further up to my upper and inner thighs was having the effects I had dreaded and was feeling embarrassed about.

She looked up at my face, as she continued working upon my thighs and she could sense the worry that I was feeling of what was happening to me as she began to break the ice.

"Hey, you don't have to worry about it sweetie," she informed me. "It's quite natural to experience an erection as someone is touching you close to there," she added with a sweet smile of sincerity.

I smiled back, unsure of how to react as she continued gliding her hands back and forth upon my thighs. My cock was beginning to harden even more, as it strengthened in it's length and rose to an almost standing attention in my boxers I was wearing.

"I'm sorry, it's just....!" I stopped speaking. Unsure of what I could say, apart from just non-stop apologize for me getting a hard on in front of her.

She stopped working on my thighs as she stood upright and looked at me.

"How long has it been since you last masturbated?" She asked me upfront, without any concerns of what she was saying to me or worry of embarrassment of her own.

"What... I mean... it's been a while, since before the accident!" I splurted out, mostly without thinking of what to say and just saying whatever came into my head.

"You must feel quite frustrated and built up then sweetie, not having jerked yourself off in so long. I tell you what, I don't normally do this, but you seem like a nice young man. Would you like me to help you?" she asked.

'Would I? WOULD I?' I thought to myself.

Like a deer lost in headlights, inside I shook with anticipation of what might happen, as I gently nodded and kept my mouth closed tightly. She smiled, as she leaned back down, and pulled out the tube and slipped a little more on her palm before placing it back away and then making her hands more wet with the gel she had used prior.

She leaned forward, and slipped one of her hands in the pocket area of my boxers as it disappeared inside. I felt the soft, silky warm grasp of her fingers as it gently wrapped around the lengthy shaft of my thick, hard cock. Without thought, she then began to slowly jerk me off. Teasing me a little with her thumb as it rubbed against the tender and soft arousing underside of my cock head.

I let out a moan and gasp of hot air at her touch and jerk of me.

"Ooh.... oh fuck...!" I called out as my head lent back and delved into the cushion behind me. I groaned more. "Oh God... oh fuck yes.... !"

Her hand continued to work on my cock. She took a tight hold and parted the pocket as she pulled it free from within the boxers and into the cool air of freedom.

Her hand glided back and forth, up and down as she caressed the length of my foreskin, slipping it softly within her grasp as her thumb occasionally would slide up along the underside of my cock and against the edges of the eye that looked out upon top.

I groaned, my head buried into the pillow, my eyes shut and my mouth open in pure sexual ecstasy of what was happening.

"Oh fuck, oh God yes.... don't stop.. please!" I whispered out through the gasped breaths of hot moans.

My cock was pounding as she picked up pace, faster and faster in her grasp before she took her other hand and slipped it tightly around the base of my cock and with both hands began to slide them in motion up and down together. The top of her fingers rubbing now against the swelling and engorged head of my cock that appeared and disappeared back and forth within her tight grip of my cock.

Her hands jerking me, faster and harder, as without thought my hips began to sway with the motion also. Gently rising and lowering my body the best I could do off my mattress as I thrust my cock in and out, up and down within her tight grasp of fingers wrapped around the thick, hard shaft that was bulging inside of her hands.

"I'm gonna cum!" I screamed out without concern of who might hear me.

As I gasped for air, and groaned loud with one giant moan of pure sexual ecstasy of pleasure that ripped through my body. All the tension, the frustration and feelings erupted through my body and flowed it's way towards one part of my anatomy as she continued to jerk my cock hard in her hands.

A wave of thick, white cum spewed out of the eye as it opened up and lavished the splodge into the air as it crashed back down around my balls and groin area, as she continued stroking me still, as a second wave followed. Although not as thick, this one was more stringy as it splashed out almost an inch in length as it still was hitting the air as the last of it spilled from the slit of my cock. It all came crashing back down onto her hands and my own groin as I laid there.

My body shook in pleasure of being jerked off by her, as she began to slow down her actions and using her fingers and thumbs eased the last few drops of cum that laid in wait inside of me, out into the open world. The sweat dripped from my body as I lay there, and she removed her hands and looked up at me.

"I hope that was alright sweetie, I wasn't sure how you usually jerk yourself off!" She informed me.

"That was wonderful. Thank you!" I replied.

"Let me get some towels and wipes and clean you up before your parents get back home," she said as she disappeared out of my bedroom and towards the bathroom

I lay there, covered in my own sticky, gooey mixture of gel from her hands and cum of my own around my groin and cock which by now was beginning to slowly soften and fall back into place upon my balls.

She returned, after a few moments and cleaned me, just in time, as my parents returned with the shopping then she went off to her next visit, informing me she would return again in a few days, to see how I was doing. I couldn't wait until her next visit, and I hoped that this wasn't just a one-off experience.

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